Written by Bigdaddi

       When I was discharged from the service I went to school under the G.I. Bill for electronics.. As an Electronic Technician I worked for 31 years in the field. I worked for A.T.&T, 2 TV stations, 2 radio stations, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a communication company and finally for 20 years for the Port Authority of NY & NJ. 

       During those years I worked with many people who were not altogether there. I think it had something to do with the RF (radio frequencies) that were being absorbed into the body especially the brain. I knew people who had 3 operations where the doctors had to cut out 3/4 of their stomachs  because of ulcers. They had to live on tranquilizers for the rest of their lives because the operation could only be performed once. Many of the people had hemorrhoids, heart attacks, ulcers and various other sicknesses. Some had been married numerous times and many were bachelors. However the weirdest, wackiest people I ever worked with were in the Radio Shop.

       In the coming months I will write stories of the people who worked with me in the Radio Shop. These stories while strange are true. The people are real and when I go back to the Christmas Party I still see some of them. I hope you will enjoy these stories. 

       I wish to dedicate these stories to 1 of my heroes. His name was James Barbella. I wrote about him in an earlier story. He was what the Port Authority stood for which was serving the public. He died doing what he was supposed to do unflinchingly on Sept. 11, 2001 in Tower #2.