by Tropicana

Part 1 


In another unusual universe there is an unusual world called Discworld.

Our heroine is an unusual witch called Sheridain and she has an unusual position.  She is guardian witch of Death.  Guardian Witches are the most powerful of witches.
Sheridain has unusual powers thru knowledge of herbs.

Discworld's Death has become personable.  He is still very deadly accurate in all he does.  However he is sympathetic and curious.  In this unusual universe every Death has a guardian witch.

Horatio our hero would have been the 7th son of the 7th son if the illigimate 1st son was counted.  However a faint revival caused Horatio's family to look the other way when number 1 son was born.  Hence the rules of wizardry went haywire with Horatio supposedly number 6 (actually 7th) and brilliant.  Now the supposedly 7th son Seven was very ineffective (as a general rule wizards were ineffective).  Thru his brother Seven Horatio had access to Unseen University, school of Wizardry.

Sheridain and Oratorio have been friends from childhood.  However as the years pass they have matured and suddenly shyness creeps into their relationship.  They are painfully shy and awkward around each other unless they are talking about traveling to the stars.

Sheridain enjoys flying high on her broomstick with the wind resistance buffeting her body.  She enjoys the struggle of invading the skies domain.  She turns the broomstick and plunges to the earth in a thrilling ride, pulling the broomstick up just before hitting the trees to skim the surfaces of the trees.

When she turns the broomstick upward at about 20000 feet she remains stationery in the air to look upward thinking how quiet, how exciting to go higher thru the clouds to the stars.  Sheridain spends time looking upward thinking of ways it could be done.  She needs a powerful broomstick as it would have to be a repository of power and to able to recharge itself.

Sheridain asked Horatio to go with her.  "Fly with me to the stars" is how she put it to him.  Sheridain has been working on a Protective Bubble to protect them from the effects of electric current.  The Bubble will be filled with enough oxygen for the trip.  This Bubble will be powered by her broomstick.  Now Sheridain had small problem with direction and to make sure she flies straight to Aurora Celeste Horatio is going with her.

Our narrative opens as Sheridain is walking looking at the stars.  She is hoping Horatio will be at their favorite star observing place.  It is a clear night.  If he is not studying he will be there.

~ {sigh} "I wish I would not be so tongue-tied when I am with Horatio.  I can not think of anything to say to him unless we talk about stars or he asks me questions as to my project........"

Sheridain sees Horatio sitting on the fence.  Happiness is replaced by fear of what she might do that will embarrass her to the extent she wants to run away.  She does not as she has a thing for Horatio.  She wants to be with him.  After tripping over a tree root that had the nerve of existing and making a resolution that she is not going to sit on the fence again (she fell off it the last time) she went up to him.

~ "Hello, Horatio I was.......I thought it was clear enough to see the stars tonight."

Horatio got off the fence to talk to Sheridain.  The evening went well, no fence to fall off, and they made it safely thru the evening.  Sheridain didn't want to walk home by herself which didn't make sense to Horatio.

~ "Don't see the difference between walking home and recklessly riding that broomstick."

~ "That is totally different.  There is nothing to fear up there."

While walking home Sheridain trips over the same tree root and Horatio grabs her to prevent her from falling.  Horatio exasperated takes her by the hand "Stay by me.  More trouble than my little sister." 

While walking they make plans to meet the next evening in an open field.  Horatio wants to see the progress Sheridain has made.  She with her potion skills & with spells can mix a wide variety of powders and liquid together and can create their Space Traveling Bubble.

Part 2 

Setting:  Next evening

Being distracted by Sheridain Horatio forgot he had to do an errand for his brother.

Horatio had free access to the Unseen University.  His brother Seven (he was suppose to be the 7th son of the 7th son) was having an open book test early tomorrow morning.

However Horatio's visit at the supper hour was an unauthorized one.  The books were already chained to the students desks as they were so unruly.  It was a near death struggle for the senior wizards to move the rowdy books from the Library to the Testing Room.

Horatio knew his brother's desk and was there to threaten/calm/bully (whatever was needed) the book Seven would be facing tomorrow morning.

One of the reasons wizards have such an inept reputation was they could not get their books open, remain open for their Open Book Exams.  The books had an attitude problem.  Before the testing started the books were unusually behaving respectably on their chains.  Very quiet decent books.  However when the tester said "May the Open Book Testing Begin" he should have said "May the Books start testing the moral character, reflexes, resourcefulness, fortitude, and strength of character of the wizards."

This was open season upon the students.  Either the book refused to open, refused to let its pages be leafed thru or the pages would flutter constantly from front to back, back to front.  Some books with a sense of purpose would jump off the desk, run under the desk.  Some of the nastier ones would wrap their chains around the writing hand.  Before the situation became a free-for-all a few books played a quiet game of catch-me-if-you-can.

Of course this was only expected, the tester left the students to fare on their own, after all they were wizards and things can always go not as expected.

Before these testing days Horatio would go and have a purposeful chat with the book Seven would be squaring off for.  Horatio had the diplomatic approach, he came prepared with a duster, and items for repair of loose bindings (with all the activity books do there is always loose bindings).  Seven's book is a very peaceful polite well-mannered (and repaired) book when Horatio leaves.

This is a good time to tell the confused albeit amused reader that due to the well-mannered book Seven always has, Seven is the best student of his class.  He scores very high since his book will remain quietly open for Seven to read.  All the other books are tormenting their luckless readers.

No matter Horatio is on his way to meet Sheridain when he sees her approaching him on her broomstick.

~Sheridain:  "Hi there, would you believe me if I told you I was just flying by?"

~Horatio:  "No you were lookin for me.  I know I'm late."

~Sheridain:  "That too.  Get on the broomstick and hold unto me.  You are not too good keeping your balance."

~Horatio:  "Wizards do not ride broomsticks."

~Sheridain:  "You are not the usual wizard.  Do get on {said firmly in her best witches voice}"

Horatio got onto the broomstick and immediately held onto Sheridain.  They were off at what Horatio thought was too fast but Sheridain was actually going quite slow for Horatio's benefit.

Horatio trying to think of something to say to keep his mind off the speed said without thinking "I see you're not wearing your voluminous petticoats.  It must be easier for you to use your knees on the broom without all those petticoats in your way."

~Sheridain:  "Yes, that was a good suggestion.  You can even get closer to me now.  It is easier for me to keep us balanced the closer we are."  [Sheridain's mind was focused on balancing as it took more concentration than for her flying the broomstick alone.]

~Horatio:  "You have very strong thigh muscles.  Oh........[Horatio was getting flustered] that was a scientific I mean a cause/effect.......  Not that I can see [curse word] this is not coming out right."

~Sheridain:  [embarrassed and flustered] " takes strength in those muscles to direct the broomstick.......[gulp] Horatio, don't move away you are throwing the balance off.  Honestly you'll be falling off and I'll have to grab you on your way down.  SIT STILL"

They flew to an open field where Sheridain showed Horatio the results of her testing.

Sheridain took out of her pocket her bottle of Bubble Blowing Liquid and its plastic utensil.  With Horatio watching she could not get a suitable bubble.

~Horatio:  "I won't look.  It is making your nervous.  On your broomstick you are a bit bossy but once you're on the ground you're not confident.  I'll look at the sky.  Let me know when you have blown a suitable bubble."

a few minutes later

~Sheridain "Look there it is.  In the grass.
It is starting to solidify.  I'm going to cast Grow.  Look at it.  It is actually growing.  I really did it.  Aren't I brilliant?"

~Horatio:  "I'm speechless."  (safe answer)

Sheridain grinning.

~Horatio:  "It is late.  You'll have to fly me home.  I still can not understand how come you are not frightened to fly at night when you are so frightened to walk home at night."

~Sheridain:  "It is safer."

Horatio thought this was debatable.  However flying holding unto Sheridain was very pleasant.

Setting:  Later

Sheridain visited Nanny Ogg to ask information as to what to advise a friend to do with a problem she was having. 

Nanny Ogg gave a few suggestions. 

~Sheridain:  "I, that is my friend, will think about them."

Sheridain and Horatio met at their special place of star gazing. 

Sheridain decided it was either tonight or never.

~Horatio:  "How is your Bubble Experiments coming along?  Are you recording results?"

Sheridain expected this subject to come up.  It was Horatio's favorite subject. 

Sheridain cast the spell Charm on Horatio as he was telling her the importance of scientific experiments and statistics.  Then she spell cast "Would I turn into a frog if you kissed me?"

Horatio was talking about the scientific experiments when he became slightly puzzled looking and asked Sheridain "Would I turn into a frog if you kissed me?  Sheridain I want to know.  Kiss me."
Sheridain nervously gave him a peck on the cheek type of kiss.  And looked at him.

Horatio:  "Can't you do any better than that?"

Sheridain [pouted] put her arms around his neck and kissed him long and hard.

Horatio:  "That was a much better experiment.  But for statistics we should do it again, don't you think so?"

Sheridain:  "Oh, YES"

Part 3

Finally the long awaited day arrived all preparations had been made. 

Sheridain put much thought into her preparations.  They were a bit different than Horatio's and he was totally unaware of them.

She wanted her & Horatio to have a special moment in the Bubble.

Sheridain went to Nanny Ogg for information.  Sheridain knew what she wanted and was leaving nothing to chance.  She even suggested to Horatio to wear loose light clothing as it would be hot & humid in the Bubble. Horatio was going to get the message of what she wanted. 

They met at daybreak for their journey to the stars.  They were both cloaked.  Sheridain created the Bubble,  cast Grow and before the Bubble started to solidify they walked into the Bubble. 

~ Horatio:  "Are you sure you want to do this.   Not sure how we will get back Sheridain.  The Gods will have to help us.  Don't know if they will."

~Sheridain:  "I know it is a million to one chance of not being incinerated upon re-entry.  I want to go."

~Horatio:  "You can not go alone.  You sense of direction is terrible."

~Sheridain:  "Sometimes"

~Horatio:  "All times"

Without speaking anymore Sheridain empowered the broomstick with spells and The Bubble started to float upwards and onwards.  It was getting very hot and humid in The Bubble.

~ Sheridain:  "We have to take our cloaks off".  Horatio was shocked to see she was only wearing a very thin figure hugging clingy dressing gown with rope belt to hold it together.

Horatio got very flustered and turned away to use his cloak to wipe the condensation off the surface of the Bubble.  [Mumbling something about seeing how far we have had come] 

  ".........another hour and a half before we feel the effects of the G force."

~Sheridain:  "Look at me Horatio.  I've been doing this flying on the broomstick nights.  Watch me."

Horatio turned to see her swinging on the broomstick using it as a high bar.  "Be careful won't be in zero G for some time..............[Horatio became incoherent as he noticed Sheridain was naked underneath her gown]" 

Sheridain had been practicing the next move for weeks.  She swung a little and let go of the broomstick, timing and aiming her fall to perfection, she landed against Horatio pinning him down on the surface of The Bubble.........................  Horatio got the message. 


Part 4

The lovers witness the celestial splendors of the Aurora Celesti.  The Bubble drifts thru the colors of the Aurora Celesti . 
Horatio tells Sheridain of the legends of the Aurora Celesti.  Time passes as the lovers talk and love.
The Bubble is losing oxygen and the lovers know it is a million to one chance they will see Diskworld again.  However the beauty they behold and the love experienced is worth their lives. 
Sheridain loses consciousness and Horatio is dimly aware of The Bubble stopping its drifting and purposely moving towards Diskworld.  Both lovers are unconscious.
At this time a large magnificent white horse appears with a dark cloaked rider.  This is Death.  He expects to be guiding Horatio and Sheridain to spend eternity together.  Death is only doing this because of his connection to Sheridain (his guardian witch).  The rider and horse follow The Bubble.  It is puzzling to him why The Bubble is moving to Diskworld.   Surely the gods were not being nice.  When it descends straight down to the Unseen University he becomes certain the gods have been unbelievably nice.
The Bubble slowly floats down to Diskworld.  Ponder Stibbons box is slowing drawing The Bubble to the grounds of Unseen University.  The Bubble dissolves upon impact onto Diskworld.
Death dismounts Binky and walks to Sheridain.  He sees the shallow breathing returning to normal. 
Death whistles to Binky and as they fly off Sheridain regains consciousness to see them high in the sky.
To conclude:  THE LADY is happy as she beat FATE in their game.  Fate is content as he always is.  ASTORIA is overjoyed her lovers are safe and she beat BLIND IO.  BLIND IO is worried about paying the high forfeit for losing the bet.  The AUDITORS are happy as the Aurora Celesti is "mess" free.  ASTORIA and PATINA have bonded, are closer than before.  Ponder Stibbons is happy as he has a new gadget.
Horatio and Ponder Stibbons work together on space travel.  Sheridain plans more ventures for space travel while singing.

Fly me to the moon
And let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars
In other words hold my hand
In other words darling kiss me.
Fill my life with song
And let me sing forevermore
you are all I hope for
All I worship and adore
In other words please be true
In other words I love you