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My Name

My Interest
writing, making graphic and backgrounds but can only do it on my web site and wish to learn  much more about doing it in chat room.
making friend with people and making them laugh is what i do best, some times

My Likes & Love
My Family .
Keep Fit

My Music
my faves top 7 are
Celine Dion= My Heart Will Go On
Carl Dever=  Country Roads
Sugababe= Hole In The Heasd.
Fats Domino= Blueberry Hill
Whitney Houston= I Will Always Love You
The Righteous Brothers= Unchain Melody
Elton John= Sacrifice.





Recent Photos



Older Photos



Jay and Sarah
Kelly and Emma
Mandy and Moon
Moon in Blond Wig
Moon in Blond Wig #2
Moon Without Wig
Jimmy and Mandy
Moon and Emma
Emma kThe Race Car Driver
Moon Right and Friend Haloween
Moon Race Car Driver
Moon Showing Some Leg






























Moon and Brother Jimmy



Moon at 21 with Mom and Dad


Daughter Mandy & Husband Gary



Angel Face & Moon



Moon -Baseball Cap



Great-Grandson Max - funny face



Moon Grandson Jack



Ralph and Poem



Granddaughter Kelly and her hubby Jamie



Granddaughter Sarah and her hubby Ady



Granddaughter Emma



Max in his Everton Outfit



Cowgirl Moon and Cowboy Ralph









Night Wolves


The Voice of Mother Earth


Three Indian Sisters

The Rainman

Moon and Ralph

Vikings - Helmet, Sword and Knife

The Swings

The Forgotten Vampires