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The pictures are of some of the Bunkas I have done. I didn't send you the pictures I took as they didn't come out  but these are the pictures out of a book.  The write up is one of many this one is taken from The Second Annual Artist's Art Show in Joplan Missouri in 2002.  I was asked to be in it in 2003,2004,and 2005  after that I declined any more as it was getting to be to much of a hassle to get back and forth.   I have had many articles written up  in the newspapers on my Bunkas  and have won with them in both Missouri and Los Angeles Calif County Fairs.  These large ones will take up to 6-9 months to finish.  I have also donated some to our PBC (public broadcasting co. TV) for their auctions and they have  gone for very high bids.
Now about me. 

Many many years ago I used to show  and breed Morgan Horses, I also used to show my mothers English Mastiffs. I am also in The English Mastiff book by Marie Moore one of the top English Mastiff Judges in the world. 

I also showed, bred and owned Akitas.  My Akita Female was the first Akita Female to win a Group 1 at Santa Barbara, Calif  no female akita had done that up to then. 

My husband and I also showed Shiba's and our male was the first Shiba to receive an Intl., Cacib, World, Champion of the Americas, and  Mexican Championship. We sold several Champion Female Shiba's to England to be shown and bred. 

Up until several years ago I also showed and bred Llama's and spun and felted their wool.  We also had numerous champions in the llamas.  I have two llama's left they are very old and were our original ones which I kept to live out their lives here. 

Now I spend my time canning vegetables, fruits etc. and  I have written two books that did get published.  They are  Jennifer's Whisper and Selantis and the Nogwins  they aren't real great but I am learning. 

I also help my husband out when he needs someone to help him out on his MGB's which he enjoys restoring and redoing the engines, my hands are smaller and can fit into tight spaces where his can't. 

We have 5 cats, two dogs, 1 squirrel and of course the 2 llamas, and a Lot of yard work and mowing with 10 acres.