A Story about My Cousin and Me     

This is a story about my cousin James and what happened.  It begins on August on 1944 and ends on 1992.  

     In August of 1944 after D Day and when the Germans were retreating across France my cousins Eva and James came up to NY from Florida with their mother to see us.  One Saturday us kids were bored (Jim was the same age as me only 4 months younger. He was 12 and my other cousin was 10) and we wanted to go to an amusement park.  I wanted to go to Brooklyn to Luna Park while Jim wanted to go to New Jersey to Palisades Park.  After arguing fo awhile it was decided by the powers that be (our mothers) that since they were guests their wishes would prevail.  So off we went to Palisades park.  Now in the park there was a boat ride with a little put put motor that kids can ride in around a track filled with water.  Jim and Eva got in one boat and I got in the second boat and we started off.  Now Jim was driving the first boat and he was very slow.  I on the other hand sped up and at the first turn I bumped him.  Well he screeched and cried that I would sink him and he would drown.  This could hardly be as the water was only about a foot deep.  when I heard him cry the devil entered me and at every turn I bumped him.  while his sister laughed he became hysterical and kept crying that he would sink and drown.  After the ride was over he ran to his mother and sobbed the whole story.  They decided that he could have another ride with his sister and I would watch.  I didn't care as I had my fun.

     When we got back at the house I was glad that his wishes prevailed because Luna Park burnt down that day.  The next day when I came over my Uncles apartment where my cousins were staying we went on my uncles roof and with his binoculars watched Palisade Park burn to the ground.

     Now we fast forward to 1953.  My cousin graduated from college in Floirida and because he joined Naval ROTC (reserve officers training course) in college he had to go into the Navy for 2 years.  Now this person who was afraid of drowning in 1 foot of water was made an Ensign and served on an ammunition ship sailing from San Francisco to Hong Kong.  this ship was loaded with bombs, torpedoes, rockets and shells.  He served for 2 years and then was able to resign his commission.  when we got together we used to talk about the old days and laugh at our antics especially in 44.

     I would like to say that we could still reminisce but he died of prostate cancer in 1992.  I still miss him to this day.


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