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I live in Western Australia with my partner. I have only been here for just over 3 years, I used to live in Queensland which is on the east coast of Australia. We travelled over towing a caravan, it took us 7 months and we saw alot of the country side. I have been an entertainer most of my life and so I enjoyed singing my way round Australia selling my cd's. I have 3 grown children and between them they have presented me with 8 grand kids ranging in age 4 to 14, 2 girls and 6 boys. They are scattered all over the country, and for those of you who don't know the size of Australia, well I live as far west as you can get so that makes them about 1800 miles east.
We have kangaroo's on our front garden every night and I have put a pic of a roo with a joey in her pouch sitting on our front lawn, there is one of my self and my partner Brian, one of the four wheel drive with the caravan, if you look hard enough you can see a bit of the house behind the van, we have a national park down the end of our street and the Indian ocean just over the back of us, it is so close you can hear the waves at night. Any way thats enough for now, if you want more I will add some later.
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