My Biography

I was born on Octover 14th, 1943 in Danvers, Mass..the youngest girl of 12 children. Growing up we had to survive on little

means. I graduated from Danvers High School in 1961. In 1962, while at the young age of 19, I married for the first time. We
were together 7 years and produced 4 beautiful children during that period. One son, the oldest, and three daughters. We got
divorced and for 8 years I raised the children on my own. It was then I met my second husband in 1977. We were together for 4
years when we had my fifth and youngest son. 6 years later we seperated and I continued to raise the 3 youngest children on
my own. In 1999 me and my youngest son moved to Wisconsin to be closer to my youngest daughter who had moved there 2 years

prior. After 3 years we decided the slow life was really not for us and moved to Maine closer to my oldest daughter, who had

moved there soon after she graduated High School to be closer to her father. I have been in the same house for 4 years now

and since then my youngest son has also moved out on to his own. Thus far my oldest son has had three children of his own, my oldest daughter has had 2, my second daughter has had 1 and the youngest daughter has had 2. My youngest son has yet to have any kids giving me a total of 8 beautiful grandchildren. The love of my life are my children and grandchildren, and my precious cat Sammi. My hobbies include talking in the chatrooms, going to yard sales, watching the Patriots, and collecting


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M & M

M & M

Josh on top of Matt

Granddaughter Ashley at her Prom

Grandsons Josh and Matt

My Cat Sammi

M&M - Nephew - Sister Marilyn

My Son Rick