by Misty
Well it was her first day on the job and Lindsay had a few butterflies which was to be expected.  Now a full graduate of the Police Academy and with honours, she had been assigned to one of the most unexpected places on her list.
She was to work in the Vancouver Police Dept. and was now assigned to the downtown core with her partner a veteran with  9yrs experience. His name was Garth Connor and noted for his dedication to his job, but not to fond of having a woman for his new partner, especially a rookie.
They sat through early morning roll call and received their assignments for the day.  Of course Garth took charge of the clip board and told Lindsay to follow him downstairs to the garage where their patrol car was parked.  She was at least thankful she hadn't been assigned to pounding a beat, as she thought being a rookie this would be the starting place.
Now pulling out of the garage and heading up Hastings St. for Kingsway, Garth spoke.  I see by your brief I received you graduated with honours is this correct Lindy, yes it is sir, and my name is Lindsay.  "I know that, but I like short", so from now on to me your Lindy, do you have a problem with that officer?  No sir, not at all.  And another thing quit calling me sir, it may be protocol, but out here that matters squat, so call me by my name Garth, got that.  Yes sir, I mean yes I have Garth.
Garth managed to stifle his grin at the formality that his partner felt obligated to observe with him, but admired the fact she didn't squawk or moan about anything, at least not yet. Were going up to Central Park there's an alleged mugging gone down, some other officers have requested back up and were it.  Got it Garth, will it be a simple look see, or are we to take the felon into custody?  For now Lindy, it's the other cops collar, for us a look see, and be there if needed, got it.  Yes I have Garth, thanks.
Your welcome.  "Darn women never had to say thankyou when I had a man partner Garth thought to himself", but deep down he felt more at ease with his new rookie partner, she seemed like she just might have what it took to be a good cop.  At least she was no motor mouth, and kind of nice looking too.
He quickly caught himself, don't even go there boy, mind on the job!  He realized that Lindy was dedicated, and paid attention to all the details of what he was trying to teach her; this he liked, so the last thing he needed was for him to get all jazzed up about his new rookie partner and how she looked.
The day went by quickly and with no hitches, Garth was pleased and in that mood always amiable.  After parking the patrol car and hauling their gear out to be put back in their lockers.  Garth looked at Lindsay.  You have to rush off home or something like that Lindy, or care to grab a cuppa java with your partner.  Mind you I'm only asking.  No, Garth I don't have to rush off home, and I could go for a nice hot cup of coffee, sounds good. 
Okay then, will meet you out front in about 15 then he said, I"ll hand in our report and change and get cleaned up.  Okey dokey Lindsay flipped back, smiling.  Garth didn't know how to respond, but he liked the fact that she seemed more relaxed and unlike the last female he rode with for all of one day.  But, I sure wish she'd quit smiling at me, it's downright unerving geesh, he laughed at himself and the effect she seemed to have on him.
Rookie time long since over and Lindsay had proven herself not only to her partner Garth, but to all on her squad.  She was a force to be reckoned with; but yet always found time to look for the positive in everything and everyone.  She was now was a constable and proud of herself, she had taken a lot of razzing from her fellow officers, especially the men but all in good fun, and now was a full fledged member of the squad.
Lindsay just happened to be on a week's holiday when she got the phone call, it was Pete another officer phoning her from the hospital to let her know Garth had been shot while outside a bank downtown.
Garth and Pete were supposed to have been only there as back up, but apparently one of the robbers panicked before being tackled and cuffed.  Pete had been with Garth as his temporary partner, and thought he should at least phone Lindsay to let her know.
I'll be right there Pete, are you at the General, he replied yeh Lindsay in the E.R.  Okay I'll see you shortly then bye..and she hung up.  Dear lord, that silly, big, lug why did he have to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, does he always have to be the first to respond to back up calls. 
I have been with him now for 2yrs. and nothing, and the first time I am away for five minutes he goes and get's himself shot, she muttered on and on talking to her cat Saucey, laying sedately on her bed as she muttered and dressed in order to go to the hospital.
Now at the General, and seeing Pete she said where is he?  He's in that cubicle over there he nodded his head.  Is he okay she asked, I mean is it critical, I don't think so Lindsay the doctor said he wanted him to stay, so not sure. 
Men, she thought to herself, ask a question and never get a straight answer.  She walked towards the cubicle Pete had pointed out and slowly opened the curtain.  He lay there his shoulder all bandaged heavily and traces of bleeding lightly dotted them.  He had an I.V. in his arm, and as Lindsay walked in Garth looked up at her.  Hi you big lug she said can't you do anything right when I'm not there to watch out for you?
Garth smiled, "Gosh she looked beautiful to him right now, he couldn't think of anything or anyone else he would have rather seen than his Lindy, at this moment".  Well that's no way to talk to a guy who has just been shot he laughed.  She walked beside the bed and took his big hand in her's; you sure don't sound like you suffering much, she said.  "That's because I'm really looking at you my Lindy for the first time, and I can't tell you what I feel, but it isn't cop talk that's for dang sure."
You are incorrigible do you know that, I rush down here and I'm suppose to be on holidays, thinking your near death, and your trying to make out with me.  I am he laughed, well maybe just a bit, she laughed too, and lay her head down on his chest.  He put his big hand and touched her soft red hair, the scent of her made him forget his pain, she was so beautiful.
She raised her head up and looked into Garth's eyes.  You do know what this mean's don't you.  Yep, I sure do it means we can't be partner's anymore my sweet Lindy, I'll have to transfer to another squad too.  Yes, so now we won't be together you silly lug.  Lindy honey, you know we both feel the same way, at least I'm hoping we do.  She replied with tears in her lovely blue eyes yes, oh for heaven's sakes, yes Garth we do.
Then there's only one thing left to do, he took her lovely face in his hands and his voice quivering with nervousness asked, will you marry me Lindy and be my partner for life? 
She looked deep into his shining eyes, and said yes oh yes, when have I never not said yes to any of your questions Garth?  He smiled, never, and "I'm sure glad this isn't going to be one of them," and then they both laughed and Lindsay then leaned over him, and he drew her close and gently kissed his bride to be.  Oh yes, and partner for life.
It had been a few months since Garth had been shot, and his shoulder now was just fine, he now worked in a different squad and both he and Lindsay had different partners, but not this day for this was their wedding day, and finally he would be with his Lindy for life.  "Not a bad sentence either he smirked, easy time too."
The wedding was lovely, and the bride wore blue, a "soft blue chiffon gown and a crown of lovely white roses in her hair", she looked like a queen Garth thought as she came down the aisle to be with him and joined forever more as husband and wife.
As he held her close in an embrace on the plane headed for Hawaii on their honeymoon, he whispered softly into Lindsay's ear.  "I think I was hooked on you from the moment I first saw you, and you know what I was right."  She turned to him and replied, your right Garth, then smiled as she snuggled close into her husband's arms.