In the Radio Shop there were 3 Richards working. There was Richard Lally 6’1, Richard Priebus 5’ 8” and Richard Vogel. Now the short form of Richard is Dick so therefore Lally was known as big dick and Priebus was known as little dick. That left Vogel who was known as the voge. This is a story about little dick.

       Dick was a Greek and so was his wife. They lived in New Jersey in a nice house and he had 1 child.. Every year for 1 month in the summer his wife went to Greece to see her relatives leaving dick alone. Therein lies the tale.

       One day dick was driving back to the shop (which was located in LaGuardia Airport from Newark Airport. The easiest way to go was through the Holland Tunnel. Now since he was on overtime he was in no real hurry. Before he got to the tunnel he saw two nice women thumbing a lift. He stopped and found out they were trying to get back to NY so he gave them a lift through the tunnel and dropped them off downtown, got their phone numbers, gave them his phone number and then went on his way.

       The next day he told his friend and coworker Arnold Shoenbrun about the two women and since Arnold had a pilot’s license they decided to fly to Atlantic City with them to have some fun.  So dick called and made a date for a weekend, picked them up, drove to a small airport, rented a plane and flew to Atlantic City. After a day of fun they went to their hotel room and when they started to make out they got the surprise of their lives. These two hot chicks were men dressed up as women. Well the next day after breakfast they flew back to the airport picked up the car and drove them home. Now that should have been the end of it but it wasn’t.

       Foolish dick had given them his home phone # and sure enough one of those he/she’s called his house when his wife had come back from her vacation. He told me when he got home his wife read him the riot act. She wasn’t mad that he had sex with a woman. She said that he was a man and left alone that was ok but with a man she couldn’t forgive.

       The up shot was that awhile later she made him quit his job and they moved to the Midwest and I lost track of him. As for Arnold he is in another story. Which will come up later.