Spring had come early that year and the weather was already feeling like summer, and it still was only May.  But, in many of the southern states this is just how it goes.  This was the day that Josh made his entrance into the world, and also a period in time which will be remembered and known as the "Dirty Thirties".
He had been born at home as were many children of that time, and therefore no real records of date of birth, etc. kept, but for all intents and purposes Josh made his presence known by letting a few good cries to emit forth.  His life to follow most certainly would not be an easy one so it was a good thing he was strong and healthy.
Josh would find his life was not one that any young child should have to bear.  But, he would turn a rough beginning into something anyone would respect when he reached manhood.  This also gave him the internal feeling of being proud of himself, and the know how of making always the most out of anything negative that may just come his way.
Born in Tennessee in a small town Josh grew up quickly his father an alcoholic and his mother not exactly a stay at home kind of wife or mother, she liked to party.  Being spanked often became a ritual to let Josh know he was being punished for something he hadn't even yet done.  He found solace by running off to his beloved grandma's home, there at least for awhile he knew he was safe and loved.
Nonetheless, it never lasted to long for he was always dragged back home yet, to endure more abuse.  His father died suddenly while Josh was still very young, his mother eventually from her wild life and incapability to handle the parental responsibility was hospitalized with a breakdown in a nearby institution.  Whereas Josh was now sent to Florida to be raised by his aunts.
For sometime there was a back and forth going on between Tennessee and Florida as Josh developed a bit of a rebellious attitude in his young life.  Finally, he did something completely wild he went and joined the air force at the ripe old age of sixteen years, but in the end his age was found out and he was discharged.
Not one to be deterred after doing odd jobs and having also a fling at drinking, woman chasing and living on skid row, he cleaned up his act and his street smarts kicked in.  He once again applied to the air force and enlisted at 17yrs. of age.
He was never slow of mind, in fact he had a natural instinct of knowing folks he became either involved with, or had a relationship.  This was how it was when he met and married Rose also while very young, who came originally from Texas.
They stayed together long enough to have three sons and albeit they did try, being married so young, and having a very broad spectrum of differences they divorced five years after their marriage, Josh now being 22yrs. old.
Working in construction on and off and spending a lot of money drinking, partying and of course the inevitable one night stands or two or three, but nevertheless most were only physical and no real commitment entered into them other than he enjoyed women.
Josh got to be a bit cocky of how well he thought he knew women and for the most part he did, even at such a young age he had the awareness of what women liked, and how they liked to be treated.
The only thing he never realized then was that in the grande scheme of things all of us high or low, good or bad, one day meet our match; someone who is almost a part of you, I guess the proper term is soul mate.  And so far, Josh had never even heard of or thought of it.  He was too busy having fun.
Now still at such a young age, he had so much history behind him, and now he once again was to begin yet another new chapter in the pages of his life to date.
It wasn't long before another page was turned when Josh met and married Claire.  She was also divorced so at 23yrs. of age once again Josh embarked on the sea of matrimony with Claire. Now being an extended family, and in the years to come they became parents once again.
By now air force days left behind and also living in so many states he now was settled down, and working selling life insurance.  This was just another one of Josh's forte's and the honey could surely drip from his sweet lips when talking insurance with the ladies.
He held some almost in the palm of his hand with his smooth southern charm, and rugged good looks, and mannerly ways.  After all he knew oh so well, this is what women liked; to be treated like a lady whether they were one or not, was beside the question, all that mattered was the sale of the policy.
Lord, knows his commissions bespoke how good a salesman Josh was.  It was all money in the bank, food on the table, and the knowing gift he had only used in one direction, at least for now, but the day of reckoning was still a long way off for the young boy who came from the wrong side of the tracks.
Years past and found Josh and Claire still married, children grown and now out in the world on their own making their own way, and scattered all over.  Claire was the creative one and this was her love, and her gift; with it she created an income of sorts which proved at times to be most helpful.
But, circumstance and change as in all things had taken the romance out of their relationship, and Josh albeit unplanned found himself involved in a couple of affairs.  One of which he became very  deeply involved in, and had planned to leave his marriage which had become more habitual for both him and Claire than the loving they once had.
Although this never came to fruition as Josh became quite ill and had to undergo major surgery.  The operations involved by-pass and angioplasty.  So after going through these surgeries his chasing days seemed to come pretty much to an end.  Whereas he began to start looking after his health more and going to the gym.
Needless to say, Josh and Claire are still together and a caring is there, there always will be, but gone are the passion and romantic moments they once shared, now living a routine life filled with days of enjoyment.
Yet still there is a deep hungry need inside of Josh.  Could this need be possibly the meeting of his true soul mate, his true match in this lifetime, one can only surmise.
Time will be the only one to answer that need, and at a higher level too, until then he is a dutiful husband and they make the most of their days.
As we reach the golden years or autumn of our lives reality sets in; and the values of what we wanted and really what we need seem miles apart.  So we will wait patiently and quite possibly still have a rich, fulfilling life with all we need to sustain each and everyone of us. 
Josh's knowing now is fully encompassed in all that he see's and does; and his gift now is being put to full use.  He has never dispelled the hidden need that lies deep within him, or lost his thirst for life, and that in itself is a wonderful well from which to drink.


Written by: Misty
February 07, 2007