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I am a Georgian by birth but, have lived in Florida most of my adult life. 

When I was seventeen I joined the United States Air Force.  While stationed in Germany I married and eventually had four sons.  Upon leaving the Air Force, I moved to Jacksonville, Florida. My job, working for a finance company, obligated duties throughout the state. My family was my first priority and I decided to leave this profession and pursue other career options. 

I started a Janitorial Service in 1971 and am still working part-time as a worker when needed, and as a consultant almost all of the time. 

My marital situation has changed in the ensuing years.  What has stayed settled is the bond with my children.  All continue to live close by with their brood of children, and great grand kids. This has brought me great pleasure because it brings back fond memories of  my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  We worked the farm and being surrounded by family made life easier and brought us closer than most other folks. I continue to see my extended family and have initiated family reunions resulting in re-newed family ties.  And, I like that very much.

iMy hobbies have included auto mechanics, woodworking and, of course, cruising antique shops and garage sales. 

Around 1998, I became interested in the many aspects of the Internet.  Since then, I have learned to design web sites and progressed to starting and managing chat rooms.  This hobby has literally moved and expanded my world.  I live in Florida and I am able to visit, without leaving my chair, chatters across the globe.  I hope to continue this second career in order that many of you folks can travel with me in cyberspace to a place where we can meet, chat and develop friendships. 

If you like, you can see pictures of my family in the photo album. Believe me there are many.  Perhaps you would like to add information and pictures. Let us share experiences, stories, and pictures.

Future plans include a life filled with contentment, love, surprises and adventure. Come and join me in friskyseniors.com and while your at it, invite a friend.