by Bidgadi

This is a true account of how I spent one night in a bordello, never had a sexual encounter and in the morning was served a cup of tea by the madam.
When I was stationed in U. K. during the Korean War I would sometimes go to London with my friend. When we got there we would go to Picadilly Circus to see the prostitutes and talk to them. We got to know quite a few and one in particular liked my friend. Well this Saturday we went to London and met this particular one in Picadilly. While we were talking to her two bobbies came along and with one under each arm and not breaking stride they carried her to the patrol wagon. She managed to cry out that she would see my friend later that night.
After that encounter we went out drinking and finally we went to this house in Mayfair whereI thought I would spend the night for I thought it was a hotel. Imagine my surprise when a woman opened the door and when my friend identified himself she said to come in but I could not. Now it was very late and the buses stopped running and I didn't even know how I was going to get back to some hotel. At this juncture my friend thinking hard asked the woman if I could at least use the bathroom. She said yes and we went to the second floor and lo and behold next to the bathroom there was an empty room with a bed. My friend told me to get on the bed and no matter what happened to not move. I carried out his instructions and when the woman tried to get me out he gave her a cock and bull story of my being on a bivowack and didnt sleep for two days and was exhausted. Evidently that must have touched a soft spot because my friend helped me take off my shoes and I slept all night in my clothes on the bed. The next morning the madam made me a nice cup of tea and after thanking her met my friend and we went back to Pickadilly for further adventures.


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