by Misty

 She was tall, slender and dressed classic chic, her lovely titian red hair was worn in a french twist.  Her skin was fair, and her face like porclain china, she wore her make up light and impeccable.  All in all she was a natural beauty.  And now here she sat within these great hallowed halls of business; which in the past had been strictly a man's world.

Tatiana Saburov, was the new C.E.O. of Du Bois Designs Inc. one of the biggest and most well known interior design firms in all of San Francisco.

Today would be her first day, and her first meeting of her executive staff members since her appointment had been announced.  She was an unknown to most who worked for Du Bois, having taken her training abroad in Paris and London.  So all were eager to sit and observe this vision of beauty, and to find out if she had a brain as well, befitting her new appointment as C.E.O.

Finally the meeting began and the former retiring C.E.O. Mr. Du Bois himself, introduced Tatiana and gave her a wonderful welcome as did the rest of the executive staff in the boardroom.

Tatiana rose slowly from her chair, and adressed firstly Mr. Du Bois thanking him for his warm accolades, and the staff for theirs, then she briefly informed the executives of her plans in regards to the staff changes she would evoke within the next two weeks.  And closed with saying, "I have a lot to live up too following such an infamous gentleman in the design business as Mr. Du Bois; but nonetheless I shall endeavor to do so, in everything I do, and also in everything I say.

I assure you all here now, that it will be only with your ever constant dedication to this firm through the years, and now adding mine to the foray we will continue to strive to make this the leading design firm in San Francisco.  All executives present applauded, with that the meeting drew to a pleasant, casual close as the new head of the firm had been introduced, and the retiring one acknowledged.

Now it was time to mingle and chat, as the servers came with silver trays each with an exquisite array of hor' dourves, these were accompanied by crystal flutes of Dom Perignon Champagne.  It had been a good day and Tatiana felt now established in her new position.

The new changes of pecking order were now in place, and the momentum of the company did not skip a beat.  Since the new changeover and retirement of Mr. Du Bois, even more orders from San Francisco's neavu riche poured in, from firms and corporations whose buildings needed to be transformed; keeping up with the new open space concept now in offices all over the world.

Followed by their penthouses, mansions, and cliffside homes along the Monterey Peninsula so they as always would surpass their wealthy friend's, and Du Bois Designs Inc. guaranteed they would do just that.  Now firmly entrenched in her new position she had a flurry of meetings both with potential clients and her staff, Tatiana kept busy, as did all of her staff.

It had been brought to her attention a new job that the firm had finished just two weeks before had met with extreme disapproval from their client.  He had been abroad and came home expecting to be wowed by the complete re-design of his beautiful home in Saint Francis Wood area of San Francisco, and apparently such was not the case.  He disapproved of fabric, color, furniture, design, and anything one could possibly dislike he did so.

Tatiana's personnel assistant made her aware of this dilemma as the executive in charge of this job had kept mum about his faux pas, and seemingly turned a deaf ear to their clients needs; whom was none other than Mr. A. Tyler Richardson III, a very wealthy business man and the heir to a vast fortune.

Tatiana was not pleased about this being swept under the carpet and called the exec. into her office immediately.  It has been brought to my attention Mr. Carson, that you were responsible for the job we undertook for Mr. Richardson whilst he was away in Europe, and he now upon returning home has voiced his displeasure in every aspect of our design and work overall, is this so?

Ed Carson, stammered and stuttered some lame excuse for his position in this matter and tried to pass the blame off on some other subordinate.  I do not hold with this position of yours at all in passing any blame onto one of your staff Ed, this was your responsibility to address, and you have not even returned one of Mr. Richardson's multiple phone calls, let alone get up and go out to his home and placate him with your apologies.

This is not the way we serve our clientele here at Du Bois, and most certainly not a way I approve of whatsoever.  Ed tried to tap dance, I guess I flubbed it Tatiana, but he's one fussy dude and is complaining about everything.  I mean dear lord it can't be all that bad.  Oh so now it's our client's fault Ed.  Well no, not exactly Tatiana, but I think he's wrong about a lot of it.

Tatiana gripped the edge of her desk tightly to hold back her displeasure, and she spoke directly to Ed Carson her voice soft but the words sharp like steel and cutting, so much so as to leave no doubts where her final decision was going after his inexcusable behaviour.

Let me make this easy on you so nothing can be misunderstood Ed, I don't like your ignoring our client, I don't like your passing the buck, and my respect for you is nil.  So, as of this moment Ed your fired.  Give me your keys, your cheque will be waiting for you at the front desk upon your departure.  Now I suggest you pack your things and be out of your office within the hour, I will send security around to assist you in expediting this as quickly and as quietly as possible.

You've got to be kidding Tatiana, I mean fire me, after being here for 6yrs. just like that.  Yes Ed, just like that, now please leave my office and clear out yours.  Your so called services and position at Du Bois Designs is no longer needed nor wanted.  Upon that Ed Carson turned and went meekly to his office to pack.

Tatiana was still shaking somewhat with her ire against this staff members behaviour, but it was necessary to let it go and now tend personally to their disgruntled client Mr. Richardson.  She buzzed Amy her P.A. and asked her to please get him on the phone as she wished to address the situation now.

The buzz told Tatiana that their client was now on the phone, and she slowly stood up and in her most calm, soft, business voice spoke.  Hello, there Mr. Richardson, this is Tatiana Saburov, calling, I am the  C.E.O. of Du Bois Designs Inc. and I am calling to apologize of behalf of the firm and the former excutive who did not address any of your concerns sir.  I was wondering if I might make an appointment to see you, and go over every bit of your complaint about the work done, or should I say not done in accordance with your wishes.

Well, yes you most certainly can Ms. Saburov, I am glad someone finally has taken a moment to call and to address my concerns.  Rest assured Mr. Richardson, from here on in, you will not have anymore problems for they will on my word be put right, and quickly.  Thankyou Ms. Saburov, that's all I had hoped to hear.

Now sir, what time or day would suit you Mr. Richardson, Tatiana inquired.  How about tomorrow, say around eleven a.m., we can go over everything and then and afterwards you are most welcome to stay and join me for lunch.

I accept Mr. Richardson, on both counts, and please rest assured within less than two weeks all will be as you requested originally, and we would like you to stay as our guest in the "Tower Suite at The Fairmont Hotel," whilst this work is being done.

Well that sounds doable Ms. Saburov, and I look forward to our meeting tomorrow.  And with that each hung up and the ball was in motion, and Tatiana was darn sure there would be no slip ups from here on in.

The next day she met with Mr. Tyler Richardson, and found him to be a very charming, succinct, gentleman, he was both exact and explicit in what he wanted his home to reflect in his taste; and did say that he was open to any suggestions that would further enhance his home.  Tatiana found him charming and easy to do business with, in spite of the errors that had gone before.

Well Ms. Saburov lunch is now ready so what say we go in and relax since we have moved heaven and earth for the last hour and a half he smiled warmly at her.  That would be lovely, and please do call me Tatiana, Mr. Richardson.  I will if you will call me Tyler he grinned.  But, that's not really proper is it she smiled, I mean after all I am working for you.  He said yes, that is so, but here and now it's quite proper.  She smiled softly and said then thankyou Tyler.  He extended his arm and they adjourned into the dining hall.

The luncheon was supurb, Tyler's chef had outdone himself, and Tatiana had a suspicion it was at Tyler's request.  They had vishyssoise to start, followed by a small fresh green salad with rasberry flavored dressing, and finally scampi served on a small bed of jasmine rice with a slightly sweet orange sauce sprinked over it.  And to one side of the entree were chantrelle mushroom caps stuffed with truffles, for dessert  creme brulee. The food was exquisite and Tatiana enjoyed it immensly.  The wine they enjoyed was a gentle sparkling spumante from the Napa Valley and only served to make the pallet more sensitive to each entree.

At last, with lunch and business both over, Tatiana looking at her watch said, "the luncheon was wonderful Tyler and I thankyou so much, and I also feel we have nailed down exactly what you wish your home to reflect", and I am afraid I must now get back to work and the drawing board and I will personally oversee every detail on your home for the next two weeks.

As they stood at the door Tyler looked at this business woman who stood in front of him now, yet underneath the chic business exterior lay a most beautiful, intelligent young lady, and he found himself drawn to her completely as he smiled while gazing into her large lovely blue eyes.  Thankyou for coming in person Tatiana, I enjoyed both the business and the lunch, but most of all I enjoyed your company.  He slowly bent over and took her hand in his and kissed it softly like a whisper.

I did also Tyler, and in that order as well she smiled fully at him her lush lips slightly moist, and her cheeks just a hint of flush to them, I will see you are not disappointed ever again with Du Bois Designs.  I'm sure I won't be Tatiana, not now with you looking out for my interests.  She shook his hand and then unconciously touched her hair, she was aware fully now of just how attractive and handsome Tyler was, but was not ready for his presence to affect her the way it seemed to.

The weeks flew by and now Tyler Richardson was back in his home, and the 10 dozen long stemmed red roses that filled Tatiana's office complete with a gold edged note, carried words of his pleasure both with all the new designs, fabrics, furniture, now to the last detail, but most of all how pleased he was with the meeting of Tatiana.

She tapped his handwritten note against her cheek as she gazed at all the roses, he said "one dozen roses for every day of your precious time in giving me "almost" everything I could wish for," she smiled to herself knowing that there would be more to Tyler than decorating his home, and she looked forward to it and all that it encompassed.

Suffice to say somewhere the attraction between them both was instant and sweet, she knew that in the end love would enter into the grande scheme of things, and then both would have all of their wishes fufilled.