These are Recipes brought back from my travels to Europe.  Click on the title of any recipe and you immediately be taken to that recipe.

Austrian Goulash - Tearlach
Leg of Veal with Wine - by Tearlach
Holland Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew - by Tearlach
Italiano Grilled Lamb Chops - by Tearlach
Liver Hungarian Calf - by Tearlach
Hungarian Chicken Livers - by Tearlach
Holland Apple wine Glazed chicken and or beef livers - by Tearlach
Telecikytas Vinnou Omackou (Leg of veal w/wine)  - by Tearlach
Weiner Schnitzel - Germany - by Tearlach
Dutch Meatballs with Brown Beand and Bacon - by Tearlach
Italiano Beef Pot Roast - by Tearlach
Italiano BBQ Lamb Chops - by Tearlash
Green Peppers stuffed with Lampuki (any fish) - Maltese - by Tearlach
Stuffed Swordfish - Malta

Hungry Peasants Salad by Tearlach
Double Dutch Pea Soup - by Tearlach
Drstkov Polevka - Czech Triple Soup - by Tearlach

Rice Pudding - Maltse - by Tearlach
German Chocolate Cake -  by Tearlach
Dutch Baked Stuffed Apples - by Tearlach
Somlo  sponge Cake - Hungary - by Tearlach
Sweetheart Cake - Dutch - by Tearlach
MAKOVY KOLAC - (Poppy Seed Layer Torte) - by Tearlach
Dutch Crumb Cake - by Tearlach
Dutch Sugar Hall Cookies - by Tearlach
Czeck Cookies by Tearlach
Austrian Butter Cookies by Tearlach



German Chocolate Cake

German Chocolate,  Cake Munich Germany - 1/4lb sweet chocolate, 2cups sugar, 1/2 cup pecans chopped. 1/2cup pecans chopped, 1Cup shortening, 4 egg yolks, 1/2cu boiling water, 1cup buttermilk, 1tsp baking soda, 2 ½ cup flour 1 tsp vanilla  1/8 tsp salt 4 egg white beaten stiffly.  In a bowl cream sugar and shortening,add egg yolks blend well.Melt chocolate in 1/2cup boiling water,then blend  by adding buttermilk flour salt and baking soda.Blend well add vanilla, fold in egg whites and nuts. Pour into 3 9” cake pans and Bake at 350F till fork done. The icing is simple 1Cup sugar,1 stick butter,1Cup evaportd milk,3 egg yolks well beaten,1 cup shredded coconut 1 cup pecans chopped,1tsp vanilla. In doubler boiler stirring add milk sugar butter and egg yolks.Coo till it thickens.Blend in coconut pecans and vanilla.Then after cooling spread over the cake.Need a bigger glass for milk



Dutch Baked Stuffed Apples

Dutch Baked Stuffed Apples.  12 tart red apples,2 cups brown sugar,1/2 cup raisins, 2 tbl grated orange peel, ½ cup soft butter,2 cups very hot water,12 tbl orange juice.(concentrate). After washing apples,core and stem,do not peel.Stand them up in a foiled line pan.Stuff with 1 cup brown sugar,and raisins.also add orange peelFill with butter and sprinkle remaing sugar over the tops.Pour hot water  in the pan.spoon 1 tbs juice over top of each.Bake 350F for about 2 hours,till apples are tender. Cool and enjoy.


Austrian Butter Cookies

Austrian Butter Cookies-1 Cup flour,1/2 butter softened,2/3cups nuts chopped(any type) 1 cup sugar.. Sift flour and sugar together.add chopped nuts,blend  in butter. Stir to make a soft dough. Chill for 1 hour for dough to set.Then roll dough out on a floured board, to about 1/8” thickness.Cut into rounds  with a cutter place on ungreased cookie sheet. At 375F for 7-10min.. You can make a sandwich by spreading jam over 1 and covering with another.Chocolate frosting consist of 1tablespoon butter,1/3cup powered sugar 1 egg yolk   1 square unsweetened chocolate,all melted and cooled. Cream butter and sugar add egg yolk and chocolate.Blend good and spread over cookies. Bring on the milk.


Czech Cookies

Czech Cookies.  1cup butter,1cup sugar,2 egg yolks 1 tsp vanilla  ¼ tsp allspice,2 cups flour,1 cup pecans(any nuts will do) ½ cup strawberry.  Cream butter till soft,add sugar,beat till light and fluffy add egg yolks and vanilla Sift allspice with flour.Then stir chopped nuts. Spoon half dough onto a greased 8” square cake pan.spread evenly,as cookies bakes. Top with the jam, then cover the remaining dough over the first batch u put on cake pan.Bake 325F 1 hour until lightly brown.After cooling cut into  1 ½ squares. Bring on the milk. 


Hungry Peasant’s Salad

Hungry Peasant’s Salad-4 green peppers 4 small tomatoes,4 small cumbers,1 onion, 6oz good cheese graded,1bunch parsley chopped,1fl oz salad oil(I use extra virgi n Olive oil)1 tblespoon dry white wine(the drinking type)and some salt to taste. Cut veggies in thin slice,mix in bowl with some salt(to taste),The dressing is from the wind salad oil and cheese. Pour onto veggies cover refrigate for about 1 hour,so everything in bowl settles. Then decorate with the parsley.


Austrian Goulash

Austrian Goulash-3lb onions sliced,1/2 cup shortening,2tbl paprika,1 clove garlic chopped fine,2tsp caraway seeds,1 tbl marjoram, 1 tbl salt,1tbl lemon juice,3 lbs beef cubed,1/2cup cold water,1tbl flour,2tsp tomato paste. Next saute onions in shortening,add 1tablespoon paprika,add garlic caraway marjoram salt and lemon juice.add meat,do not brown Simer with cover on for 2 hours,skim off fat,put in remaining paprika,flour,and water,and tomato paste.Simmer 15 minutes longer tll meat is tender.Serve over noodles.


Leg of Veal w/wine

How about Leg of Veal w/wine(You can use Lamb).veal or lamb 5-6lbs boned,2 tsp salt 1 tsp  pepper,2 large carrots onions sliced,2 large carrots sliced,1 celery stalk sliced, ½ cup fresh parsley, 2 cups boiling water,1 cup dry white wine(The drinking kind)1 teaspoon flour 1/4pound bacon cut into thin strips. Now the sauce   ½ cup dry white wine(Drinking type)1/2 cup heavy cream 2 teaspoons flour,grated rine 1 lemon,salt and pepper. tHear me talk!This is a Czech dish) with large needle push bacon strips through the meat,rub with salt and pepper.Put onions carrots celery and parsley and 3 tsp of butter in roasting pan.add the boiling water.Roast 350F 30 minutes per pound.half done add wine,2 tsp butter stir in flour and sour cream.Make sure to sprad mixture on top and sides every 15minutes… Sauce  strain pan of juices add wine,lemon peel simmer 5 minutes.stir flour into cream,mix  add to sauce stirring  till smooth and thick.add ur salt and pepper as desired. Serve with noodles,potatoes or rice.


Somlo  sponge Cake - HUNGARY

HUNGARY-Somlo  sponge Cake-6 eggs,6tsp sugar,6 level tbsp flour,vanilla flavoring,2 heaped tbsp cocoa power,- Walnit Cream   ,4oz ground walnuts(any type nuts) 200ml milk,1 heaped tbsp sugar,1 tbsp rum(brandy cognac or a good whiskey)1 heaped tsp flour.     Chocolate Cream. 200ml milk,1 egg,1 heaped tbsp sugar,4 oz butter,1 heaped tsp flour,2 heaped tbsp cocoa    Topping  half pint whipping cream,2 ½ oz milk,1 tbsp rum(cognac brandy or a good whiskey)  4oz sugar,2 tbsp cocoa,1 handful raisins soaked in rum(cognac,brandy or good whiskey).. 1. Butter and flour 2 square or retangular pans,heat in oven 350F. 2.Vanilla cake and a chocolate cake.seperate eggs,beat yolks with sugar till stiff and frothy.fold in flour,beat egg whites till stiff.fold into the batter.divide cake into 2 parts,flour  one part 2  heaped tbsp cocoa and other  with vanilla.Put each mixture into separate pans. Bake 15 min. until cake comes away from edges. Turn out on a cake rack to cool.  Prepare nut cream mixing nuts withbutter,milk flour,sugar and rum.Bring to a boill stirring,remove. Then spread over one of the cakes,sprinkle with raisins and put other cake on top.  To make chocolate cream mix milk with the beaten egg,flour,sugar,and cocoa.Heat very slowly till thick.let cool,then spread on top of cake and let it rest.when cream is stiff,cut  cake into little squares,pile them up on a dish,then mix milk with 2 oz sugar and rum,pour over the cake,decorate with whipped cream. Before serving mix in remaining cocoa with sugar and little water to make a thick sauce and pour over the whipped cream. Get the milk out and a really big  glass.


Holland-Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew

With winter coming a god stew to warm ur palet-Holland-Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew- 3 tsp flour,12ounces bonlessskin chicken breast 1 table spoon oil,1 onion quartered sliced thin,1 garlic clove minced,1/ ½ cups apple juice apple cider,2 cups cubed peeled sweet potatoes,about 1/2inch pieces,2 cups green beans fresh or frozenm1 29ounce can tomatoes DRAINED and chopped,1/4 teaspoon ginger,1 tablespoon chopped fresh basil.In a large pot dredge chicken in flour add to hot oil,cook about 3 minutes just browned,remove chicken,do not clean pan,add onions,garlic,cook till tender.Now if pan gets dry add some apple juice or cider, if using fresh green beans,cut them to 1-2 inches, Stir in rest of apple juice or cider,sweet potatoes,tomatoes and chcken.Boil  reduce heat,simmer 30-35 min.Potatoes should be tender.Serve over noodles or rice.Enjoy.


Double Dutch Pea Soup

Double Dutch Pea Soup- 8cups water,1bag green split peas(ilb),1cup chopped carrots,1cup onions,4 cubes chicken broth,2cups frozen peas.-some good cheese.shredded. Large boil water,add dried peas,onions carrots and chicken broth cubs,reduce heat cover least 1hr till peas are tender.Then with a wooden spoon mash half peas against side of pot to thicken.cook 5-8min.serve with the cheese.


Italiano-Grilled Lamb chops

Italiano-Grilled Lamb chops- 4 thick lamb chops,Dijon  mustard,a good Vinegar(Balsamic)Rosemary minced garlic, Olive Oil(I use Extra Virgin) salt and pepper. Take chops with little mustard,sprinkle with vinggar,seasons little olive oil.,turn over repeat.Let set about 30 min.Grill over high until done,about 4min each side. For medium rare


Sweetheart cake - DUTCH

Sweetheart cake DUTCH-500grams flour,1tsp bsaking power,400grams brown sugar,1tsp clove,1tsp nutmeg,1/2tsp ginger,,1tsp cocoa,1 tsp salt,2tsp cinnamon,500ml milk,129grams candied peel variety,30 grams candied cherries,50 grams raisingf 100grams sugar,1 tsp kirsch(brandy or cognac) now combine flour baking powder into a large bowl,mix in salt brown sugar and milk,clove nutmeg,ginger,and cocoa, work into a workable dough.add 2 tsp candied peel,1 tablespoon raisins 1 tablespoon of cherries,(Lay these aside)Mix in rest,put into a greased baking pan,shape it like a heart. For 90 minutes at 340F,remove from oven,,let cool..Then coat the top with sugar mixed with the cognac or brandy. Garnish glaze with left over candied peel,raisins and cheeries..


Dutch Sugar Hall Cookies

Now Dutch Sugar Hall Cookies-10 1/2oz flour,6 oz butter,5 oz sugar,2tbsp cinnamon,1/2tsp salt,2 egg whites. Mix butter with the sugar,cinnamon,salt and white of 1 egg,sift flour on a board,put butter mixture into a small dabs all over flour.Make a smooth ball,cool in frig for few minutes,Grease a cookie sheet put dough on it,rolling into thin layer,brush with remaining,sprinkle with some sugar, You cut do not separate, about 1 1/2inchwide and 3/1/2 long,bake at 300F for 20min.Let coolYou can break at the pre-cuts for individual cookies.Bring on the milk.


LIVER Hungarian Calf

LIVER Hungarian Calf/ onions and a good sauce.-1lb Calf liver,2 medium onions,sliced 2teaspoons paprika,salt and pepper flour butter. Slice liver into finger size bits,season with very little paprika,Then season with salt and pepper.mix ewith flour till covered,,then slice onions.Melt butter sauté onions,when onions are almost cooked put in liver  sauté with onions. Liver takes few minutes,then sprinkle ½  tsp paprika over onions mix in a good tbls of good vinegar to make a good thick gravy. Serve with rice or noodles.


Hungarian Chicken Livers

Hungarian Chicken Livers-4 tablespoons butter,2 medium onions sliced,1/2lbmushrooms sliced,1lb chicken livers halved,1 tablespoon flour 2teaspoons paprika,1/4 teaspoons salt 3/4cups water,4 ounces sour cream.    In a 10inch skillet over medium fire melt half butter sauté the onions and mushrooms till tender,remove onions andmushrooms,do not clean pan.melt rest of butter sauté the livers about 4minutes,return mushrooms and onions,stir in flour paprika salt,stir about 1 minute,add water stir to clean bottom of pan,cook about 5 minutes until thick when thick remove from heat.Serve over a pasta rice or noodles. Greek chicken or beef livers. 1lb liver(chicken or beef) flour for coating,olive oil salt pepper oregano,lemon juice. After washing livers, cut into small stripes,season with salt pepper coat with flour.Fry in good olive oil over medium heat about 3 minutes till just some pink shows.Remove from heat season with oregano,pour lemon juice over…


Holland Apple wine Glazed chicken and or beef livers

Holland Apple wine Glazed chicken and or beef livers.1/2cup apple juice,1/2cup good ine,3 tablespoons butter, 1 pound chick or beef livers, 1/2cup flour 1/2teaspoon salt,1/4 teaspoon pepper. For sauce combine apple juice wine 1 tbsp butter,boil till ½ cup left. Cut livers  in half,combine lour salt and pepper in a bag drop liver pieces in to coat.melt 2 tbsp butter medium heat brown liver turning one.Cook till no pink shows when cut, Place in serving bowl,pour sauce over the top.        Chopped Liver(Chicken or Beef) Italian Style.—1/2cup olive oil 2-3onions finely chopped,1 lb chicken or beef livers,1/3 cup dry white wine(drinking type),6 hard boiled eggs salt and pepper  Some good bread.---Use 2 saute pans divide olive oil,add onions to one sauté till dark,about 15 minutes. In other pan sauté livers over medium heat for 4-5minutes.Some pink will show,but no blood allowed.add last few minutes the wine,most will evaporate. Remove from heat,chop livers coarse,save pan juices. Peel the eggs chop in small pieces, keep white and yolk intact.In a bowl add onions  livers and eggs add pan juices,salt and pepper,mix .Should not be dry.You can add some oil and remix.Serve with good bread,even crackers.


MAKOVY KOLAC-(Poppy Seed Layer Torte) - Czeck

Czech: MAKOVY KOLAC-(Poppy Seed Layer Torte) - 1 cup sugar,6 eggs separated, 1 cup ground poppy seeds,1 cup heavy cream wipped, ¼ cup margaine,1/2 cup raisins,(nice plump ones if u can get them) ½ teaspoon cinnamon,1/4 teaspoon of ground cloves and mace, ½ cup apricot or strawberry or raspberry jam,grated rind of 1 lemon. ---Cream butter add sugar,beat egg yokes,stir in remaining ingredients,except jam.Beat egg whites,fold in batter.Grease and flour 2 9 inch cake pans. Spoon half of batter into each.Bake in oven 350F 30 minutes.Fill with Jam,top with whipped cream


Telecikytas Vinnou Omackou(Leg of veal w/wine - Czech

Czech”Telecikytas Vinnou Omackou(Leg of veal w/wine(You can use Lamb). 5-6 pounds of either veal or lamb,boned,2 teaspones salt  1 teaspoons pepper, 2 large onions sliced,1 carrot sliced, 1 celery stalk sliced, ½ cup finely chopped parsley,2 cups boiling water,1 cup dry white wine(the drinking kind),1 teaspoon flour,1/2 cup sour cream,1/4 pound bacon cut into strips—Your sauce consists of ½ cup dry whit wine(Drinking type)1q1/2 cup heavy cream,2 teaspoons flour,1 lemon rind grated,some salt and pepper—Trim meat of fat if needed. With large needle oush bacon strips through the meat. Rub with salt and pepper.Place onions,carrots celery parsley and 3 tablespoons butter in roasting pam.add boiling water,have roast in oven 350F  30 min per pound,when done add wine,2 tablespoons butter,stie in flour and sour cream.Then about every 15 minutes spread mixture on top(Baste). Now for the sauce, strain pan juices,add wine lemon peel simmer for about 5 minutes.Stir in flour into the cream mix add to the sauce always stirring until sauce is smooth and thick.Season as u like with salt and pepper.Then you can serve with noodles,potatoes or rice.


Drstkov Polevka - Czech  Triple Soup

Czech: Drstkov Polevka -Tripe soup. 1lb tripe(Any fish will do) 5 oz cooked beef,4 tablespoonms flour,1 carrot 1 clove garlic,2 stalks celery,pinch of pepper marjoram,ginger, and ¼ cup fresh parsley finely chopped,salt and butterwash tripe(fiish) in cold water,cook ½ hr,wash again in fresh cold water,add salt,parsleu,and celery cut I a circle.add meat,and tripe(fish) cook till tender.Cut tripe(fish)into small pieces.and the meat.mzake flour lightly brown with piece of butter and 4 tablespoons of flour Pot soup into the browneded,flour add mashed garlic pepper marjorum chopped parsley ginger.Cook well then add tripe (fish) and meat. Serve


Wiener Schnitzel - Germany

Wiener Schnitzel -  2 pounds veal ,1 cup flour, 4 eggs, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil salt pepper 4 cups bread  crumbs 1/8 cup oil for just frying.       Cut veal thick as ur finger dredge in flour,besat eggs with 1 tablespoon  oil salt pepper.Coat with egg mixture then bread crumbs. Heat ¼ cup oil in a hevy frying pan,fry veal until golden brown about 5 monutes on each side,drain on a paper towel.


Rice Pudding Maltse

How about Rice Pudding Maltse style.  You need ½ cup long grain rice,1/3 cup sugar.1/4 tablespoon salt,pinch nutmeg,2 cups milk 2/3 cups water, 1 tablespoon butter,1/2 tsp vanilla extract,1/3 cup raisins.   Preheat oven 300F,lightly grease 1 1 ½ quart baking dish,mix everything except raisins,place in baking dish.Bake uncovered about 1 hour.Stir in raisins,dust top with cinnamon,reduce heat to 250F bake another 30 minutes,and ur done.


Dutch Meatballs w/Brown Beans and Bacon

Dutch Meatballs w/Brown Beans and Bacon/ 1 pound ground beef,1 large onion,chopped fine,1/4 cup bread crumbs,,1 Table spoon parsley flakes,,1 egg, 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce,1/2 teaspoon white or black pepper,1 tablespoon ur favorite  season. Now mix all ingredients together,form into meatballs, Brown medium heat,add gravy which u make from 1 Tablespoon butter or margarine,2  tablespoon plain flour mix  slowly, add 1 cup water and milk. You season to ur taste. Brown Beans are bst,but soak over night,in saltd cold water. After draining, add enough water to cover beans. Simmer till tender..You need 4 large potatos quartered (In half).Boil  till tender.Serve meatballs in gravy with beans potatoes.any left over chopped onions can be added,along with bacon bits over the beans as a topping.Enjoy


Dutch Crumb Cake

Dutch Crumb Cake - This is for 9 servings./2 ½ cups flour,1/tablespoon Salt,1/2 teaspoon Baking Soda and Shortening.3/4 cup firmlu pack brown sugar,,1 cup raisings(ground).1 egg beaten.3/4 Thick sour milk, 2 tablespoons sugar,1/8 tablespoon of cinnmon..Now  next heat oven first to 350.Grease 8”by8” pan.Sift flour,salt,and soda.Cream shortening,then slowly add brown sugar,until light and somewhat fluffy.Add in dry ¾ cup mixture.add raisins egg milk to remaining mixture.You beat well.Pour into the pan.Sprinkle left over mixture over batter.Sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on the top.Just bake for 25 minutes. Enjoy.


Italiano Beef Pot Roast

Italiano Beef Pot Roast.-1/1/2 pound chuck roast,salt pepper flour,  Olive oil(Extra Virgin)2 medium onions chopped into 1inch pieces,1  large green pepper,chopped into 1inch pieces,2 medium carrots sliced into 3/4inch pieces,6 large cloves garlic,peeled and slightly smashed, 1/ ½ ed wine(Drinkinng type),1 tablespoon tomato paste,1 can 14.5 whole tomatoes broken apart with juices,1 bayleaf,1 t  teaspoon dried thyme and marjoram leaves and same with dried prsley leaves,8 ounces button mushrooms whole or halved,water if needed. Now sprinkle roast with salt,pepper,and little pepper.Heat enough oil to cover bottom of a large pan over medium-high heat.add roast brown well on both sides.add onions peppers carrots sauté till slightly golden,add garlic sauté about a minute.Pour in wine,scrape up bottom of the brown bits.stir in tomato paste,combine, add tomatoes bay leaf thyme marjoram parsley and salt and pepper if needed.Cover reduce heat to medium low braise until meat is fork tender About 1 ½ hours Besure turn the meat every so often. Serve adding sause over the meat,noodles rice or potatoes.Enjoy


Italiano BBQ Lamb Chops

Italiano BBQ Lamb Chops-4 thick lamb chops,trimmed of extra fat,Mustard(Dijon if u prefer) Vinegar(I prefer Balsamic),Rosemary Minced garlic(I love garlic)Olice Oil(I use Extra Virgin (Ionly use good oil),salt and pepper to taste.  Now spread chops with little mustard(Dijon)sprinkle with vinegar,season and little olive oil.Besure rub both sides,let set about 30 minutes.When BBQ grill is hot enough,grill over high until done about 4 minutes preside for medium rare.You can do this in your own oven.But BBQ is great. Enjoy


Green Peppers stuffed with Lampuki(any fish) - Malta

This is Maltese food.-Green Peppers stuffed with Lampuki(any fish).   4 large green pepper, 4 tablespoons tomato paste,2 eggs,300 g of cooked Lampuki(Fish),25g chopped olives,salt pepper for seasoning, 150g cooked riced chopped,come chopped parsley,olive oil(Extra Virgin is all I use),50g onions,some water—Take top and inside from peppers.Keep the top.Heat some oil and fry onions till golden.add tomato paste and letwater simmer about 10 minutes.add rice olives parsley season herbs(Your choice)and flaked Lampuki(fish).Then add eggs.simmering about 10 minutes.Fill peppers with this mixture.Replace the top Bake in moderate oven about 6075 minutes.Serve hot or cold. Enjoy


Stuffed Swordfish - Malta

Here is a Maltse dish very delicious and easy.Stuffed Swordfish-But u can used any type fish.You need 8 thin slices fish,100g onio,100g peeled tomatoes 50g tuna( you can use another type of fish,(Try Catfish)(make sure no bones)capers  parsley/mint salt and pepper,Olive oil(ExtraVirgin),   Chop and mix onions,tomatoes tuna capers parsley and mint.Next place 4 pieces of fish on a board,season and place ¼ of filling in the middle of each.Next put the other slices on top,press firmly,sprinkle with lemon juice.put some flour and fry to a golden color,u can bake also.I prefer frying. Enjoy

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