by Misty

The day started out for Elizabeth as any other with one exception, this being it was her favorite time of year.  It was fall now in New England, and all the trees were now a miriade of rich gold's, red's and orange and the whole presentation of colour left one in awe of it's overwhelming beauty.

She was getting ready for her usual walk which she took every morning after breakfast and she 
dressed accordingly so as to be cozy while on her walk through the local country lanes and paths.  She remembered how she and her hubby James had enjoyed and shared these walks for many years; but that was no longer the case as he  past away five years ago.

The sun was now peeking out, and although brisk it was truly a lovely day; Elizabeth noticed that her beloved Biscuit, a golden labrador seemed just as enthused as she was about their going out
for a nice walk, and could not wait to get started as he kept walking to and fro at the back door impatiently.

Finally, off they went Biscuit pulling slightly on his leash until Elizabeth told him to calm down, he  understood by her tone, for he then walked slowly by her side.  She smiled to herself as they walked along the country lane, he seemed fully engrossed in watching the squirrel's merrily scampering about gathering nut's in preparation for the winter months that lay ahead, and were working dilligently at their job.

Nearing the end of their walk and last stop; was "Hilltop Lookout" one of Elizabeth's favorite places as it overlooked the whole countryside 
giving a great vantage point for all of the fall foliage, as it truly took one's breath away.

Now back home, and Biscuit fed, he was now fast asleep in his basket.  Elizabeth sat down at her computer to talk to one of the many friend's she had made in a senior's chat room after James' passing.  Only this friend was a little more than casual as of late; they had become quite close 
and it just so happened this friend was a man. 

His name was Dennis Neilson, and he lived in Washington State. So each lived on different coasts.  Nonetheless, through their chatting they learned that they had a lot in common.  He had lost his wife 7 years ago, and he also loved to take long walks beside the ocean or sometimes in the parks that were so plentiful in his area.  Their ages were not far apart either Elizabeth was
67 yrs. and Dennis 68 yrs.old.

He had asked Elizabeth, (Beth) as he liked to call her; if she would object to his flying to Vermont to meet her at long last, and to also share with her some nice long walks in the beautiful New England countryside.  She was of course unsure what to say, but at the same time, and after almost 2 years of chatting she felt it was about time they met.

So this day while they chatted she told Dennis that it would be nice to finally meet one another face to face.  He was elated, oh Beth this is wonderful news, I have so looked forward to us meeting, and talking over a nice hot cup of coffee and being able to reach out and just hold your sweet hand, and gaze into your lovely blue eyes.

Well don't get too excited Dennis you never know you may not like what you see.  He laughed in type, you must be joking Beth, even if I had never seen your picture I could not help but to care for you.  You are a lovely lady, with both intellect and a sincere caring way about you.

She was glad he could not see her blush, she felt almost like a school girl, and yet excited as much as he at the prospect of them finally meeting.
He too was excited, and inquired eagerly well
how long do I have to wait before I can come he asked?  Beth thought for a moment then replied, 
what about Thanksgiving?  Dennis responded quickly, heaven know's I sure have a lot to be thankful for in meeting you Beth; and even more now that I will at long last be able to reach out and hold you.

Elizabeth thought about his words as she was not one to rush into anything, but decided since he was planning on staying at one of the Inns in town and they would meet on common ground so to speak, there would be no room for anyone she
knew to gossip, or think she was not a lady, least of all Dennis.

Alright Dennis, consider yourself invited for Thanksgiving then, you have the name of the Inn your staying at.  Yes, oh yes Beth I sure do, this is wonderful and please know I do appreciate you agreeing for us to finally meet.

Well she typed, "I think it is the right time and Thanksgiving seems appropriate for such an occasion."  Dennis responded so do I my dear, 
so do I.  I will make all the arrangements tonight Beth, please know I am really looking forward to this special holday with you.

Thankyou, Dennis and I am too, but forgive me as I find I am just a wee bit nervous.  He typed "I am too my dear Beth I am too."  But, it is only normal for each of us to feel this way, it is yet another step forward in each of our lives.
Your right Dennis, a step forward and that's always good, one must progress in life and move forward as you say.

Well I must say goodbye for now Dennis, as I have many plans also to make for Thanksgiving and your arrival, as you know it is not that far off only 3 weeks, I can hardly believe it.  But know
that I have enjoyed our chat as always.

Time will pass quickly Beth, and in no time at all I will gaze upon your lovely face. Dennis you are making me blush here, and I am only thankful no one can see me.  In reply he typed, I bet you are glowing my dear lady.  And with that I will take my leave and start preparations for my trip too.

So take care my dear Beth will talk to you soon, bye for now and god bless.  Elizabeth typed and god bless you also Dennis bye for now.

Time past quickly and it was now the beginning of the week before Thanksgiving, and Dennis had arrived promptly as agreed upon November 20th, a few days before the big day. This allowed both he, and Beth a chance to meet and spend private time together.  He had chosen one of the town's nicest old Inn's and was right at home in it.

The first meeting was a little nerve racking for them both, but in no time at all talking, going for walks, sharing their hopes and dreams, not to mention the hot chocolates and coffee's afterwards seemed to make both feel so at ease with each other. Beth and Dennis both found each other to have so many of the same qualities that each had been hoping to find; so there was no
disappointment whatsoever by either of them.

Thanksgiving Day was a wonderful day, and Beth's family had come for the big turkey dinner, and they welcomed Dennis into the family with much humour and a lot of talking, which only served to make him feel really at home and accepted by all.  This truly was his gift for this day from his lovely Beth.

And, at the end of it family gone, and each spending a few hours of special time together; found Dennis saying goodnight to Beth. He looked into her lovely blue eyes and held her close, and very gently kissed her, he felt her tremble a bit, but also he felt her respond to his gentle touch.

I thankyou my dear for having me here, and meeting your family, but most of all I thankyou for being all that I could ever hope for, and being part of my life.

With that said, he started off down the driveway to his car, Beth called out, "I will see you tomorrow Dennis dear," he turned waving and blew her a kiss, and smiled his heart at that moment filled so full with love.

All to soon the seven days that Dennis had spent in Vermont with his lady love and she with him, past too quickly, but yet every moment had been so very precious to them both.

And now they had both made plans so that Beth would fly to Seattle, Washington for New Years and arrive a few days before, staying in a lovely hotel downtown, where on New Year's Eve they would attend a special gala together.

The meeting had been wonderful for them both, they knew that this now was the start of a "New Beginnings" for each of them, and their feelings now, were that of a permanent arrangement sometime in the near future.  Both felt such happiness and joy in every minute of each day together, and agreed that they had finally found hope and a new love in each other.

Now, they both knew that sometime soon there would be no more flying across the country via plane to be with each other; but would live together in a home filled with love and hope, and that time would definitely not be too far off in the distant future.