Hello to any and all who end up reading my bio.  My name is Joanne.  Born August 5, 1946. Unattached and finally learning at this late stage, how to be happy with who I am.  My son and daughter-in-law are my mentors, just love them to death. 
My chat name is willowOntario.    Word of mouth sent me to this site.  Wonderful.  Just enjoying it so much.  Chose that name because for me it depicts nature.  A beautiful flowing willow tree, with many branches swaying in the wind.
My hobby is oil painting.  Mainly wolves and anything related to nature.  Started painting in 1997.  Self taught.  Just love Robert Bateman's work.
Now living in Dunnville Ontario, Canada with one of my four sons and his family.  Two grandkids here as well.  Girl seven and boy ten.  They are a wonderful addition to life and help keep me young.
Lived in Toronto, Ontario till I was eight.  Moved to Hamilton, Ontario where I lived till moving to Dunnville in 1982.  Have moved around a few times, but always come back.  Dunnville ended up being the "home town" of choice.  It's like a big family.  Dysfunctional at times as many families are, but you just gotta love it and I do.
Recently moved from Elliot Lake, Ontario, where I lived for three years.  Love the North Country.  Due to one of life's many sad stories, I returned to Dunnville.  Most of my best paintings were done in Elliot Lake.  All were donated for worthy causes.  The best being a 4' x 5' painting, donated to the town in celebration of their 50th year.

My outlook on life has always been that the best is yet to come.  Haven't painted the very best picture yet.  Haven't seen the most wonderful sight, that will take my breath away, but it's out there waiting for me to see or do.  Hoping the same for you.


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My Granddaughter Jessy


My Grandson Joey



Second oldest, Brad and wife Amabilia.  Lives in Florida



 This is my son Greg and Elaine.  Super lady she is.  They are getting married
 this November.
 He is an accomplished Structural Steel Artist.  Has many works that have
 been sold and on display at various parts of Toronto.


This is my son Joseph, that I live with and my daughter-in-law Charlotte. 
The parents of my only two grandkids.  My mentors, my best friends.



My Youngest Son - Michael



My dog Branon


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Silent Passing




Myeegun Protector


Northern Freedom


Winter Solitude



Fjord Love


Family Jewel

The Family Jewel was
a gift for a very special
friend.  Dog's name is Jewel.

Visions of Elliot Lake

The Visions of Elliot Lake is a 5' x 41/2' painting, donated to the city in celebration of their 50th year.  Wolves and bears hidden in trees and rocks.

Wolf Run

The Wolf Run was donated to raise money for a snowmobile club I used to belong to.  Three wolves hidden in picture







The two wolves.... is a painting, I donated to a Senior Support Group, to help raise money for their cause


I've also dabbled in pen and ink.  The lighthouse is one
that is in my area



One of several Painting I did for Frisky Seniors Home Page














Front Side of My Milk Can Painting


Reverse Side of the Milk Can I Painted


One of My Newest Paintings - Ontario Landscape



























Murray's Angel





Water Colour II