Donna Jean (Williams) Friot
Born April 12, 1962
Died Oct. 6, 2006 

My Daughter, Donna

I lost my beloved daughter on Oct. 6, 2006
She wasn't ill and hadn't been sick.
She went to her work all full of joy,
To see and teach each girl and boy.
My daughter Donna was such a lovely girl,
She was full of happiness and her life was a whirl.
Of her family and her life's profession.
She looked forward to each days session.
She was so loved by all who knew her, in any way,
She had a kind word and a smile for all every day.
She was taken from our lives so suddenly that day,
None can understand  or know  what to do or say.
I will miss my darling child, born to me full of life
And with such love for her my mind is at strife.
Who can answer the why or what for,
Of her passing so quickly and will be here nevermore?
My memories of her are what I have left,
Her children so beautiful, we are truly blessed.
She was so loved and so truly a gift,
God given to me to always uplift.
I was given for such a short time to treasure,
I will never forget, my sweet Donna, the pleasure.
You created with your love so free,
You gave to all and mostly to me. 

This was my daughter Donna.
This is the last picture I have of her - it was taken Sept. 22, 2006 at the induction of her middle daughter, Suzanna Marie Friot, 16, into the National Honor Society in her school. 
 left to right - Me (Jann), Suzanna and Donna


We wish to offer our condolence to Jann, who lost her beautiful young daughter at the young age of 44.
We are all so sorry for the lost of one so young who has left behind her children.
We pray that in time, you will all find peace again.

God saw your lovely daughter
Then took her for his own
It brought a lot of heartache
To those who feel alone,

All your friends are with you
Standing by your side
We know what you’ll go through
And all those tears you’ve cried,

They’re gone but not forgotten
Their in our heart each day
someone will be with you
An angel is on her way,

She will help to comfort you
And stay with you a while
Our thoughts will always be there
Even on the day you smile,

And we are all behind you Jann
Through your suffering and pain
And hope one day we can help
To make you smile again.

From all your friends, our thoughts and prayers are with you Jann, and  your family.

God bless you all Jann.
 From Moon, Ralph, and all your friends in friskyseniors.