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New Years Resolutions 2010

Merry Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009

Santa on the Roof

I Walk Alone

Looking at Old Age

When You See Me

Jesus Loves Me

Twenty Five Years Ago

When You Died


He Walked on Water

Lonely People

The Man at my Door


Are You Tired of Waiting

Time To Retreat

Just Let It Be

My Prayer

Peaceful Solitude

So Young

Looking for Words

Chat Room Romeo

Sleeping Garden

And I Cried

My Husband

I Am Blessed

And I Cried

My Painting with Words

You Never took the Time

I Lied


Married Man

True Love

Maybe Then


Offering My Love

Love Again

Me and You

You Never Did

What Used to Be

His Dad

You Knew

I Am I

When an Ex don't want to be


Being Me

I allowed This

I Told Him

Happy Birthday

Open Relationship

A Redneck Thing

Chat Room

You Left Me


 I Allowed this

 How much is required to fill your need
My heart, my mind, my body or do I need to bleed
 You reached through my breast, grabbed my heart
 and twisted
 I allowed this to happen,for some unknown reason
I never resisted
I allowed you to occupy my thought, reside almost
 consistently in my mind
I've given no thought to self preservation, I've given
with only your need in mind
I never once took time to look, just closed my eyes direction
determined by feel
I allowed you in, removing the encasement around my
 heart of cold, hard steel
Now again I ask, what is required to fill your need
My heart, my body, my soul or do I need to  bleed.........

Free spirit 


Happy Birthday
(written to my late husband)

Your birthday is here you should be getting older
 Somehow I left you back in time, while I was getting bolder
Many times in past years I have thought of you
I'm old now, your still a man of fifty two
I remember every minute of that fateful day
I think I remember every word that  you had to say
 This heart retching pain has gone on for so long
 "Wind Beneath My Wings" is still my favorite song
You left a spot in my heart that only you could fill
I've not given my heart to another you hold it still
 I go along still reaching for everything in life
I've not found another in my mind I'm still your wife
In life I continued to love you more each day
I'm not so sure it's still not that way
 I'm thinking my love for you has made me weak
For I sit here writing, tears rolling down my cheek
So Happy Birthday, in my life your now the younger man
I'll continue down the road and join you when I can

                                               I still love you darlin 

Free spirit


" Open Relationship"

An open relationship, even a blind old bat like me can see that's no relationship at all
Why to hell didn't you just ask me to keep my door open, and let you in to use my body
when you wished to call
There are words you're going to call me, the one that comes to mind is bitch
You can take your stupid ass somewhere else when you get that itch
Think I'll buy you a blow up doll as a parting gift.  She'll expect nothing back
She won't be able to compare or notice all you lack
You know that moan you heard it wasn't from passion and delight
It was pure frustration, would I have to endure this all night
Maybe you should forget relationships and revert to a one night stand
One night then would be all a poor unsuspecting woman would have to withstand
Take your open relationship and stuff it where the sun don't shine
Go on down the road of your life and stay to hell out of mine.............Free Spirit


A Redneck Thing

I told him a married man don't fit in my plan
Is stupid just another game invented by man
we have already confirmed which head they use
Now it seems my sanity they've come to abuse
This mans wife she gave me a call friendly as can be
Has the world gone stupid or is it just me
She said I should continue to see her man
Yup the same one that wasn't in my plan
Seems for years they haven't lived as man and wife
her thinking was I should be happy to be in his life
If I had him I too would want to give him away
But damn if it were my husband I'd pave the way
Is this a redneck thing, isn't something I've faced before
I hung up the phone, guess who is at my door.



Chat Room

One day, soon after my world feel apart
I found a chat room, that was the start
After alot of hi's and a welcome to the room
There's a ray of sunshine, gone was the gloom
I've made friends and chatted both day and night
When lost and alone they've became my light
Some days I am bad, as I flirt and smile
Well, I guess most days, that's my style
Oh, some of the lines the men here can tell
But then, maybe us ladies do just as well
My chat room, it is fun and it is play
It is laughter that helps fill my day
The men are handsome, at least in my mind
As I check them out, mischief to find
Some are quiet, they kind of like to hide
They're from all over with arms open wide
I live alone, with not with no one around
I'm not alone, in the chat room I'm found
rather quiet or bold, as I tend to be
All are my chat room family to me.............free spirit


You Left Me

You left me, I was so unprepared
Emptiness and solitude now take your place
No longer, I awaken to your smiling face
I cried, begged please don't let it be true
 Tell me I've not seen the last of you
 Your kisses always set me on fire
 Your love making made me climb higher
 Now you left me in pain and sorrow
Not saying goodby, we share no tomorrow
 I meet others, I try not to compare
I want you back so it's really not fair
 I look into eyes wanting yours to look back
How many times I've tried to replace you, I've lost track
You left me, You left me words repeat in my head
Damn it all to hell, I don't want you to be dead..........Free spirit


When an ex don't want to be 

We were married but a few short years
I should hang my head in guilt,shed some tears
 You want me back ,you say forever
Let me tell you now,right up front, never

You say I should come back to you
Darlin you haven't got a clue
 I'm not that child bride, the one you wed
You want back in my life,you're in over your head

I've been out living a life,one you'd not comprehend
 I'm not the child anymore, you could break or bend
Going over our conversation,you say i was good in bed
If I remember ,you'd have thought that,even if I were dead

You were the older man I thought knew all things
 Now I see you differently ,see what living brings
 You have nothing I want,nothing I'm sorry i left behind
I'll not be coming back,I've not yet lost my mind

 You should look at the ones that followed in my wake
 I'm not into repeating,what was a big mistake
I went in to over drive,while in park you sat
Naw I won't be coming back,have a good day my pet 


Forever ?

His converstion was enlightening
His touch took my breath away
I can close my eyes and see his face
Then hear the words he had to say

Are we all supposedly wanting forever
That all we live for is to be a wife
I have no ring on my finger
I'm contented with my life

He'd not settle for what we shared
So our ties we did sever
 What we had was oh so good
                                                       It might have lasted forever.................................July 2008 FreeSpirit


Being  Me

If my independence is a threat
Move along I won't become a pet
I am not a dunce to sit on a stool
And I'm not going to be anyones fool
 If I'm the weaker sex what does that mean
 I've looked but it can't be seen
I don't understand but that is what they say
I guess when they explained I was out to play
 My heads on straight my feet are on the ground
But that doesn't mean I don't fool around
I know that i am equal to any man
So don't tell me I can't when I know I can
 So don't ask more then what you have to give
 Nor put me down for the lifestyle I live
 I don't need a pedestal for I can stand tall
 A pedestals to high and I don't want to fall
I can climb a mountain or swim the sea
But I just can't stop being me........................Free Spirit


  I Told Him

 I told him I was stepping back,I just want to be his friend
 I guess that is the kiss of death,loves end
 I told him we have no common link,no place to go
 He asked if I ever loved him,I answered,I don't believe so
I told him it was time we moved on,find others to fill a need
We never shared a garden of love,never planted the seed
 In all this time I never spoke of love,and there was a reason
Seems love wasn't living here,or it was out of season
I told him there wasn't any us,that I was stepping back
 Still I hunted the common link,the one we seemed to lack
Today I walk through my garden of love,though fields and clover
 I told him what we never had,what we couldn't find,was over

Free Spirit


I am I

At times I stray from what I know to be right
And at times I feel the need to be held at night
But more and more I feel the need to be alone
With my thoughts and dreams that are totally my own
 I've had togetherness,Oh,how many times I have tried
But  it always ment heartache and God ,how I cried
And I have countless  casual affairs,here and there
But they have  left me empty not going any where
Yes and like you I have  had a dream crushed by an event
And lost all motivation without knowing where it went
I've been riding high and I have been down and out
 With the desire to scream,not knowing what to shout
  I have swore and cursed the day my mother gave me life
And I have both loved and hated being a wife
 I have drunk so much my word was a mumble
 But I picked myself up when I begain to stumble
I  have traveled many a road to see where they lead
yes my life has taken many a turn since first  planted the seed
But though it all or maybe because it all I can answer the why
 I can stand alone,independent,self assured with pride
and say I am I


You knew

You knew, even when I was
 decieving myself ,you knew
You knew I'd end up in your arms
You knew you'd hear me moaning
in your bed
Yes, you knew,I was addicted
To your brand of passion
You knew I wouldn't leave,
 couldn't leave
Like a addict ,I needed you
Like an addict ,begging for a fix
Like an addict ,I needed your arms
needed your lips ,needed your body
pressed to mine,You knew
Did you laugh, when I was so confused
because, you knew


His Dad

Are you coming home tonight Dad
I thpught the quetion strange
For he always had
I wondered what thoughts this lad hid
Dad said sure will son,but he never did
He met a drunk driver,anxious to reach the next bar
They had to cut his Dad,out of his car
It seemed his son already knew what was in store
That night he never watched for his Dad at the door
Later that night the police did arrive
Said he died quick with no way to survive
The lad got down on his knees to pray
Somehow Dad I knew you wouldn't be home today
I'll help Mom,Dad,after all I am almost seven
If I have a problem Dad,I'll talk to you in heaven
So Dad don't worry I'll see Mom and I through
And each night when I talk to God,I'll leave a message for you.. ....................July28,2008       Free spirit 


You Never Did

I lay hurting, bleeding
A part of me in dread
A part of me dead
 Then comes your voice saying
 " I never promised you anything"
And you never did
I poured out the contents
of my heart
I opened and offered my soul
You never did
There was never a shred of hope
Leaving me adrift, left to cope
I begged you to love me
But you never did


What Used to Be

He was my best friend, my lover, my life
I was his best friend, his lover, his wife
Together we walked side by side, hand in hand
 Then I proudly wore his wedding band
Yes my friends that is what used to be
Before the Lord took him from me
 We could laugh and talk about nothing at all
He never once made me feel small
 I only hope I gave him, all he gave to me
 And that my love was always, there for him to see
 At times life seems so hard, then I shed a tear
How I miss what use to be, when I need him here 
 He said he'd never hurt me, and I know he tried
tear in my eyes, I look to heaven and shout you lied................Free Spirit



Love Again

There are thieves among us
For their thefts they never pay
They take what you hold dear
Then just quietly slip away
 He stole my sunshine
But left the butterfly there on the flower
He took my rainbow
Leaving me the summer shower
He took away my skies of blue
 leaving lawns covered with morning dew
He took the sound of my babbling brook
But left that fish still on my hook
He wanted me to make a new start
 when he took my heart, he only took part
 Although today my world seems dimmer
The love of the past remains a glimmer
He took that love and tossed it in the wind
 Leaving my heart open to love again


Me and You

 Pretty pictures drawn with words
  Beautiful music,that never before was heard
  A rainbow of color, for moods of every hue
  Tender moments,sweet embraces
  Me and you

  thought lingering
  like a jet stream  in the sky
  after passion the peaceful sigh
  Tenderness in your look
  The sound of your voice
  Makes my heart rejoice

  Seeing you stroll up my drive
  Antisapating the hello kiss
  Watching you stop to
  pick a flower
  The love shown in that action
  emotion tender ,sweet,pure
  me and you


Offering my love

I look into your eyes
The window to your soul
I see a spark
I see a twinkle
I feel the heat
I feel the tingle
There is a need
A place for love to feed

You know
all barriers are down
You know
without me uttering a sound

 Today I plant the seed
To grow and fill a need

So there will be no mistaking
Darlin I am yours
For the taking



 I have been watching from afar
You have no idea,as to who you are 
 I will not show my hand
This infatuation was not a plan
Nor will it ever see light of day
 Nor dark of night 
 But I'll continue consuming the words
 you write
From a distance  I'll  be content
to watch
And I will secretly carry the torch
As I watch what you say and do
 I wonder which is the real you
Some times I feel the heat
in words you say
 Sometimes profound,other times In play
I sit here still watching you from a far
 Do you have any idea who you are.


True Love

Let it go free and fly about
 Don't condemn nor scream and shout
For you'll find it of no use
It must be free from all abuse
Don't question or demand
It will only get out of hand
Just let it fly,soaring free
Only then can it come to be
No,don't try to rearrange
Nor ever demand a change
Let it go at it's own pace
Only then will it get any place
Take it with tender loving care
Don't hold back what needs to share
 Don't tell it what to do
 Be honest ,faithful and true
Then and only then can you thank the man up above
 For at last you have found true love.......................

 Free spirit June 2008


Maybe Then

If you reached for me out of love not lust
If being the big he man wasn't a must
maybe then

 If you held me just alittle longer
If you feelings had been a little stronger
maybe then

If you could have acted more like you care
If you made me feel that you wanted me there
maybe then

If you didn't feel I had something to prove to you
If you had said"Honey I love to too"
maybe then

 If you had said lets try to work side by side
 If you hadn't expected me to give up my pride
 maybe then


Married Man

You're telling me what you're expecting from me
 Then you say how things should be
I should be sitting here should you e mail or call
Seems I shouldn't be having much of a life at all
 I should be doing all this while you live your life
 I can see me sitting here,while you're home with wife
The focus of this picture seems just out of view
what are you offering me,while I give my all to you
 Send me an e mail in words I can understand
 What is offered in a relationship,with a married man
You think because I live alone I am easy pray
 That no one would notice when you come to play
 How would you like me to give to you what you offer me
 You can sit and wait until I have some time that's free
All holidays will be spent with the love of my life
As you would be spending them with your wife
 That weeks vacation will be spend with him each year
So you behave yourself while I'm not here
 I'll walk down the street with him by my side
When we are together we will hide
This seems like what I want my future to be
Being together when you have time for me
 Maybe you should find another when you want to roam
 Better yet maybe you should spend some time at home.............Free spirit



 Alone was the path I chose
Walking where nobody else goes
Happiness I thought I had found
I didn't need anyone else around
I alone dealt with all life could bring
I didn't think I wanted for a  thing
oh, I could pay or pave my way
I ruled my roost, I had my say
Then came the stumbling block
You found the key to my hearts lock
Now it seems that I must choose
How much of me would I loose
Still alone seems my safest bet 
I've not commited myself yet
I'm not sure if I should ask you to stay
I'm not sure if I can walk away
If I stand alone will my heart heal
Somehow alone has lost it's appeal
You don't know how scary this is
To open my world and walk in his


I Lied

 I look at your picture and I still cry
Then I pray to God,and ask him why
Somehow it still doesn't seem fair
 That the love of my lifes no longer there
I write pretty stories, I cover alot of ground
I write of true love and love that can't be found
You know darlin it is all a lie
 I'd give anything if it was still you and I
Things were different when it was truely us
 Now my angel wings have surely turned to rust
 I still wear your name and carry it with pride
I write so often of hunting for love,God knows I lied
So today i'll tell the truth and I'll admit to fact
 When you went to heaven you took my heart,
and haven't sent it back
 Tonight I'll sleep alone in that queen size bed
hug the pillow on your side
Tomorrow again I'll write of sex or love
 ,again you'll know I lied........................................FreeSpirit

My Way Of Life

Sunday morning coming down and I awake
 Sitting with my coffee ,I watch the new
 day break
I watch the humming bird feed from a flower
 As my world wakes up, hour to hour
 It seems dailey somethings come to life,
 some decline
Still it is heaven in this world of mine
Then think of how soon I have to face the fall
 When that dreaded first frost comes to call
 From that moment on,I dream about spring
 And about all the new life it will bring
 Winter will come before we know
The greenhouse filled,with things to grow
 Some plants will meet defeat
As I complain first cold ,then the heat
Guess I should get up ,put my cup away
Time to live ,not just think about my day
It seems, my heaven doesn't just come to be
 This piece of heaven, demands much of me.


You Never Took The Time

 You have never taken the time
 to looks past who I appear
After all this time,you have
 no idea who is really here
 I've always been there
 If you had cared enough to look
But you thought you knew me
 And could read me like a book
Well my friend,as all books
 This one tells a story
 You never took time to read it
For this I am truly sorry
 You took me at face value
Seeing just what I present
Today you look confussed
 Wondering where I went
 Do you really think that I
have built all that I have got
By staying out to play
 Without having a serious thought
 You saw only what you wanted to
Maybe playmate of the year
But you never took the time
To see who is truly here. .....................................Free Spirit 


And I cried

They came in with dozers made roads where there wasn't any before
Nothings the same,Not my world,not any more
And I cried
Took down the tree line where I watched the sunrise
They raped the land,ripping the beauty from my eyes
And I cried
I stood watching,fell to my knees,lost all hope
The pain is to much,I am unable to cope
And I cried
All day I've watched as tree after tree fell
Watching my heaven turn to hell
And I cried
Oh it is not my land,so I have no say
The landscaped changed  today
And I cried
I look across the road,I feel sorrow
will only my woods still stand tomorrow
And I cried


My Painting with Words

 In my color chart the word appears to be blue
 Only thought of you brightens that hue
 i paint the picture with you in mind
Knowing that true emotion is color blind
So my pallett has colors of every shade
Lost in the shadows of past loves paid
 We know in time you'll turn and walk away
I'll paint them cloudy skies then gray
For now the pallett of paints are still wet
Dark the heartbreak that is not here yet
With blue and green I color the sea
 Does it bring you near or take you from me
 Yellow dominates the blooms and the sun
I blend the colors when I know I should run
frienship painted in a peculiar shade
 Bright shade of scarlet,to tones of jade
 my page is the canvas that is pulled tight
 my pallett  words that brings fourth light
 My brush being the pen that I hold in my hand
my subject a picture that you understand..........................FreeSpirit.......Aug 31,2008


 I Am So Blessed  (free stlye my style)

The sounds of the wilderness
The wind though the leaves
A touch of mother natures hand
 A doe coming down from the ridge
 I am so blessed

 The gentle rain washed everything clean
Morning dew giving the blooms a drink
A fox just scappered from sight
This is a morning sound it will change tonight
I am so blessed

Water cool and pure bubbling from a spring
Listening to sweet songs that the birds sing
Not another living soul is there in view
Even the clouds seem to be just passing by
I am so blessed

The gardens provide nourishment to my body
The wilderness and God to my soul
Here all creation just seems to blend
Today I need not deal with the world out there
I am so blessed