My name started out as Snugious and now I have a number of chat names thx to a chatter that I met in one of the first chat rooms that I went to and he just kept calling me differ names such as: Snuggs, Snuggys, Snuggles, Snugious, SnuggleBuggs and SnuggleWuggles just take your pick. When he passed away two years ago I had lost a very dear and close friend and I still miss him very much and that was Coldheart and he didnt have a cold heart he had a very kind and warm heart. Don't member him saying a bad word about anybody. Loved by many chatters.

I will answer to any name you want to use, but dont call me late to eat.

I was raised in the country and I have always lived in the great state of Minnesota USA, now I live about 10 minutes from the Mall of America by the way of a crow which I only go there to transfer buses or lt. Rail and not to shop.

Been a widow for 9 = years now and own my own home in the Twin Cities.

I am retired and I love it. I love to shop and travel, but it?s to the point now that money wont let me do as much as I would like to.

I enjoy volunteering at our VA Medical Center 3-6 days a week 5-6 hours a day when my days permit and I work in the Escort Department where we transporting patients, flowers and specimens to the right departments. I also belong to my church~quilting circle, we meet twice a month, nine months of the year. So I am kept busy and that is the way I enjoy spending my time being with people and helping other people.

I have one son, Dohn 41 and single and own his own home and he is a food transporter in one of our local hospitals here in the city for almost 15 years.

I have one daughter, Colleen 30 married to Brandon and they have two darling little g?babies, Julia 5 and Myron 3 =. Don't get to see them, as much as I would like to but it?s her choice not mine. They have a new home out in the country with forty acres where she has about 10 riding horses of her own, and she has been riding and showing horses ever since she was 9. She also boards horses and gives riding lessons.

I have a "L"tle Sweetheart," 13 1/2 yrs. and her name is Precious. She is the love of my life and a great companion to me. She leaves me at the door when I leave and greets me when I get home and she is very smart. (sh~h~h~h~h~h she also sleeps under the covers with me, no room for a man in our bed.)

My son got me into puters, (am on my second one now, wore the first one out) but I told him I was to old and dumb to learn and he talked me into it and I don't regret it and often wonder what my life would be like if I didnt have one now. ?Cant live without it.? I got online the fall of 2000 and found chat in January of 2001. I love to chat and meet new friends online. I like to go to the chat bashes where I have meet friends that I hadn?t talked to before.

Thank you for reading my Bio.

See you in the chat rooms.








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Coleen 'n Foxy - Dak. Cty. Fair - Aug 7, 1990
They Won a Trip to the State in Games


Coleen 'n Sweeter in our House - 1994


Coleen's Wedding - Oct 2001


Dohn - 2002


Dohn 'n Coleen 1997


My Baby Precious


My Grandchildren - Julia and Myron


My Grandchildren Myron and Julia - 2006


Precious - in my Car


Precious - Car