Tearlach died on Jan. 14, 2013 in Littleton, Colorado.  At one point Tearlach chatted daily in Friendly Seniors and helped Moon and I out by becoming a monitor in the chat room.

Tearlach used to travel yearly to europe and he would send me photos of the places he visited.  He was also an avid cook and would collect local recipes when he traveled and send them to me.  He has quite a few recipes in our recipe section.  He also has stories of his travels in our Stories section.

I always enjoyed chatting tearlach and know they will enjoy having in heaven.



Tearlach travelled all over Europe, and especially to Vienna, Austria, which he loved so much.
Everywhere he went he would send back vivid information about the trip and most especially all the food he had to eat at each hotel and place he went.He loved good food.
He sent many pictures and much information because he was so interested in the history of each place.
I travelled with him through the pictures and write ups he would send to me, the messages and conversations he and I would have on the computer and also on the phone.
He would send the information to Char and she would post it all for him.
He was playing with orchestras in Vienna when he went there and enjoyed it so much.
When he was home in Ireland, he was teaching various instruments to children and adults.
Tearlach played several instruments, including bagpipes which he had to stop after his heart surgery.
He had three large gals, his pet dogs, he loved so much. He would tell me about them, laying on a blanket with them, playing with them.
He loved to cook and did many dinners for his church and organizations. He was so loved everywhere he went.
Tearlach made friends all over the world and will be missed by so many. I know others will have much to contribute to this memorial.
I loved my dear friend and will miss him so much, the conversations we had and just his immense heart. He was always concerned for others but not himself.
Tearlach was a proud US. Marine and was taken prisoner of war by the North Koreans. He was tortured so bad by them, God was the reason he survived, he had deep faith. His several illness and heart problems, of which there was many heart attacks and surgeries he survived.  I believe the cause of his illnesses was because of the way he was treated by the No. Koreans while a prisoner.
He left the US a few years back to return to his childhood country and where he was born. He settled in Kenmare Ireland. His parents had brought him over to the US when  he was very young.
He got very disillusuioned with this country and sold all he had in Colorado and returned to Ireland with his family and his dogs.
All of his 8 children lived around him and he spent a lot of time with them also, his many grandchildren and great grandchildren, whom he loved so much.
I remember the excitement when he had all his family come to Littleton for the Christmas holidays. That year they had record snowfalls and they were snowed in quite a bit. But he had made arrangements for the whole family, grandchildren and great grandchildren to be put up in a well known hotel in Littleton and they got together everyday for over two weeks, for all the fun and excitement. The children had never seen snow like that and loved it.
The hotel was very accomodating and put them up on two floors so they were all together, each family. Tearlach told me so much about that happy time in his life and how he felt so good for having them all around him.
I will never forget dear Tearlach, I had met him in Ralph's room several years ago. We got to be good friends, all I regret is we never got to meet in person.

Jann - New York

Tearlach does go back a long way, I don't remember which chat room
I had meet him in, maybe the Canadian chat room,
he did at one time send me so many pictures of his travels.
He will be missed by many, he was always a gentle man, with the ladies
Never a bad word of any one. He is well respected.
My he rest in peace..
I know I am not in your chat room like I should be, 
I just have to limit my time, please accept my apology.
I do appreciate you being in-touch with me, with e-mails of avents happing.
Your a good chat and e-mail friend Ralph, thank you. June

.June - Canada

I would also like to remember my dear friend Tearlach.
He will dearly be missed by many chatters around the world.
He loved to tease, tell stories of his adventures. and cooking tips. with recipes of
In every country he would try the wine and cheese. and tell me how good it was and that he
was sharing a glass with me.   He bragged that he was sending cases back home... funny  I
never did get any.. sigh sigh.
I really cannot add to the stories Jann has shared,,, these are so similar to what he
shared with us.
As Tear would say
Slan Leat.. you will be missed
My sympathy to the family.

akela (Canadian Senior Chat Room)





Recent Photo of Tearlach


Tearlack as a boy in Wexford County