I was born May 14, 1943 - a native texan.  I have two daughters Lisa, single born Feb 28, 1970 in Missouri now living in Texas and Kristi, married , born Dec 31, 1977  in Texas and now living in Missouri (what a way to spend new years eve -with labor pains).

I was married April 8, 1966 to a native Missourian and lived near St.Louis for 8 years before returning to Texas.  My husband died Feb 12, 1997 of a massive heart attack.  I worked full time from April of 73 til I had triple by-pass surgery in Sep of 02 - then part time til Jan of 06 when I fully retired.  I was a bookkeeper/business manager for a small print shop/weekly newspaper.  Now I do lots of volunteer work with a local Sr.Center and food pantry.  I am  active as church clerk and sunday school teacher.  I got online in July 04 and have been chatting and catting ever since.
  My favorite pasttimes include garage sales-thrift shops-reading and collecting lots of things like old costume jewelry,  birdhouses,  murano glass, owl jewelry, rose jewelry, ideals magazines, hardback reader digest books, cookbooks and more !!!!! I have met so many wonderful people thru the screen of my pc and have only been to two bashes so far-one in Missouri (jug chatters) and one in Vegas (seniorsite chatters) and planning on attending one in Michigan (angie chatters)  so when is Friskys planning a bash - will try to be there also. No grandchildren but lisa gave me two grandcats clyde and chloe,  Kristi gave me a grandyappy Mr. Pants and I have a furbaby of my own-a black female pug  born valentines day 2005 named Sassy.


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Tx Roz - 1966



Tx Roz - 1998



Tx Roz 1998



Tx Roz Recent



My Daughters
Kristi (long hair youngest) and Lisa




Ginger (my moms dog) and Sassy (the black one) my fur baby - they are sisters born valentines 
day 2005