Photo of Rudy, his wife and greatgrandson 

Rudy was a regular late evening chatter in Friendly Seniors - everyone loved Rudy as a kind and gentle person.  His wife's health was his main concern - he had medical conditions but he didn't seem to worry about himself.  His death has shocked me and all the chatters that knew and chatted with him.  We will surely miss Rudy and have empathy for his family.  We never know when the last time will be when we speak to a friend - if I had known, I would have shared with him my high regard for him as a person and as a friend.

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Ralph Dukes

Rudy was a man who never said one wrong thing about anyone.
he saw the goodness in us all.
he loved his friends and his family with a deep true love from his heart.
i am going to miss him very much as he would always pop up in face book or yahoo to talk with me and we had many a good laughs together.
my prayers are with his family.
we always ended our talk with these two little words
luv ya xx
Rest In Peace Rudy 

From Moon

I like you Ralph are shocked at the death of Rudy.  He was a great chat friend and was always concerned about everyone and how they were.  I chatted with him a lot and got to know a very sweet caring man.  He loved his family and friends dearly.  He will be missed by me a lot.  May he rest in peace.  God bless him and his family.


To Rudy,
You were such a wonderful friend to the very end.
I talked to you just a few nights before you went in hospital and as usual you were more concerned for me than yourself.
I know you were so worried over Millie, she went through so much and you were there for her as long as you could be.
You loved all your family, the great grandsons were so important to you especially Zac, who you and Millie cared for while his Mommy worked.
You consoled me so much when I lost my daughter Donna, we talked a lot of your grandson who had died and my daughter and how we felt over that.
You kept in touch with my other daughter when I was so ill a few years ago and she became a friend of yours too.
We exchanged so many pictures of our families, I have a big folder of Rudy and family pictures I treasure.
You were my "Godfather" Rudy and I always told you so.
I love you my dear friend and will never forget you.
Love U xxxx hugssssssssssssssssssss


i am sorry to hear of rudys death sadly this comes to us all, but we have happy memories of him. thanks for letting me know. 


thank you Ralph, for keeping me informed.
I chatted with  Rudy just a few times.
so sorry to here of a great chatter,
he will be missed... 
My condoles to his family.


Rudy was indeed a fine man, he and I, as well as others, used to chat on Moon's shift pretty much every day.

One time Rudy said he was being selfish as he was more concerned about his beloved cat, Socks, whom he had recently had to put down, than he was with his own health.

Rudy was a good friend to chat and email with.  It was a shock to learn of his passing.  He will be missed by all who have had the pleasure of having met him online.

May you rest in peace Rudy and may God's eternal light shine upon you forever.


My dear sweet chat friend Rudy, how I'm going to miss you and your wonderful words of encouragement..  We sure did cover many many topics. We laughed together, we shed some tears together, but we knew that whatever we were going through was in the Lord's hands.  One of Rudy's last conversations with me was that if things didn't go right for him, he did know without a doubt he was in the Lord's will.  Rudy was pleased that Millie his beloved wife was over  her treatments and he felt she was on the way to recovery. How strong he was in faith and trust.  I have so many pictures of a very happy man with great grandchildren that he absolutely adored. His family meant everything to  him.  Rest In Peace my friend.  Another angel has gained his wings and a new star will shine brighter for us all to see.

                                            When I come to the end of the road
                                                  And the sun has set for me
                                           I want no rites in a gloom filled ro
                                                   Why cry for a soul set free?

 Your chat friend


Rudy was a dear sweet man.  When he didn't see me for a few days he would post me in FB and ask if I was okay.  He taught all of us how much caring for your friends means.  His example of living and loving his family and friends will always have a special place in my heart.


Rudy, the awesome chatter.  His personality was one of solid family values.
His love for church, wife, children, grandchildren and friends was a great reminder of
what life was susposed to be about.  Sometimes when I would come into the
room having a downer day and Rudy was there, his jokes would have the room
laughing which made me feel better.  Rudy always showcased a positive outlook
on life for which he will  be remembered.


Thanks for the tribute page to Rudy. While I have not been in your room, I use to go into Senior Site and met my fellow Buckeye there. Please post for me.

Buckeye Lady