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Old Memories

My Island

My Love is Here

by Montana

I woke up this morning
And saw the rain falling
Without any warning
Old memories came calling
A yearning from days gone by
Flooded my heart once again
And I thought of that day
When I had met a new friend.
Little did I know that day
Of what was to be
Or how much someone new
Would soon mean to me
On the gossamer wings of fate
My thoughts took flight
And before the sun had set
You came into my life.
Though the miles between us
Were greater than I knew
They quickly disappeared
Like the morning dew
With only a few words
And a smile so warm
My heart was captured
And a bond was formed
It wasn't long before
Our friendship grew
And made my world
Seem bright and new
I knew something wonderful
Had suddenly come my way
And that I would have many
Precious memories to tuck away
And now as I watch
The rain gently falling
I welcome those memories
As they again come calling.

by Montana

I have an island and it is my very own
I go there when I need to be alone.
Books line the shelves, music fills the air
No one comes unless invited there.
The gentle whisper of the breeze
Gives my heart and spirit ease.
My thoughts roam far and wide
My tears I no longer have to hide
For it is just me and God there
And to Him I hand my cares.
He shows me the beauty he has formed
He shelters me in His arms from storms
As I walk the beach and the warm sand I feel
I know my soul is slowly starting to heal.
All too soon it seems that I must go
For God says that others need me so.
Taking a last look around before I leave
He stands near me and says not to grieve
For He has placed deep within my soul
The comfort and peace I've come to know.
So with a final wave, I go my way
Knowing I can return another day.

by Montana

The sun is shining today
In the sky and in my heart
For the one I love has returned
And we are no longer apart
Tonight we will be together
Speaking soft words of love
Wrapped in each other's arms
Gazing at the stars above
With the golden moon quietly
Smiling down on our embrace
We once more escape to
Our very own secret place
A place where we can be alone
To hold hands and talk
Along the shore our bare feet
Will touch upon the sand as we walk
Then as the night gently deepens
We slowly turn to each other
And share our love under
Spring's warm and soft cover