by Misty ©

It was to be a special party, so Rico had chosen to make it into a theme party. It was to be Spanish, costumes, masks, music, decorations, and jewelry, etc.

It was now a couple of hours into the party, and the group of spanish musician's were playing a medley of beautiful spanish songs and music. 
Some guests were chatting casually, and others enjoying an assortment of wines, sangria, imported cheeses etc.

Then suddenly a hush fell over the room, and it seemed as if all eyes were turned towards the elevated doorway of Rico's spanish hacienda.  They were all looking at the mysterious woman of beauty who had just entered.

She was tall, with shiny black hair which she wore high upon her head with the traditional mantilla in red lacquer.  Her skin was a soft mocha color and smooth like china.  She had large, beautiful denitian blue eyes with long eyelashes. Her gown was ruby red, a traditional flamenco gown, with long ruffles that trailed behind her fitting each curve of her body.

Rico could not take his eyes off her, he stood there completely mesmerized by this vision as if she appeared by magic.  As the musician's began to play an argentinian tango, she descended the steps slowly like a cat, her body moving with the rhythm of each beat.  She was the epitome of sensual beauty as she moved directly towards Rico.

He stood transfixed on the dance floor until she stood directly in front of him.  He was dressed  completely in black, a male flamenco dancer's costume, and with his height, build and stature he carried it well, and was foremost about the most handsome man there.  He took this vision into his arms as the music played and held her close. 

As they began to dance the most sensuous, romantic, tango anyone had ever seen in these parts for many a year.  They never took their eyes off one another, they danced almost as if no one were in the room but them, and as the music finally came to an end, she lay across his strong arm gazing up into his eyes which burned with passion.

He bent over her and raised her close to him and her full, moist lips broke into a lovely smile.  Who are you, where did you come from Rico stammered.  What does it matter, I am here now and with you, is that not enough?  Yes, I mean no, oh god I don't know what the heck to say. 
Then don't say anything she replied, slowly caressing is face and lips with her long tapered fingers and her touch sent shocks through Rico like nothing he had ever experienced before.

What is your name at least tell me that much he inquired.  It is "Belita" she replied, and yes it is spanish.  What does it mean he asked.  It means beautiful one, does this please you Rico?  Yes it does and so do you, have we met, I mean how did you know about the party, me, anything he was at a loss for words.

None of this matters Rico, as I have said it is enough I am here now in this moment, and with you this must for now be enough.  Will I see you again Belita, another time another day?  Do you wish to, her voice so soft and smooth inquired of him.  It was wonderful just being beside her and gazing at all that she exuded.

Yes, oh god yes, he rambled on.  I want to get to know you, all about you, where you are from, and how you found me here tonight.  You must be patient my sweet man, time will unfold as it should for now we have this moment in time we must not waste it do you agree Rico?

Yes come dance with me Belita let me hold you at least while we share this time together.  Ahh yes, I would like this too she smiled back and went slowly into his waiting arms.  Time seemed to fly by so quickly it was now the wee hours of early morning, and most of the guests had left and the musicians were playing the last dance of the evening.

It is early morning Rico, and the party is over, Belita spoke.  I know, but you can stay and talk we can have coffee say you will stay here with me for awhile please.  Very well, but only for as long as I can as the hour is late my sweet man.

Fine don't go anywhere I will go and get us some hot coffee and be right back Belita. Si, mi amore hurry.  I am, I will he almost ran into the kitchen filled with excitement and entranced beyond his wildest dreams with this beautiful woman of mystery.

I'm back he smiled, holding a tray of silver and on it two lovely china mugs filled with hot coffee.  But there was no one, or no sound to be seen or heard.  Belita,  Belita, where are you, where did you go?

The echo of his calling out for Belita fell to silence, with no reply forthcoming much to Rico's heavy heart.  She had vanished as mysteriously as she had appeared, and to where he knew not, nor if he would ever see her again.

Many weeks had passed and one night Rico came home tired, and not in the best of moods in fact he was quite depressed with his work, his life, and everything in general.  It was late when he pulled into his driveway and there was a moon shining down and a sky full of stars, all went unnoticed he simply got up out of his car and into his house his thoughts miles away.

As he came in he had an automatic timer which put the lights on just in instances like tonight when Rico came home quite late, but for some reason once thru the front door and going down the staircase he got a faint scent of a heady perfume that seemed all so familiar to him.

As he turned and looked towards the fireplace which was aglow and burning brightly he could hardly believe his eyes.  She stood there so still and yet so absolutely beautiful his "Belita".  How on earth did you get in he spoke walking towards her.  I mean there is a security alarm and it would have gone off.

She said, it is late, the moon is full and the stars fill the heavens, and I am here waiting for you Rico why do you question that which is not important why not just enjoy this moment we now share.  He couldn't think of one reason so he walked towards her until he was right in front of her.

Are you here because you have not forgotten me Belita.  I mean you disappeared that night of the party, I called out for you.  I know, I know Rico but I am here now my sweet man.  It was no use he was besotted with this woman of mystery of illusions of whatever all he knew was he was falling madly in love with her.

If I ask you where do you come from, and where do you go Belita will you answer me with the truth, as you just seem to disappear without any sound or warning.  Do you really want to know Rico or do you still want me even if only an illusion or more?  I want you of course, I am falling in love with you and I can't help myself.  So, it is with me also Rico this is why I come to you, I feel your sadness this is why I am here tonight.

You've got me Belita I don't know whether you're real, a fantasy, or illusion or I'm just losing my mind all I know is I don't ever want to be without you.  You never need to be my sweet man, as I will be here whenever you think of me, or I feel your pain or sadness.  How do you do that Belita, am I crazy.  No, you are perfectly normal Rico, it is I who is different.  How so my beautiful lady, how are you different?

I am older than time, I am for you as you are for me Rico, we are destined to be together always.  Are you real Belita, are you a real woman, I mean I think I'm losing it.  Yes, I am a real woman a gifted woman Rico, but all that is irrelevant.  Okay, are you from this world, this planet, oh my god, I am losing it he felt stupid by what he was asking the woman he was in love with.

Oh Rico please my dear man, I have been promised to you since you, and I were children in Spain.  Our parents sealed a bargain that would mean you and I would be together as adults.  I have the keys to your home, from your family, I am not some space creature.

I am really of this earth my love, very much so.  I merely meant I am old as time, inasmuch as the promising in our culture has gone on forever without the children involved even knowing, they were to be together pre-planned arranged weddings, etc.

Rico sat down and started to laugh he felt so relieved to know he was not crazy, and that Belita was truly real.  I did not wish to come to you at first Rico, and then I came the night of the party and I knew that you were the man for me, and that I could love you, you're so kind, so sweet, how could I not.

She touched his face lovingly, do not fret so did you think I was some mythical being, she laughed.  Yes, I did for awhile, but you are not you are real and here now with me.  Yes, I am she smiled as she knelt beside his chair.  I did not approve of this arrangement at first but agreed to see you the night of your party Rico, and I then knew yes, you were the one and I was for you.

Oh my beautiful Belita lady of mystery, you and I both so aligned through stupid ancient customs.  Yes, but this time Rico the alignment was perfect we were meant for each other you know it, you feel it, I know that.

Yes, we are my sweet Belita come here and with that he enfolded her gently into his arms in an embrace and he kissed her passionately, letting all the pain go and only feeling the magic of the moment and this moment for the two of them would go on for a lifetime.

Magic, illusion, fate, or simply love maybe one or all of these enter into one's life when they truly are in love.  But, first one has to experience it, will it be you?