by Misty
It was a wet, damp, and a awful day in general, and when living on the streets of a large city like New York as Kelsey did, it didn't make her life any easier.  A large cardboard box was her home, which was to serve to protect her from the torrents that pounded away at her make shift shelter.
She was thankful that at least today, she had been lucky in finding a container filled with new unused garbage bags which helped keep the wetness from soaking through into the cardboard.
Digging through a dumpster on a building site she also found some concrete blocks which weighted the plastic bags down so as to hold everything in place.  Necessity in this case, was truly the mother of invention.  And Kelsey's invention at least for now was the shelter from the storm.
Her life had become all about choice's since the age of 13yrs. as her stepfather when under the influence was not exactly an example of "father of the year," is was more like stay out of his way and the farther away the better.
By the time Kelsey was 16yrs. she had but one choice left, that being to leave home as her mother did not seem forthcoming with any aid to her own daughter.  So she left Buffalo, N.Y. and thought perhaps in N.Y. City she would stand a better chance of a job in some establishment.
She was right, but the jobs were not exactly those that would lead her to a career of any sort.  She tried her hand in fast food joints, waitressing in some better class cafe's, and now she was working in the library as an assistant.  This she found to her liking for on her breaks she could make a choice to go wherever any of the thousands of books could take her, at least in her imagination.   
Within the next year Kelsey also found herself sitting in her small two room apt. writing, she first tried short stories and sent them into a couple of  magazines to see if they were good enough to be published.  Her answer came via her mailbox one night after work when she found a cheque for $150.00, for the publishing of one of her stories.
She was elated and decided if this was a new beginning then each cheque would go into the bank to aide in her future plans.  She had gotten her diploma now she had become a full fledged librarian; and leading also to a fairly good raise in pay which always comes in handy to a young woman on the rise. 
So, with her full-time job at the library during the day and writing at night, it didn't leave much time for any social life for a young girl who had now blossomed into a lovely, intelligent, young woman.
On Kelsey's 19th birthday the other young ladies at work decided it was a good reason to drag her out to celebrate over a nice dinner at a popular bistro.  She protested at first, but then found that they had gotten her cards and gifts, etc.  How could she refuse.
So she shed her shackels at last and had her first experience in New York's nightlife, they had a wonderful dinner at the Russian Tea Room and then onto one of the young folks popular clubs for some dancing.
She danced and danced some more, she had fun and actually realized she enjoyed herself immensly and was truly grateful to her fellow co-workers and friends for the lovely evening.  It all to soon became time for them all to head homeward, some took the subway and Kelsey and a couple of other girls shared a cab.
She awoke the next morning, feeling more like a young woman than she ever had realized possible, all because she chose to "go with the flow so to speak."  I had a wonderful time last night, and from now on will take always some time for myself once in awhile to just let loose.
Back at work now, she was putting some books up on the shelf as usual when she felt a very light tap on her shoulder and a voice saying, pardon me Miss, but I am looking for the graphic design section of books and am darned if I can find them, could you please help me?  Kelsey turned around and found herself looking up to a tall, handsome, brown-eyed young man's eyes, and she realized suddenly she was doing more looking than responding to his query to her as a librarian.
I apologize she smiled, I'm afraid it was my birthday yesterday and my friend's took me out, so I guess I am still in the birthday girl haze, she said.  The young man smiled back, well then I guess you're allowed a little haze now and then, lord knows I've been there myself a few times; then they both laughed.
Well now I guess it's about time I showed you where your book will be Kelsey replied, if you follow me I will show you the exact section where you can choose your books from.
Why thank you so much for your kindness, I really didn't expect such treatment.  It's the least I could do after my dreamy performance she smiled again, here we are, and there you go.  You should find your book or books right in there.
The young man called to Kelsey as she turned to leave, pardon me Miss, I know this is forward, but do you think maybe I could buy you a coffee next door on your break, I mean it's the least I can do after you being so polite and after all consider it a belated birthday invitation, he laughed.
He had a nice laugh and smile, his eyes looked sincere almost like a little boy waiting with anticipation.  I guess having just met you and all, just going next door wouldn't be too dangerous, do you think she smiled.
You will, I mean your accepting, oh boy great, I mean sorry, oh gosh I am acting like a fool now. If you have second thought's now I wouldn't blame you, by the way my name is Matthew Stewart, and I am most pleased to meet you?  Kelsey she replied, Kelsey Gordon, and I am pleased to meet you also Matthew Stewart.
What time is your coffee break, Kelsey, may I call you by your first name, yes, yes of course you can and I shall call you Matthew.  I am off for twenty minutes at 10 a.m. great he replied, I'll meet you out front then and for now I best get my books or get a failing mark.  I doubt that Kelsey replied as she slowly walked away.
They met had coffee and time flew, they had so much to chat about and each was enthused by the other, and all to soon it was time to part.  I can't let you go Kelsey, I mean I know we just met but I truly enjoyed every second of being with you, may I call you or even give you my number, I mean maybe I am being forward yet again, but somehow I feel if I don't ask I may never see you again. 
You will see me again Matthew after all you know where I work and, you may call me there if you choose to do so, and thank you I enjoyed my time with you also, and with that Kelsey turned and walked back to work.
Matthew's eyes followed her every step, my god I could fall in love with that woman he thought to himself I've never met anyone like her, he smiled as he felt his heart beat a little faster and then turned to go to catch the subway.
Suffice to say Matthew did call Kelsey at work and they did meet again and again, in fact they started dating seriously for about 4 years, and throughout this time Kelsey had 3 of her novels published and also got rave reviews on her new, fresh writing style.  She was starting to be noticed now and her books were hard to keep on the shelves of the bookstores.
She wrote about many things that all person's who read her books could relate to in one form or another, this was her gift and now she was sharing it.  Mainly it was about life, challenges, romance and "most important of all choices in all of these."  Finally she was one her way, and doing something she loved dearly, writing.
But, not only was writing something she loved; for by this time both she and Matthew had fallen deeply in love, and he had proposed to her and she accepted and were married in a lovely, quiet ceremony.
Matthew had long since graduated and received his Masters in Graphic Design, and had a great position with a well known firm, and Kelsey had left the library behind, and now worked out of their home writing her novels; and also being a young woman who had made all the right choices in her life, albeit they were anything but easy, in the end though they were rewarding, and brought her much happiness for which she was truly grateful.