My Bio

 I am a 75 yr. old woman, widowed in 1999, two daughters, five grandchildren , ages 18-31.  I am a retired office manager, bookkeeper.  Spent many years volunteering, mostly working with battered women.  Was on the Board of Directors of Women Aware, then went into working with Seniors.  I am now completely retired, because of mobility problems.  I do get around, outdoors, on a motorized scooter, which I refer to as my "buggy."

I live and was born, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

I began writing poetry 6 or 7 years ago, although my kids tell me I always "dabbled" at it, but was never seriously considered a "poet."  Even today, it is just something I do! Something I enjoy, and if people enjoy my "words" then I am happy.

Thank you Ralph, for giving me the opportunity to reach so many folks. 

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