I was born on the wescoast of Canada, travelled extensively, even living in UK for a year, only now once again to make my home back on my beautiful westcoast. 

Recently retired from the Corporate Exec.Business World, I am now doing exactly what I have always wanted to do and love.  This being writing, I am a published poet, and write poetry, short stories, and novels. 

Also, within the last month and a half I have started to sing in an online free website with a kareoke type site for each member who is registered and invited in.  I enjoy this and have made some very good friends there who are very talented, and for some reason seem to think I am also, lol ...lord knows why as it's the first time I have ever sung in my life outside the shower. 

Lastly but by no means least, I do give thanks to my friends of some time now Ralph and Moon; co-owners of Friskys, they are the best; and both talented in their own fields (Ralph is a chief webmaster and Moon also writes), so thank you again my dear friends, you both are very dear to this lady and am honoured to call you my friends. 



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Eternal Soul Mates
The Things I Love About You
Love Crept in Like a Whisper
The Gift of Love
A Window in Time
Reach for the Stars
Nature's Wonder
To Love and It's All
Southern Grace
Waiting for True Love
Rhythmic Rhyme
The Poets Gift
Celtic Rings
Dream Flight
The Touch
Island Paradise
The Unsheltered Poor
The Silence of a Woman's Tears
Servitude of Life Rewarded
The Nuance of Chat
A Man of All Seasons
The Sign of Knowing
Ashes in the Wind
Looking Back
The Music of Life

"The Gift of Love"
The sweetness of your smile as you hold my hands in yours while you gaze into my eyes, touches my heart with warming love; 
Your constancy of tenderness is reflected in every act or gesture made on my behalf enacted only to please me; 
My dearest one, you are all I have ever longed for or needed, and all that is selfless in emotion or deed; 
So, my gift to you in return is, the gift of love unending, to fufill every nuance of need, I will begin where you end.....forever. 

"A Window in Time" 
It comes on the strong, blustery winds blowing down from the highlands; a mournful, eerie wailing voice sounding like that of an ancient celtic warrior crying out whilst engaged in a fierce battle of the clans before falling to the endless silence of death. 
You suddenly feel chilled by the relentless winds, or could it be a coldness caused from the cries that are displaced from this time in the present; it was almost as if some unseen force had opened a window in time, and allowed this last cry to emit forth, thereby claiming a victory in the mere act of being heard. 

  Reach for the Stars

When reaching out your hands to touch that which lays just beyond your reach -

Never let the unfufilled grasp of emptiness deter you from always extending your hand -

For it is in the persistence and faith that lays deep within each and everyone of us -

Which will ultimately result in fufulling that which is our life's goal. 

"Nature's Wonder" 
Vaperous steam rises etherically heavenward, as the warmth of the sun spreads itself over the earth, still wet from the cooling rain of the night before. 
Golden light now engulfs everything, and everyone where before the silvery crystal rain of eventide gently kissed all with refreshing coolness. 

"To Love and it's All" 
Moonbeams and starlight fill up the sky as I thoughtfully dream of you and my life - 
Happiness fills me and joy fully abound since you and I met and love was found - 
You are the ever and always of my life, the alpha and omega we became overnight - 
So hold on my love for life's wonderful ride, a journey we'll take holding hands side by side. 

"Southern Grace" 
T'was a time of grace and beauty when manners and decorum were in abundance, 
Soft, flowing gowns and lacey flittering fans along with the sun filtering parasol, 
When gentlemen dressed in suited finery with elaborate brocade vests, waistcoasts and top hats, 
It was a time when liquid southern hospitality flowed like smooth bourbon and tasty as mint juleps, 
Summer days that were hot, humid and sticky, but yet ever so delightful when gentle breezes blew, 
Spanish moss that hung down bountifully from the aged, knarled, oak trees like strands of gossamer, 
If you waited the coolness of the evening hour allowed one to stroll in the garden enjoying the magnolia blossoms scent, 
This was another time, another era, every remembered by devotees of times past, and all the sweet memories it evokes in us. 

"Waiting for True Love" 
Love whispers on the wind as it gently caresses my cheek, like a lover's kiss, I feel excitement slowly building within me, 
Somewhere he'll soon espy me, and the energy within him will soar; then as in all moments predestined he'll come to me, 
Finally after so long the universe will smile upon the joining as it was meant to always be, even though the timing played a part, 
Now I know that true love is possible, even though sometimes one must wait for a long time, but the wait is worth it when it's unconditional forever and always.

  "Rhythmic Rhyme"

The langurous liquid leaped forth flowing fully into great golden goblets, while lilting, lyrical lutes lulled the gregarious, gala guests gently into pleasant, peaceful, poses. 

 "The Poet's Gift"

The poet reaches deep into the ever melding energies that lay within -
Then pulling very gently the chosen words pour forth, out onto the virgin white page -
Flowing rhythmically they form the essence of thought, and feelings for all to experience -
This is the gift given to you - feel it, taste it, smell it, hold it - for now the gift is yours -
These chosen verses are part of me, and now are part of you  we are now joined in this moment of time.


"The Celtic Rings"

The charm of the celtic way rises forth again to touch the senses with wonder -
An ageless ancient language, lyrical as the irish harp, or poetic as the written word -
A time of long ago, another era once again renewed as if gone for only an instant -
Keep close the traditions of ancient celtic ways they endure forever in time -
Symbols drawn, written words spoken aloud, everlasting, unending as the celtic rings -
Wrapped around, intertwined, enmeshed tightly the ancient symbols speak without sound.


"Dream Flight"

In dreams I soar high above from lofty heights, gazing down on jagged snow capped mountain peaks -
Soaring onward, over turquoise blue tropical oceans where a montage of coral beds lie -
Like an eagle the sky and all the earth below becomes my domain, exhileration fills me, devours me, and I am elated and fufilled -
Time passes, I awake to find my flight of freedom only a dream, now awake reality settles in, but I remember so clearly the dream flight, in which I soared.


"The Touch"

I reach out my arm to caress your bold features with my fingertips -
My finger follows the fullness of your luscious lips, and a quick intake of my breath emits forth -
Your strong, masculine jawline, and the hint of a dimple only serves to further entice me -
In full concentration of your handsome face, and how we both respond to my touch -
Is suddenly enhanced as your eyes gaze deeply into mine, and your smile draws me closer to you -
In this moment, in this instant, we are joined without a word being spoken.


"Island Paradise"

As I slowly walk along the beach in the early morning hours, I notice how the sun's rays cascade over the granules of pure white sand causing it to glisten and sparkle -
Soon the ebbing of the tide causes rivulets of the warmed water to lap over my bare feet, this is followed by a soft ocean breeze that gently caresses my hair, and kisses my cheek -
Gazing at the beauty of the aquamarine colour of the ocean, I remember seeing also the multitude of brightly coloured fish, and coral reef's that lay beneath it's surface -
Also, the pleasure given while inhaling the many subtle perfumes of the exotic flowers in abundance everywhere, like sweet ginger, plumeria and gardenia -
There is no end to experiencing the constant delights here on my island paradise, where I feel so regenerated, and at peace completely within.


  "The Unsheltered Poor"

As I sit within my self-made home, of cardboard, plastic bags and rocks -
I dream of all the bygone days, when I never had a want for naught -
My youth I thought would never end, and rejoiced in my world of plenty -
My clothes now rags, the street my home, and my age now old and empty -
The bitterness of the winter bites hardly with no warmth, and the humid summer heat is too much, I cry into the uncaring void -
However did my life change so, for I am lost and alone with no one to care -
So think well dear stranger, I like you fell from having it all to barely existing -
Not through drink or drugs, or wasteful spending, but because life's social system has deemed my life's ending. 

  "The Silence of a Woman's Tears"

I cry for the choices that were necessary in years long since past -
I cry for my lost youth as a young woman and the joy to experience life -
I cry for the final outcome of those choices as the sacrifices were for naught -
I cry for always giving unconditional love, only to be taken for granted -
I cry now for past dreams unfufilled now far too late to realize -
I cry, I cry alone, who will hear the silence of my tears. 

  "Servitude of Life Rewarded"

When you walk in the shadows darkness surrounds your every step -
When you ache to be released from this prison of sadness and gloom -
When you cry out to almighty god to guide you away from all of the pain -
He answers your plea if your listening and softly calls your name -
Seek the place of sanctuary where light and happiness is abound -
Surround your weary being to the healing of being fully restored -
Then light will be your key to release all of your life's past woes -
Then you will move forward on your journey for you have found your place to go -
Now all is much clearer and easier, a true blessing from up above -
For your time of servitude has been answered with his love. 

  The Nuance of Chat

Words spoken by each of us appear upon the monitor, and after reading each utterance a feeling of inner emotion is awakened -

There is a surprising ease that unfolds as shared life experience's pour forth -

Each of us becomes enfolded with their meaning and completely mesmerized in this moment -

The continuum of words flow faster and more of us is revealed to the other -

Each word is now allowed to wash over one completely and a trust begins -

Now at last, enmeshed, encompassed and feelings aroused, the words spoken are for now completed until tomorrow. 

  A Man of All Seasons

Words slide slowly off his tongue, but spoken consicely and directly to each topic being discussed -

It's plain to see he is a man not only of an intellectual caliber; but one of charm as well -

Humour is deemed by him not only to draw out the reticence in others, but to instill a sense of joy -

This person, this man, is a man truly of all seasons, and each of his seasons bring forth total dynamics.


  "The Sign Of Knowing"

I have waited patiently for you as if forever; now the time draws near when at last I will behold all that you are -

My heart is so full of joy and even though we are in the autumn years of our life it matters naught, for feelings that are pure are timeless -

There will be a sign, a knowing that will pass between us; and in the knowing a love will blossom in our hearts and souls forevermore.



T'is a land where fairies dwell, and harps and fiddles play -

Where poet's works are spoken, much more than one can say -

With grass and glade in emerald green, wild, and raging seas -

Ireland with all it's spells, and charm will always be home to me.

Written by: Misty(999)

"Ashes in the Wind"

Where have the sweet words gone, that came so easily to you when last we spoke -

Where has the attentive persona retreated too, so very quickly in such a short time -

What am I to conclude from all that which was spoken by you, and where now there is only silence -

Who are you really, your sweet words, attentive persona, now gone and so quickly dispersed -

What is now left of all that which went before, simply, inevitably, all that is left is,
ashes in the wind.

Written by:  Misty(999)

"Looking Back"

I miss walks down winding country lanes, amidst giant oak trees, and the sectioned off farm fields that appear like a giant quilt of mult-coloured squares.

I miss shopping in the village market square, where the townsfolk are chatted up by the vendors so eager to sell their wares of produce, pottery, clothing or crafts.

I miss the taste of a good hearty meal at the local pub, washed down with a pint of bitters, whilst engaged in friendly conversation with local punters.

I miss traditional rituals such as the hunt, the neverending beauty of the ancient yet timeless, architecture in both cottage and church.

I miss, yet remember all this and more of the land of my birth; and now settled in my new home across the sea, I now embark on a new journey and new memories.

Written by:  Misty(999)



When and where did you come into my heart, I have waited so long for you my love, like a whisper you were there quiet, and waiting for the right moment to enter my life forever it seems.

Our lives and paths had crossed many times even daily, and yet I never knew what lay ahead of me until the day when we clashed; and my world turned upside down, my heart was full of nothing but you.

Now knowing all this and finally putting it into spoken words, I now know you are the one I have waited for so long, as you waited patiently for me knowing all the time that our love would be.

You've touched my heart, you've touched my mind with your caring gentleness and patience, please know it is wonderful to at last be the one who  can say to you, I Love You.

written: Jan.27/07
by: Misty

"The Music of Life"

The music upon my lyre of hope play not; but sitteth in silence as though no strings were there upon which to play -

I miss the soft gentle music which surrounded my being with thoughts of joyfulness and fufillment -

Where will I find my lost strings upon which I have played in the past to lull my dark moments -

Then there comes from within, a voice of such sweetness and gentle sincerity, you only have to believe the strings are there and so it shall be -

No loss ever occurred to the music that filled your life with joy, it was only that you forgot for the moment, how the music of life is played.

Written by:  Misty(999)



Why do I love you, well where do I begin, I see in you my future, and also a path to walk where never before I had tred,

I love the way your eyes twinkle and the soft smile forms from something I may say that touches you,

I find endearment in your protectiveness of me, and how you always know the right words to say to me when I need calming,

I admire your strength of character, your respect of self and others, given unselfishly,

I embrace your passion and sweet loving ways in all you give to me so abundantly,

There is so much more I could say or emote on, but I think it merely suffice to say I Love You Always.



I walk as tho within a dream, yet awareness of all that is around;

You are there etherically, and yet your presence is ever felt;

Who are you to touch my life so, where have you been all these years;

I feel as if I have always known you in this lifetime and all those of the past;

Yet the energy that passes between us only serves to remind me;

That you and I are here now together to culminate all that has gone before;

And all that is yet to be, so reach out and take my hand as we journey forth together;

Ti's love of the everlasting soul that bonds us together and this will always be so.

Written by: Misty999
March 13, 2007




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