Get Up and Go


Day and Night






A Bird

A Place

Summer Breeze

Vicious Ones



Soiled Dove

False Dreams


Cherry Pie

Love - Lost but not Forgotten

My Girl

In The Dark


Turned On

Little Stinker

My Sweet Love


In Tune



by Poetic

      Love to close my eyes a bit, on Christnass eve,
      And hear the church bells ring.
      To listen to the christians there,
      And the hymns they sing.

      The sounds I hear, this time of year,
      Give my heart a lift.
      To know that shareing each others love,
      Is of course, heavens gift.


In Tune
by Poetic

I'm in tune with Jesus,
  His very words, are ny song.
And His words of truth,
  Will never lead me wrong.

As each day goes by,
  And sadful things appear,
I look toward my savior
  With out pain or fear.

Though I stand meek and humble
  In the shdadow of His light
It is enough to guide me,
  In the darkness of the night.

So lord if I seem to drift,
  Let me here my song again.
So I will know, you are with me,
  Until my earthly end.


by Poetic

I'm just a poor old country boy,
Ain't never went to school.
And don't like to be orderd about,
By an educated fool.

Educated colage boys,
Who read a book or three.
Learn to speak with fifty cent words,
And sound much wiser than me.

Some have yet to realize,
When they leave thier books of lore.
There is yet a lot to learn in life,
Oh yes, a whole lot more.

Like good old common sence,
Nature in the raw.
Like under-standing wisdom,
Before laying down the law.

For those who have false power,
Don't lord it over me.
Never give an altimative,
And say, this is the way it's got to be.

This country boy ain't very smart,
Yet maybe wiser than most.
If I were to run the show,
I'd never be a dictator, just a simple host.

Thus comes that old saying,
That so often is said.
When an educated man leaves collage,
He must learn to use his head.



Cherry Pie
by Poetic

As a flower lifts it's face
To greet the morning sun
And stars adorn the heavens
When day is done.

To chase away the glare of day
And lend a soft glow
To the dimness of of the hour
And the love one I know.

She is my one and only lady
The gleam in my eye
And her kisses are sweet
Like good Cherry Pie.

To write more of her
Brings a tear to my eye
Because of how much I miss her
My Sweet Cherry Pie... 



My Sweet Love
by Poetic

I can't help but love you. 
It is the way of me.
Not through choice my love.
But through faith you see.
True love is forever honey,
And mine never dies,
As long as the love light ,
 Shines there in your eyes.

Mine may be a one way love,
Thats hard to define.
Yet a love that brings joy,
To these memories of mine.

These are my words,
As I say them it seems,
I will hold you my dear,
In my world of dreams.



Little Stinker
by Poetic

I love the ways of you,
  Little stinker that you are.
Your my twinkle in the night.
  My own loving star.

Love you when your happy,
  Feel it when your sad.
And when you smile Honey,
  My heart is ever glad.

These arms are ever yearning,
  To hold you close and near.
When ever I seek to steal a kiss,
  From your lips my dear.

Weather I'm drunk on happiness,
  Or high on a glass of wine.
 I love you my sweet,
 And long to make you mine.

My love is not for me alone,
  But for us to share.
With loving tenderness my sweet,
  Between two souls that care.

Two souls that yearn in hunger,
  For moments like this.
To say I love you,
  With a good night kiss.

I love the warmth of your body,
  The touches of your hand.
And the ways you thrill me,
  Almost more than I can stand.

Why can't you yield to me,
  The pleasures of your love.
To ease the pain within me,
  My own sweet love.

You are my honey baby,
  and with my heart you tinker.
In loving jest and ways, and still I love you,
  My own sweet little stinker.



Turned On
by Poetic

I saw a glimmer in your eyes,
The devil in your smile.
As you glanced toward me.
With your flirting style.

Your head held a'tilt,
In alluring poise.
To taunt me,
With your stunning pose.

The words you uttered,
Were clever and wise.
Even more so,
Than you realize.

I became aware of physical love,
Beyond my wildest dreams.
In which immoral ways tempted,
My lust filled schemes.

Oh! To hold you close my love,
To feel your body heat.
As I fondle your tender parts,
And kiss your lips so sweet.

'Tis my way to love a woman,
The only way I know.
Whatever come to mind,
It's the only way to go.

You turned me on baby,
Now let me play my game.
With joy and satisfaction,
And no guilt or shame.

by Poetic

There are tears of happiness,
And tears of sorrow.
Tears of yester day ,
And tears of tomorrow.

I see tears flowing,
At weddings and such.
With heart felt feelings ,
That tell us much.

My tears are unforgettable.
Completed, etched, within my mind.
Of days gone past,
with mixed emotions of every kind.

I love my tears they, relieve my stress,
And I pity those who can not cry.
With lost emotions ,
And eyes so dry.



by Poetic

There are tears of happiness,
And tears of sorrow.
Tears of yester day ,
And tears of tomorrow.

I see tears flowing,
At weddings and such.
With heart felt feelings ,
That tell us much.

My tears are unforgettable.
Completed, etched, within my mind.
Of days gone past,
with mixed emotions of every kind.

I love my tears they, relieve my stress,
And I pity those who can not cry.
With lost emotions ,
And eyes so dry.



In The Dark
by Poetic

When I'm alone at night I cry,
And water floods my sight.
As I recall my sweet love,
In the twilight of the night.

It is worse than death at times,
To live without a cause.
An stare out into emptyness,
Through tears that never pause.

How much longer must I pay the price,
And absorb the awfull cost.
How many more tears will I drop,
For my love one lost?

No more Good morning smiles,
Or walks through the park.
For all that I have left,
Are endless tears in the dark.



My Girl
by Poetic

I love my pretty woman,
  In each and every way.
And I love her very deeply,
  Each and every day.

Love the way her eyes light up,
  All glittering and bright.
Each time we hug and kiss,
  In the twilight of the night.

My heart is always happy,
  When ever she is near.
With her loving warmth,
 And skin so fair and clear.

Oh how I love to draw her close,
  To feel the heat of her love.
Flowing through my own body,
  From my precious lovely dove.

Beauty is the depth of her,
  Charming are her ways.
Sugar is the taste of her,
  And my appetite never strays.

Each kiss we share,
  Sets me in a whirl.
Because in this life of mine,
  Yes, she is my girl!



Love - Lost but not Forgotten
by Poetic

  Yester year I held you so close,
 so warm,so soft and tenderly.
  Then like a flash you were gone,
 and my happiness became my sorrow.
I who stood tall in a moment of prideful glory.
 Am now reduced to an empty shaddow of a man.
Missing you,missing you more than words can ever tell.
  Missing you,missing you in ways that cannot be replaced.
Because our love was like a one way street.
 From which there were no retreat.
My thoughts of you are often held behind a mist of tears,
 from missing you.
I hope you know my love will never cease to be
 And in my heart I will always hold you
so close, so warm, so soft and tenderley...



by Poetic

A train may pull the freight,
  A tug can tow it's load.
A man can sit and ponder,
  And watch his youth grow old.

At first he never noticed,
  The years seemed long ahead.
And countless are the hours,
  Before his life is dead.

Life sneaks up in stages,
  With slowness setting in.
Chores take a little longer,
  And ageing pain is like a sin.

Mornings begin with weariness,
  And steps once fast are slow.
There awaits a harder day ahead.
  And you've a longer way to go.

So use your time with wisdom,
  And never sit and mope.
for in every life that lives.
  There lies a spark of hope.




Dreams are for those who can not cope,
With life in the real world.
Who live with little hope,
And can not face reality.

Thus they seek to escape,
Into a make believe world.
Where truth is just a game,
Hard to play, in an adult world.

So like little children they run away,
- From what they can not understand.
Helpless as a baby,
In a strange and fearful land.

People depressed with little hope,
Need a distraction, or so it seems.
To cope with life's problems,
In their own little world of dreams.




I thought it was true love,
When I met my loveing dove.
She said she loved me alone,
And we planed to make a home.

But it ended all to soon,
Beneath a pale moon.
As she surender all her charms,
While in anothers arms.

Then I saw our love had gone askew,
When I saw her with someone new.
My love for her quickly died,
As I found I had kissed two lips that lied.

It was then I knew my,
My true love,
Was no love at all,
But, just a soiled dove.




I am deep, I am shallow,
  With mixed emotions.
When strands of love,
  Set my heart in motion.

How can I fight, this thing called love,
  Of which I've lost controll.
Why must I bear this soirdid pain.?
  Of a love one I know.

Why can"t I find the courage dear,
  To tell you straight and true.
Of the massive love.
  I've held for you.

Will I always be so timid, and shy,
  And stand alone in fear.
Without telling you.
  How much I love you dear.

Still love is not a thing to shout of.
  But more like a soft melody.
To turn the songs of love,
  Into a painfull parody.



by Poetic

It was up in the attic,
When I first saw it there.
Looking, so dreary and dusty,
That wooden old rocking chair.

An antique? I'm sure it was.
But not the reason it caught my eyes.
Grandmas chair I recalled.
With visions of her and her apple pies.

I cleaned the old chair up, good as I could,
As pages from my memory unfold.
Of her rocking to and fro, in her old rocking chair.
With her loving kindness , untold.

Yes I loved my grandma.
And her old rocking chair




Why must some weep with swollen eyes,
  Through tears that blind.
Because of the nasty ways,
  Of the visious ones we find.

Some even go to church on sundays.
  Thinking to wash their sins away.
So they can come back on monday,
  With more nasty things to say.

There is little hope for scum like this.
  These vicious spawns of hell.
Yet one day they will get theirs for sure.
  And on hands and knees, beg for mercy as in pain they yell,

Yet people like this are very, very sick.
  In need of a help for sure.
Still some are to far gone,
  And far beyond a cure.




The day was cooling,
Summer winds were blowing.
As I sat along the river bank,
With the girl I was holding.

She was fair of hair,
With eyes light blue.
And a tempting smile,
Like I never knew.

It was love at first sight,
And all through the years.
Our love was blessed,
With heartfelt cheer.

Then one day she was gone,
With the angels above.
And left me alone,
With a lonesome love.

Till this day when the winds blow soft,
I grieve,
Amongst a cooling,
Summer breeze.




I know a place my sweet,
Not to far from home.
Where folks seldom go,
And we can be alone.

I will take your hand in mine,
And lead you there my dear.
In light of the night,
When the moon, is bright and clear.

Where my heart will sing,
And your eyes will glow.
The love we know.

Here my darling one,
My true love will show.
With tender kisses,
In this place I know.



"A Bird"

I saw a pretty bird in the sky,
Winging its way in flight.
As though to beat the sun set,
To its resting place at night.
Thus I sat and watched,
As the bird continued on its way.
Racing against the sun.
To beat, the end of the day.




When hair begans to shed,
To ripen, grey with age.
And wrinkles crowd the skin,
And eyes begin to fade.

Maturity becomes middleage,
Youth has long gone fast.
Time is no longer slowing,
But speeding by quite fast.

Yet life is still to be,
However agonized the task.
And one must do his upmost,
Though he wares an aging mask

Footsteps once brisk and speedy,
Now slow to toe the line.
Still sevive from dawn till dusk
Though dragging with the passing time.




Days are weary,
  Nights are long.
When your not here,
   Where you belong.

Sad and lonely,
  Cold and blue.
Should you deem me,
  Of little value.

Yet my heart is glad,
  To know you are there.
With your stunning smile,
   To show you really care.

My light of lights,
  Love of love.
My sweet angel,
  From above.




                  A kiss from your lips.
                  One touch of your hand.
                  From the woman you are.
                  Brings joy to the heart of this man.

                  One chance to hold you close,
                  To feel your own bare skin.
                  Will set my soul on fire,
                  And my heart will smile within.

                  One chance my own sweet girl.
                  To fondle the curvey parts of you.
                  The pleasures of your warm body.
                  Enhance the love I once Knew.

                  Thus I will express my love,
                  With soft kisses and hugs.
                  As you lie in my arms, my woman.
                  So tender and snug.

                  When I find myself alone in bed,
                  And close my eyes in sleep.
                  I hope my dreams will be of you.
                  So tenderly, warm,and deep. 




Are my words that of a poet?
Or of a man with tortured soul
With out rhyme or reason
And no special goal

I am pain and sorrow
And often sad
For each word that I write
Can be good or bad

Mid the center of my heartfelt tears
I cry a river to fill many streems
Of mixed emotions
And morbid dreams.

So now I ask, am I a poet
With out a goal
Or only a man
With tortured soul?




Isn't it scary, how haunting thoughts from the past
Can come forth to cast you into a dream
As pictures from beyond spring forth
To paint a vivid scene

A scene that may not be wanted
But you have mo choice at all
For you can not erase the pictures
From your memories recall

Still in hapless ways we try
To blot away the sinfull things we find
That forever dwell there
With-in the pages of our mind




The church bells rang,
 'Twas time to go.
But have to admit,
  I was too slow.

For give me Lord,
  If I was late.
And slow to the call,
  But I've not lost faith.

Oh sure; I parked it for a bit,
  In a moment of fun.
But I'm here now, Lord,
  To put the Devil on the run.

When I go wrong O' Lord,
  And lie, cheat and sin.
May I come to your house ,
  To be forgiven again.

Next time the Bells ring,
  I'll move a little faster.
and pay homage,
  To my Lord and Master.




Each day I die when the sun goe's down.
Each night I live in  memories and dreams.
For a poets life is that of pain and suffering,
And joy and rapture, at times it seems.

Yet each day when the sun comes up,
I drop my pen and die.
Only to pick it up again each night,
Where I left my last dream lie.

Sometimes I laugh with joy,
Other time I shed many tears.
As I recall a sad,sad world,
Through out my sordid years.




Well looky here.
The sun is out.
Nice and bright.
But I am not.

This old house aint been swept.
Floors not mopped.
Grass not cut.
Guess I plumb forgot.

Yestrday I felt so chipper.
Filled with zestful glee.
But today's another story.
Ambition has eluded me.

I know, I should get up and go.
Before my strenght is spent.
But my get up and go.
Just got up and went.