by Misty ©

It was a cold, wet, night and away from the bright lights of Sunset Boulevard, and the strip, Mike's Coffee Shop wasn't exactly the high spot of Los Angeles.  Nonetheless, it was where Gina worked and she worked hard for her meager paycheck and the tips if and when she got them.  She put up with drunks, gropers, and if she got lucky they actually had some nice folks drop in for a cup of java.
She had tried the movie extra bit, also a variety of gopher jobs on several of the movie sets, but they were not what Gina really wanted, so here she was hopefully until her bank account became healthy.  She had a talent that even she didn't realize would be viable in the every day world.  But, one day in the near future her whole world would change.
It had been an extra busy morning in the coffee shop, and now Gina was on her noon hour break for lunch.  She had walked as she always did each day to the little park nearby, and sat on a bench quietly eating her sandwich and sketching.  She sketched the pigeons nibbling on crumbs of bread thrown to them on the ground nearby, and the lovely little fountain in the background.
An older lady who sat on the bench with her was looking at Gina's sketch book and commented.  You are good my dear, have you ever thought of selling your drawings or going to a gallery?  Me, oh no never maam, I don't think anyone would buy my work let alone a gallery that would even take time to look at it.  Oh my dear, you are wrong, you have a talent it all seems to come so easy to you and it's almost like you snapped a picture, it is so true to life.
Gina turned to the old lady and thanked her, she had never thought her drawings to be of any value other than to help pass the time when she was relaxing.  Now deep down the seed had been planted and got Gina to thinking, just maybe she could sell her sketches, but for now she would think about it, and quite possibly act on it as well.
Days went by and it was about 6 weeks since the old lady in the park had commented on Gina's talent, and she had finally summoned up the courage to go to a local gallery a couple of miles from where she lived and just get an expert's opinion on her drawings and paintings as well.
She stood outside looking in at the gallery and the name of it "Kristina's Gallery", taking a deep breath she entered.  Good morning, may I help you I am the owner Kristina, her smile was most welcoming.
I sure hope so Gina replied her voice quivering.  I was wondering if it's possible for you to give me your opinion as to whether or not I have any talent.  You see I brought my sketch book, and a few water colours if you feel it worthwhile.  She stood quietly awaiting Kristina's answer.
I'm not busy as you can see, so I think I have a few minutes to spare, now tell me your name first dear.  Oh thank you so much, my name is Gina Montagna.  Okay Gina Montagna show me what you've brought, and then I will tell you what I think.  Gina quickly lay out on the table before Kristina her sketch book now open and 4 water colours.
Hmmm, well I am surprised and quite pleasantly too I may add Kristina spoke.  Yes, oh my yes you are good my dear your sketches are strong, impressive and the shading just perfect, your water colours are most lovely.  Do you really think so, Gina smiled hesitantly?  Of course I not only think, I know they are good Kristina replied.
So when are you going to bring me enough so I can give you a private showing Gina Montagna?  Are you serious, a showing, a private one. Oh my god, are you teasing me Kristina or are you truly serious.  Gina I never joke when it comes down to business, I am most serious, so tell me how long for you to assemble enough for me to give you a private showing.
How soon do you need them she laughed, albeit nervously.  How about next week you could bring them in on Friday, and we will hang them on display and have the showing on Saturday from 4p.m. until 8p.m.  Yes, that sounds just about right.
Would you like me to bring an assortment of what I think is my best work Kristina?  Yes, that would be ideal, and bring a few extra assorted just in case I want to change a few.  You've got it Gina happily replied.  Shortly where after she left walking almost on air.  I can't believe it I'm going to have my very own private showing, just like that.  Gina was elated.  The old lady was right.
The following week on Saturday night the whole private showing complete with cocktails and appetizers was a smash hit, everyone of Gina's works sold and at a tremendously high price too.  She had mingled and made contact with future potential clients who were interested in attaining more of her work.  And also learned what her talent/gift really was, and for this she was truly grateful.
Within the next couple of years Gina Montagna's name was almost a household word in the art collector's world, a fresh style from a fresh new face.  Yes all was turning around now for Gina as was her bank account and this meant she was now through slinging hash, but could devote all her time to doing something she felt joy in.
It was during another gallery showing in Malibu that Gina met an admirer both of her work, and before the evening was over he was an admirer of Gina personally.  His name was Cody Stanton and he hailed from Dallas, Texas.  He owned his own corporation, which of course just happened to be oil, and came from a well known old Texas family.
As the evening wore on they sat quietly together talking both about Gina's work, and also when Cody could see Gina again.  I am very flattered Cody that you like my work, but what on earth would a big time oil tycoon see in a plain jane working girl.
Your one wonderful, talented lady Gina, and as far as you being a plain jane working girl, nothing could be farther from the truth.  You are one very beautiful lady, he smiled slowly at her as he took her hand in his and kissed ever so gently her fingertips.
So please have dinner with me, I assure you my intentions are honourable, even Kristina will vouch for me, and you know her, she wouldn't vouch for anything or anyone unless it was good.  He laughed as his eyes looked sincerely into Gina's.
Alright, you are one really persistent man, tell me are all Texans like you, won't take no for an answer.  But of course he laughed especially when it comes to being with a beautiful lady such as yourself.  You are certainly one sweet talking southern gentleman, I will say that for you Gina grinned.
Wonderful, how about tomorrow night as I will have to fly out the morning after for a business meeting, but I assure you Gina you haven't seen the last of me.
Tomorrow will work out fine for me Cody, as I also have an appointment the day after.  Good, then we are in perfect sync he smiled.  Shall we say around 7:00 p.m. does that work for you pretty lady?  Yes, that's perfect I will be ready.
Cody drove Gina home from the gallery showing, after he got his receipts for the shipment to be made on 4 of her large oil paintings which he wanted for his office back in Dallas.  After a good night kiss on her cheek Cody left like a perfect gentleman, as Gina walked slowly into her new apartment building she felt her heart beating fast from the encounter with the tall, handsome, Texan.
Well the first date for Cody and Gina was an awakening for them both, as each seemed to find the other completely compatible with all things they liked to do in life.  And each had a mutual respect for one another's chosen profession as well.
So, as fate will sometimes do, the first date turned into many, and soon Cody was more than just dating Gina he was now going shopping for an engagement ring, and hoping that she would accept both his proposal and his request that she share his life forever.
It was a beautiful starlit night and Cody had taken Gina to an exquisite restaurant which had the most breathtaking views of the ocean, and a soft string quartet playing in the background.  You have outdone yourself Cody, this place is magic I never even knew it existed, but I am so glad you brought me here, Gina smiled lovingly at Cody.
I found this especially for you my sweet lady, and I also wanted a place that would be just perfect tonight as I have something I need to ask of you.  With that Cody stood up came around the table and got down on one knee, then taking Gina's hand in his he gazed deeply into her beautiful eyes and spoke the words she had waited all her life to hear.  So will you do me the honour of being my wife Gina my love?
Gina had tears running down her cheeks as she looked at this man she had grown to love so much, and at the beautiful ring he held out to her as a symbol of what was to come.  Yes, oh yes Cody I will, and I do love you so.  With that said Cody placed the ring on Gina's finger and pulled her up ever so gently into his waiting arms, and kissed her with all the passion that welled up within him.
So as it was foretold in the beginning of the talent that was within Gina; so had her own secret dream of finding the right man who would love her forever, so now all was complete.  She felt only happiness now within and knew that in all the days to come she now would share them completely with Cody, as husband and wife.
"Whoever said that dreams don't come true."