by Misty
 Ever since her infancy the gift came with her, choosing to show itself in so many ways throughout various stages of her life to date.  It came as a knowing, a memory that never ceased to absorb or forget, a gentleness and caring for all around her, and an intellect that could never get enough knowledge.
Now she was a young child yet ever with the mind of an ancient, like the old cliche "an olde head on young shoulders."  She, even at the tender age of only 5yrs. was the one her mother sought the words and spelling from, and the one who ministered care and minding of the home whilst her mother's illness prevailed.  Such a lot of responsibility for one so young; or was she?
It was not an easy life, nor a happy one, she was abused in many ways none of which deterred her from trying to seek even a token of approval or love from her parents.  It was like a hunger inside of her, she yearned so much to be simply like the other children of the same age; yet it never was forthcoming, as much or as hard as she tried to please.
A few years later at age 8yrs. found her without a mother, for she had past away at a young age leaving Emma to fen for herself, and maintain a constant vigil over her alcoholic father.  He worked, but after, he drank and any money he earned for the necessities such as food, rent, and the care of his daughter somehow lost themselves in the competition with liquor.
Nonetheless, Emma somehow managed to keep the house tidy, and wash their clothes, chop the wood for the stove or there would be no heat, and also grew a small patch of veggies so that there would always be something to eat.  She was thankful for the odd day that her father would abstain from the booze, and then work hard around the home being somewhat more like a father should be.
It was also on her father's paydays that she became rigid in taking shelter in one of the rooms of the house; there she was safe from the usual beatings she had undergone on numerous occasions when he came home completely obliterated from drinking, for he was not a nice drunk at all, and Emma carried the marks to prove it.
Years past, and now found Emma and her father living in her paternal grandparents home, for all had been finally lost by her fathers demon drink.  There were no words to describe how much love she felt for her grandparents and they for her, at last she had a sampling of what caring love really was, she thought to herself, now I have to make a choice of what path I wish to walk by my father's example, needless to say the choice was an easy one for her.
She devoured all she could in school an excelled in all she undertook to do.  She graduated at the ripe old age of 15yrs. out of Gr.13 (university entrance), at the top of her class.  Her journey had begun or at least she thought it had.  She found employ with the wealthy set, and in so doing learned the finesse of keeping a grande mansion spotless, all 26 rooms.  Later to go on and train privately as a sous chef,  she was pleased with all she had learned.
Her one aim was to enter into the artistic field possibly as an interior designer, but this somehow was never to be, for the older boyfriend at her father's insistance was to become her husband, and after dating for a couple of years his decision was completed and Emma found herself married.
Keith made all the decisions as he loved to remind her he was older and was the boss, she was an obedient and dilligent working wife, and did as she was told.  It was after being married to this excuse of a man for almost two years she gave birth to her daughter.  She of course was expected to take over completely the parential role, as he wanted no part of it.
Time and years past and found Emma at the opposite end of her country, Keith had moved them as a whim.  After enduring his physical, verbal, and financial abuses she finally decided she had more than enough and got a restraining order and left Keith taking her daughter with her.
She some years later divorced him, and went on to raise her daughter herself; whilst working she also at one point furthered her education at night classes and got her degree, now allowing her to provide more for both her and her daughter Meghan.
Life was not easy, but then as they say who ever said it would be, yet Emma prevailed and raised her daughter up right until the day Meghan informed her she was in love and had accepted Daniel's proposal.  It was a lovely wedding and Meghan was a lovely bride, Emma cried but knew she could now at long last let go and try and make a life now for herself at the age of 37yrs.
She left the east and returned once again to her much loved place of birth, where she quickly found a career tailored for her to a tee.  She had new friend's and a whole new way of life, she had so many dreams, "oh where would we be if we never had dreams."
Time seemed to fly by days, months, years and although Emma had dated and an intelligent and attractive woman she was sought after.  But, she never found that special someone she had always longed for, a truly honest, caring, gentle man, who would never abuse her and would always make her know and feel that she was truly loved and valued.
Now finally retired, and happy to embrace all that time it allowed her Emma now undertook to writing she found she seemed to have an acceptable flair for it, and it also gave her joy in the creation of whatever she chose to write.  She was now settled in a lovely town, in a nice apartment and found great comfort with the friend's she had made and even some of her old friends too.
Now she filled her days working positively in whatever tasks she choose's to undertake, and yet somewhere in the recessess of her mind lays the thought, "one day just maybe I will truly find the love of my life', but this was her secret, and as to whether or not it will ever come to fruition only god knows, for he is the one who know's all.  Till then she leads a fufilling life, and still is a seeker of knowledge and is both a student and teacher of life experience's.