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Main Dishes
Soups & Salads
Cakes & Bars

Main Dishes

Pigs and Blankets ( Cabbage Rolls) My Way  - Jann
Salmon or Tuna Loaf - Jann
Spaghetti Sauce  - My Way - Jann
Spanish Rice    My Way  - by Jann
Stuffed Peppers   My Way - by Jann
 Jambalaya that I had in New Orleans by Jann
Left Over Turkey - Jann
Austrian Goulash - Tearlach
Leg of Veal with Wine - by Tearlach
Holland Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew - by Tearlach
Italiano Grilled Lamb Chops - by Tearlach
Liver Hungarian Calf - by Tearlach
Hungarian Chicken Livers - by Tearlach
Holland Apple wine Glazed chicken and or beef livers - by Tearlach
Telecikytas Vinnou Omackou (Leg of veal w/wine)  - by Tearlach
Weiner Schnitzel - Germany - by Tearlach
Dutch Meatballs with Brown Beand and Bacon - by Tearlach
Italiano Beef Pot Roast - by Tearlach
Italiano BBQ Lamb Chops - by Tearlash
Green Peppers stuffed with Lampuki (any fish) - Maltese - by Tearlach
Stuffed Swordfish - Malta

Soups and Salads

Wild Rice Cheese Soup - by Husker
Sausage Tomato Soup  - by Jann
Macaroni-Fruit-Salad  - by Jann
Macaroni Salad My Way  - by Jann
Sort of Taco Salad - by Jann
Broccoli and Cauliflower Soup by Jann
Chili - My Way - by Jann
Salmon Tuna Loaf - by Jann
Hungry Peasants Salad by Tearlach
Double Dutch Pea Soup - by Tearlach
Drstkov Polevka - Czech Triple Soup - by Tearlach
Pretzel Salad - by Nan


Cheese Frenches by Husker


Rueben Dip by Husker


Old Fashioned Bread Pudding by Jann
Rice Pudding  by Jann
Trifle  by Jann
Rice Pudding - Maltse - by Tearlach
Pretzel Salad - By WisconsinNan

Cakes and Bars

Pineapple Angel Food Cake - by Husker
Triple Layer Cookie Bars - by Husker
Scotcharoo's by Husker
Easy Fruit Cake - by Jann
Jan's Apple Brownies - by Jann
German Chocolate Cake -  by Tearlach
Dutch Baked Stuffed Apples - by Tearlach
Somlo  sponge Cake - Hungary - by Tearlach
Sweetheart Cake - Dutch - by Tearlach
MAKOVY KOLAC - (Poppy Seed Layer Torte) - by Tearlach
Dutch Crumb Cake - by Tearlach


King-sized Gingersnaps - by Jann
Dutch Sugar Hall Cookies - by Tearlach
Czeck Cookies by Tearlach
Austrian Butter Cookies by Tearlach


My Seasoned Salt - by Jann
Salsa Recipe - by Jann