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 Biography April 20, 2014
My User name is KOPYKAT aka Mary ElizaBETH.    After 60 years of marriage to my late husband Daniel I became a widow on June 19, 2012.  I have been blessed with the best memories that a person could ever want/have.   When God made Dan God must have filed the mold away and made him one of a kind   just for me.
I have one daughter who provided me with one granddaughter and also one son who provided me with one granddaughter.
I have been blessed with 3 great-grandchildren (2 boys, one girl) all who live close by and now it is my turn to just sit back and enjoy the family as they visit.
I retired in 1998 from a civil service agency.  At the time of retirement I was the Saturday supervisor of the customer service call center and was supervisor Tuesday-Friday of Major Commercial Accounts Department. 
Previous employment included Florida-Times Union (Circulation Dept.), Duval County School Board (secretary, Early Childhood Education), and Sears (Personnel Dept) (with the last, but not the least, JEA where I retired with 25 yearsí service).   Not much else to tell other than I was youngest of 5 siblings.   I have been blessed with a wonderful family.   Two sisters are deceased.  Two brothers still live in Fl.
I love the ocean (boating & walking on the shoreline of beach), genealogy, past travel memories, taking photos and collecting pictures. .   As you may have noticed by my working career I was focused mainly with people.  I enjoy chat and even though I have not met any in person I listen with interest to each chatterís shares.   I do not feel it necessary to meet in person in order to bond a friendship relation.  Thoughts are that some may feel the same.
I donít know what God has in his plans for me but if it is not exactly the way I may have in mind I am sure what Godís plan is would be what God thinks best. 
I have all that I need.   I know the difference between want, need and greed.
Thanks for taking a reading interest and I will see you in chat.    Kk 




KopyKat - Self Portrait - Recently


Dan and Mary - 2010


Dan & Mary 1952 


Dan & Mary - 1952
Pier at Zoo, Jacksonvlle, Fl


Mary in uniform - 
Xylaphone Player 1950 
Band Member Graduated Mid Term
Me - wearing her uniform


Mary - earned her own letter J
Making her official member of J Club
(big deal back then)


Mary - 1952 - waiting on the race to begin
at Daytona Beach - huge crowd
don't know if they had a race track then or not
The race was on the beach itself.


Dan & Mary - taken same day
at Daytona Beach - Don't know
what was so funny


Mary (little girl), and siblings
back row left to right - sister Irene & Marion
front row left to right - brother Bill, me and
Brother Charles






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written by Mary-Florida

Anyone who has ever owned a small, mid-size boa t or larger might agree that the two happiest days of ownership might be the day you bought it and the day you sold it.   Really, no joke.    Just owning a boat of any size doesnít just stop there.   The costs and time of maintenance is never ending.   Not to forget to mention tiles, tags and insurance.  Every time we took ours out the tanks had to be filled and when we returned we had to unload everything, wash it inside and out.  Guess whose job it was to wash and dry the cushions, ice chests, towels, etc.   Dan always washed the fishing gear because he was funny how he thought it should be done.  Let me know when the fun begins. 
We always looked forward to going out into the ocean but I finally found out that I was a wimp.  This one afternoon started out as usually.  Dan trolling for fish and I was sun tanning on the bow.   While sun tanning on the bow I happened to look up into the distance and saw what seemed to be unusual darkness that didnít look normal.   I motioned to Dam the darkness from a distance was heading our way.   By the time he had pulled in the downriggers and out riggers the darkness was uncomfortably getting closer. 
The ocean was beginning to make large swells and the current was making it difficult heading back the shoreline.    It was more or less like going 10 or more feet forward and being tugged back almost as much.     Since we were so far out we could not see the shoreline which meant we   to use the compass for direction.   I went into the cabin for my life jacket as I had taken it off while sunbathing.   When I came back I noticed the swells were much higher on both sides of the boat.
 OH MY GOSH we are sitting in the middle of two swells.   We seemed to travel surrounded by the water and he would navigate sideways and ride/float over them.   This worked rather well since the swells had not formed any caps.   I donít want to fail to mention the heavy rains with thunder and lightning that went along with it. 
 We ended up right off the coastline.   We were about 14 miles further south of the jetties but followed the coastline back to the boat landing where had launched. 
By now things had calmed down except for me.  When we got back home I made it clear he could keep the boat but that was the last trip for me.   He was concerned that he did not want me afraid of the water so he insisted I go a couple of river and coastline boating trips after that scary for me trip.  I did go again but now being a wimp  it did not change my mind.   He kept the boat for a while and went fishing with his friends but decided to sell it and we bought a motor home.  Now that is another adventure story.




Fishing - the one that got away
written by Mary-Florida

Bringing up fishing experiences   brings to mind the one that got away from Dan.
At the time we had a 23 ft boat with a cuddy cabin that had cushions that we could fold down and sleep at least 4 and had a port potty which he said he didnít need but that was to get me to go along.  By now hubby learned that my thoughts of roughing it in camping are staying at the Holiday Inn.   Leaving him to believe ocean fishing would require more than a run about. 
We lived a short distance from a boat landing that we could navigate our boat through the jetties and out into the Atlantic Ocean.  It was nothing for us to go miles and miles from the shore line and it was wonderful. 
The sky was beautiful and the water all around sparkling from the sunís reflections.    I never worried because it was equipped with a ship to shore that was on all times as well as his CB radio. 
Dan turns on his dept finder and puts out his downriggers and out riggers and starts trolling for fish.  Me, I climb on the bow to get suntanned.    After awhile, all of a sudden, the boat seemed out of control.  I barely made it back through the hatch to find out what on earth was going on.   Dan asked me to grab the wheel since I had just climbed beside him.  He had made a hit and the sucker must have been real large as it sure was dragging us by now.  Dan continued to wrestle with it hoping to get it tired enough to bring aboard. 
Did I say bring it aboard?  When this thought clicked in I spun around and point blank asked him if he planned on putting that thing in the boat with me.   About that time we were making good eye contact.  Lasted a few minutes and he cut the line.  To this day we have no idea what it was but it was big enough to drag our boat which had inboard/outboard engines with plenty of power. 
Now there was a good one that didnít get away.    The beat goes on with another story about the sailfish he caught and the taxidermist he left it with closed shop, keeping our deposit and the sailfish.  When Dan located him of course the man had no money to return and he admitted he had eaten the fish.   I felt sorry for Dan because he was so excited about his first sailfish.    When I started thinking about it I was wondering on what wall I would/could hang the fish.  It was beautiful but big to say the least. 




written by Mary-Florida

I just read BIGDADDIís story about riding the CYCLONE rollercoaster and it immediately brought to mind a terrifying experience I had a good 20 years back.  Hubby and I live in Florida so just for the fun of it we often bought Florida Citizen Yearly passes to Disney down in Orlando.   It was a nice fun place to go and with the passes we could just jump in the car ride to Disney, visit favorite sites and either stay the night or drive back home the same day.   Well, they had one ride we had never ridden before.  When you looked up you would see flashing of some sort way up high.   First thoughts are that just pretty background just to add to the excitement.   Well, Dan decided that we might enjoy the ride since we had never tried it before so we got in line.  I do mean a long, long line and waited in the sun what seems like hours.  The whole time we waited we heard over the speakers if anyone had health problems such as heart, motion sickness, etc. please do not go on this ride.  Well, we thought it was just hype.   Our cart pulled up.   Dan got in then I slid back sitting almost in his lap.  The iron crossbar came down in front of me so Dan I both could hang on.   Did I say hang on?   The ride took off slowly and in minutes we were soaring what seems like miles up in the air, twisting, turning, going upside down and you name it.
Now it clicked in what that flashing up and down twirling all around was.  It was the very cars that we were sitting in DUHHH.
I have never been scared like that before.  When we came to a stop and the bar was suppose to rise on its own it did not.  The attendant came over to assist but he couldnít get my fingers off the bar.  My grip had frozen so tight I couldnít even get them loose.  When I had finally relaxed enough to let go I found out I had no legs.  I could not stand up by myself.   Between Dan and the attendant they helped me to a bench so the ride could continue for those still waiting in line for their turn.
So if you ever go to Disney and want in line in line for this ride you better think twice about what they are saying on the speakers.   Oh, forgot to tell you the name [SPACE MOUNTAIN].  I must be a coward because we have been back at different times with granddaughtersí not even teen age and both love the ride.  What can I say other than I just sat and watched?





The folks who are getting free stuff,
Don't like the folks who are paying for the free stuff,

Because the folks who are paying for the free stuff,
Can no longer afford to pay for both the free stuff and their own stuff.

And, The folks who are paying for the free stuff,
Want the free stuff to stop.

And the folks who are getting the free stuff,
Want even MORE free stuff on top of the free stuff they're getting  already!

Now..... The people who are forcing  people to PAY for the free stuff,

Have told the people who are RECEIVING the free stuff,

That the people who are PAYING for the free stuff,

Are being mean, prejudiced and racist.

So .... the people who are GETTING the free stuff,

Have been convinced they need to HATE the people who are PAYING  for the free stuff because they are selfish. And they are promised more free stuff if they will vote for the people who force the people who pay for the free stuff to to give them even more free stuff.

And - - - - - that's the Straight Stuff!