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I was born the eldest of three girls in Dannevirke, Hawkes Bay, New  Zealand on a winter's day. My father had taken my Mum to the Home but got caught in a snowstorm going back 12 miles. My parents were from England in 1926 so we were brought up much as children would have been in England. My father had nine sisters and two brothers-my Mum had one sister living here who had married a WW1 NZ soldier who came out to NZ in 1920 and married here. So, we grew up very short of aunts, uncles and cousins not to mention grandparents.
My mother unfortunately died in 1940 when I was 13 yrs of age so I had to leave school to take care of my sisters and father and where we lived was 12 miles from town but we did have a store, hotel, railway,hotel, public hall, churches,school and post office but now about everything has gone. 
I loved school and the Postmistress always said I was a 'funny girl' because I liked school and not the holidays. In summer we went camping to Napier and a few other beaches. After leaving school 1940 with the war on and work scarce so in 1942 our Dad took us about 500 miles north to a position he had found with living accommodation. By then I had joined the Girl Guides,CWI, and anything where I could learn something. I had to teach myself housework, I made butter as it was rationed like most other commodities. Jams, preserves, baking, sewing and knitting.  I was 15 in 1942 and was permitted to join the Home Guard as I knew Morse code.That was a lot of fun. Tuesday nights was class night in the local school where we learnt the buzzer, flags and on Saturday nights we had field days with mobile telephones--not the one's today.These were field telephones run out on leads--also there was gun practice but I watched as being under age I  wasn't permitted to use one.
I have had a life of varied activities in my work field, my hobbies were many and varied and when not well I used to sell my work. My first job [apart from family housekeeper] was in the local Post Office. Three years in the telephone exchange and another year in charge of the mailroom. Had to leave there when the PM started to ask me to work 7 days a week! I then used my savings and took my first trip away alone with a tour group to the South Island.That was such a lot of fun.

I've cooked in a hospital, worked for a garage in the office; Electric Power Board sole office charge; an International Hotel in the city but got the sack after two days! I was a receptionist cum typist but I made an error with the boss's telephone number. Never mind I soon found a new bedsit and a new firm to work for but that didn't last long as I got Rheumatic Fever so had to return home to recover which took a long time but I finally returned to the city for work. Found a nice home to board but the young woman threw me out in two weeks. It appeared she was jealous as she had an invalid mother to look after and wanted to go out to work. There were many more experiences but always I had a friendly 'person' I'd cal him my Eskimo from a book I had read who helped me out. I needed no CV as they are called today to acquire any position I had except the P.O job.

I met my husband at a friendship club but didn't like him but he had other ideas. It was basically a marriage of convenience as I was without a job because of my poor health -I had the flat and he had a job so my kindly landlady suggested we got wed and away from mother in law who was the trouble maker. However I was soon to find my hubby was slightly IHC and that his job record was so dismal. So, I bought a house to rent half and live in half. That lasted five years as I had so much trouble from the tenants and also Ma in law who is still alive at 104 but never see her thankfully. Hubby would go walkabout whenever he lost a job and that was also encouraged by his Mother. I wont mention how many times he walked out as I'd sound so silly to stay wed. We were not compatible and he was a problem with no work. I did part-time work when I could. I seemed able to learn on the job and never asked for a reference. There have been some bad times but a few good ones but no medical person could ever give me any help for his condition. Was born a prem baby so may have been the reason and a home birth but in 1930 there wasn't much help about. Anyway, he didn't smoke, drink or swear and we attended church until last 25 years. never considered a child as I felt I had one already made!

At present I am learning the digital camera; have taught myself what I know of the computer; belong to several groups to be able to meet people. Early this year I found I was forced to put my husband into a Nursing Home as he had neglected to take his medication for three weeks and is a heart patient. Also he had been acting very oddly but no help from the medical people- as how can they understand with an interview of ten minutes? I tried everywhere -all the specialists I knew of but none could help but ended up blaming me. Now his problem is called 'age related' but he's had it all his life. Early home life was unstable which I believe has been the cause or has accelerated his condition. I was always reading up on illnesses. Myself I have CFS/FMS and continual stress to deal with that coping now with a man who is not mentally fully equipped. was getting too hard.

Without much family support life has been hard to cope with -coming from a tiny village to the largest city. But it can be done when needs arise.
I have had pet cats, grown vegetables and flowers, but nowadays things are not so easy but I have a wonderful care-giver who comes once a week. I drive my own car and see husband once a week usually.He's quite bright and cheerful with other people and wants to go out and about but has got lost and has bad eyesight and legally blind.Now macular degeneration has set in. He has good care and is not far away. Can read large print books and has a 'talking book machine.