Many years ago before there were casino's in Atlantic City my wife and I used to go to an island off of Atlantic City called Brigintine. Sometimes we would take the children with us but on this adventure we went alone leaving the kids to mind the house. The fishing was very good and I love to go fishing especially salt water fishing. Sometimes we would take a rowboat with an outboard motor and fish in the small bays off the island. This time however we got more than we bargained for. 
I was using a boat tackle with 30 pound test line and some small squid as bait. We fished for about two hours and caught some nice little blues (they are called snappers). All of a sudden my line tightened and my pole bent double. I thought my hook had caught on something when all of a sudden the line began to move and the pole started to straighten up. I figured I had something big on my line so I just kept the tension on and reeled in when I could. 
Suddenly a fin broke the surface followed by a shark that I estimated to be about four or five feet long. I could see him smiling at me and showing me his rows of teeth. This was no sand shark AKA dogfish but a bonefide member of the shark family. I told my wife who was in this boat with me that I was gonna bring him alongside and while I held him on my pole she should cut open his stomach with my fish knife and I would hold him till he died. Her answer was hysterical screaming, cursing and swearing that if I brought that monster near this boat she would throw me overboard. 
All this conversation became academic because when the shark got close to the boat I swear he winked at me, threw the hook and submerged. Now I wasnt about to give up. My testosterone was active, my adrenaline was pumping and I was determined to get that sucker come what may. I got my biggest hook. I use it for catching cod fish and baited it with a whole squid which was the last of my bait. I cast it out and waited. I did not have long to wait. All of a sudden my line went taut and I cried out GOTCHA. However I spoke to soon as my line went slack and when I reeled it in gone was my hook with the squid and my 5 ounce weight. 
Since I lost all my bait although I had other hooks and weights I weighed the anchor and started the motor and headed back to the dock. On the way the tide had gone out and I stranded myself on a sand bar. The only way I could free myself was to throw the anchor as far out as I could and then by pulling on the rope I finally freed myself. I finally got to the dock and carried the other fish back to the motel where I cleaned them and my wife cooked them. They were delicious. 
We went back for another couple of years but when the casino's came everything changed and we have never gone back. I go to Delaware now and do my fishing there but sometimes I think about the one that got away.