Picked that name as I used to run tugs on the Intercoastal waterway from Galveston to the Mermentu River (southern Louisiana below Lake Charles), Tennessee River from Paducah, Kentucky to Huntsville,Alabama and the Mississippi from Helena to Blyville Arkansas with side trips on up to the Junction of the Ohio and Mississippi River at Cairo, Illinois so just drifted back to old memories for name.
I am a native Floridian, born and raised just north of Tampa back when it was still swamps and orange groves. Entered the Coast Guard in Fall of 59 and was sent to New Jersey for basic . Do you have any idea what it is like to step off of plane in short sleeves to snow on the ground? Completed my thirty years with them then went to the local Junior college here and got my degree in Heating- Air Conditioning and Refrigeration - worked in the trade for ten years. Did few short term jobs (actually wife wanted me out of house)
Now I do volunteer work for a ministries thrift store that helps to support a free medical clinic and also I do some minor graphics work for the local A.R.C. group.
Patsy and I merged families in 1973, (put the kids (teenagers) into shock) and along the way they also merged families which makes our totals - four(4) children - twelve (12) grandchildren - and Four (4) great grand children.
Patsy prefers not to do the chat due to hand problems.