by Misty ©


Many years ago in a small town called Bethlehem, a child was born and his name was Jesus Christ, as to the exact date of his birth is to this day debated amongst both scientists and religious scholars.
Nonetheless, it is unanimous that we have declared December 25th, the day on which we acknowledge and celebrate his birth.  And this tradition is still upheld today throughout the christian world, to pay homage to our "Saviour's Birth."
And it is in today's world that our story unfolds, and as it does the yuletide season plays an important part in it.
This story is about a young married couple whose names were Maria and Joseph Christos.  Joseph and Maria's heritage was greek, and it just so happens that in that culture Greek/Latin, the name Christos means "annointed one", as does Jesus' last name..........."We begin."
A cold wind blew across the Lake, as Maria went for her usual early morning jog along Lakeside Drive in Chicago.  She was glad she had put on her warmer jogging suit as she was cozy and warm despite nature's winter dip in temperature.
As she ran her usual 5 miles Maria's thoughts were on what the specialist had told her and Joseph the day before, and his words rang over, and over again in her head.  "I'm afraid Mrs. Christos that you will never be able to conceive, due to the medical condition we discussed earlier and have now confirmed with our tests.
Tears slowly trickled down Maria's cheeks and she let out a deep, heartfelt sigh.  Joseph clasped his wife's hand protectively in his, and smiled lovingly at her.  Don't cry my love, we can always adopt a baby, there are many children who always need a good home filled with love.
That's true Mrs. Christos, it is something well worth considering sometime in the near future, please think positive as you and your husband would make wonderful parents, Dr. Shepherd spoke agreeing with Joseph's words.
I know Maria said, but I truly wanted to be able to have our child and to know what the whole experience is like to give birth, but I guess I never will.  I would be remiss to give you hope that this will ever happen for you Maria, the doctor said, and for you to ever conceive would take a miracle.
So now knowing fully what the verdict was, Maria and Joseph left the doctor's office, and headed out the door going back home without any hope  as far as them ever conceiving a child of their own.  They both shuddered with the cold winds of March blowing off the Lake or was it with the disappointment of the news just received.
Joseph decided what with the weather not being pleasant plus their recent news, that the couple would take a spontaneous holiday to try and lift their spirits.  And he thought that possibly a trip to Hawaii was just the ticket, as there was lots of cheap fares at this time of year.
Maria returned from her jog now ready for nothing more than a nice warm shower and a good hot cup of coffee and her big warm comfy housecoat.  Her shower completed and all dressed she went into the kitchen and grabbed a nice big mug of hot coffee, and sat down at the kitchen table.
As she raised her cup to drink she saw a note stood up with her name on it.  She took the note in her hand and opened it, Joseph had left all their plans for Hawaii for her to read over, they would be flying out in two days, Friday to be exact and staying at the Turtle Bay Hilton way out in the North Shore of Oahu.  She looked at the lovely pictures, it did truly look like paradise.
Maria thought this will be our special time together in paradise, "just maybe a miracle could happen there", after all where else would something magic happen.  She smiled and her whole demeanour had changed from the other day.  Yes, this is just the place for us and especially now she thought.
The hotel was magnificent, 880 acres of a tropical paradise, the lovely blue ocean, wonderful food, and all the passions that it stirred in each of them, almost as if it were their wedding night once again.  Yes, oh yes this was truly the place for them and it was paradise.  Day after day, night after night, each better than the day before.
Then all too soon it was the day of their departure, but somehow, Maria and Joseph were still caught up in the magic that they had shared and were taking it all back to Chicago with them.
The plane landed and they left the airport, and somehow they managed to wind up back at their house, although each felt the dreamworld of the island and all of the passion they had experienced.
They had been back now from their wonderful holiday almost 2 months and Maria was not feeling well enough to go for her usual jog along Riverside Drive and she felt she may be coming down with a bug, her nausea, her head feeling heavy, queezy stomach, yes, that was it she had a touch of the flu, probably the change of season and also changes from their island moments to back home in the good old U.S.A.
The bug seemed to drag on and off for a few weeks until Joseph insisted that Maria go to the doctor for a check up and find out what kind of bug she had.  So she was to see the doctor she by this time was even looking forward to seeing him, hoping she could feel better soon.
Maria kept her appointment, and had a full physical check-up complete with blood tests, etc.  Now she sat quietly waiting in Dr. Shepherd's office for him to come in and tell her what exactly was wrong with her.
Dr. Shepherd entered the office with a large folder tucked under his arm, and said, well Maria I guess your waiting to find out just what has been going on with all these flu symptoms, etc.?  Yes doctor I am.
Well I am really at a loss for words Maria, I mean this just can't be true, but the tests don't lie my dear, and trust me I had them re-done 4 times.  What exactly is it Dr. Shepherd, Maria was scared now, I mean do I have a terrible disease or something?  No. oh no my dear, it is nothing like that whatsoever.
Sitting down slowly he then leaned forward and taking her hands in his in a fatherly way, he spoke.  Maria I don't know how or why, this is just not possible by all medical facts, and tests, but you are three months pregnant at least, and I don't understand, but nonetheless my dear you are with child.
Maria only heard a man's voice and nothing beyond the words that she was with child, oh my lord, I'm pregnant, they said "only a miracle." I have my miracle she cried out, as tears welled up and fell down her cheeks while her heart beat quickly and she could not stop both crying and laughing with joy at the news she had just received.
Maria, Maria, can you hear me?  Yes, oh yes Dr. Shepherd I heard you I'm going to have a baby, but when oh please tell me when.  Well providing everything goes according to schedule and you follow my instructions your baby is due around the middle or near the end of December.
Oh my how wonderful Maria cried, we will have a baby near xmas, oh doctor you said only a miracle would let us have our own baby, and this is truly a miracle.
It would appear so, Maria and I still am reeling about the whole thing, but know this I will do anything and everything to make sure that you have a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy baby too.  Maria gave the doctor a quick hug and said goodbye saying I can't wait to tell Joseph he will be over the moon.
The couple needless to say were ecstatic and through the next 6 months obeyed everything the doctor suggested to assure that there would be no hitches in Maria giving birth to a wonderful, healthy, baby.  She enjoyed every second, minute and days of her pregnancy as did Joseph, she felt the first kicks and all the signals one experience's when the baby is still in the womb.
They had decorated a room for their new baby the sex of which neither knew, as they chose it to be a surprise as well as a gift.  Either way all they both cared about was that their newborn baby be healthy and happy.
The time seemed to pass so quickly and now it was almost Christmas in Chicago.  All the stores were decorated and the multitudes of colored lights glittered all over the city.
Both Maria and Joseph had decorated their home and it was with love and care, right down to the beautiful nativity scene over their fireplace.  They even had placed a little xmas stocking on the fireplace for the baby, just in case he or she arrived in time for that special day on the 25th of December.
Which is when we not only celebrate the giving of gifts, and the big fancy dinners, but the birth of another newborn child born so long ago in Bethlehem, and all that he brought to us in the Christian World.
It was getting late on the 24th of December, when Maria cried out to Joseph to come quick, he ran to her side; hurry, oh please hurry Joseph, it's time please get us to the hosptial now.
He did just that and not too soon for as soon as Maria entered the hospital her pains were coming one after another, and strong as well.  The nurse's rushed her to the delivery room and prepped her, she said hurry my baby's coming, as the clock on the wall said midnight Maria gave birth to the most beautiful little baby boy who came yelling loudly into the world letting everyone know he had finally arrived.
After being measured, weighed and all cleaned and wrapped swaddling style, he now lay in his mother's arms Maria looked down at her beautiful miracle, and Joseph stood proudly by with tears in his eyes gazing lovingly at his new son and wife.
The nurse came to them when it came time to take their son to the nursery, do you have a name picked out for this little "Christmas Miracle Child," she smiled sweetly.  If you do, we can put his bracelet on when we get back to the nursery.
Yes we do Maria said, and looked at her husband tell her Joseph.  He replied we will call him Iesous Christos.  She said that must be Greek then, Joseph proudly said yes it is Latin to be exact.  She said fine, okay little Iesous welcome to the world and I hope you will find us all to your liking, with that the nurse left with the baby and Maria and Joseph embraced.
Oh Joseph he truly is special and our gift for Christmas, "our miracle."  Yes love, he is just that and more, and hopefully one day he will maybe also leave his mark in the world, just as another baby boy did so long ago, and we are still aware of it even to this very day.
This story is only told to remind us there are miracles happening every day, and gifts given to us to embrace.  They just don't always come gift wrapped so we can notice them, so be sure you look very closely so you won't ever miss them.