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I live in northern NY, in Waddington. It is on the beautiful
St. Lawrence River.

I am a widow, have 7 children and 11 grandchildren. One
great grandson.

I love to chat with all and have met over 300 chatters in person, including Ralph.

I like to travel and have been to several bashes and had some of my own when I lived in Michigan, potluck picnics and met many area chatters.

I was living in San Antonio Texas for seven months in 2004. Before that I spent 3 1/2 years in Michigan. I originally came from NY and am back home now for good, near my family.




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To My Love - It Is You
To My Darling
You are the Spirit of my Life
My Passion
Love Forever for You
I Love You
My Tears
It's The Season
My World of Love for You
Harvest Moon
It's That Time Again
Comes The Rain
My Love for You
Flaming Hearts Desire
Above the Clouds
My Love for You
You Are Near Me
My Love
Near Me
Birthday Wishes
My Baby Daughter
To Be A Poet




My Tears
by Jan Williams

My tears flowed so easy tonight,
A beloved friend had seen his last night,
I cried for him because that was all I could do,
He was far from me, and I was far away too.
My friend, I wept for you in sadness.
You are free now from all the pain and illness.
You are whole my friend in a place,
Where all the past you won't have to face.
I am glad for the joy you gave to me,
So rest now in peace and know that forever,
In our hearts you will leave us never.

In love and memories
of Jim Roth/ Coldheart





Peace comes when the death of a friend
Or  the death of a loved one,
Peace doesn't come to the survivors,
It comes to the one who has gone.
It takes a long time for the friend or family to resign,
The thought that their loved one has passed to a better place, a better time

My friend has gone on to his better life,
And will never know the worry or strife.
Of what will be done here on earth,
He has had a new chance and a rebirth.
To my friend Doc, as I knew him well,
Darwin to others as they will tell.
A man who believed in nature,
The flowers and every creature.
He took great pride in  things he created,
Built to his standards, never understated.
His ideas were a part of the way he believed,
His way of living was the truth he lived.

I will never forget you Doc, Peace be yours.

Jann 2-02-06



 It's The Season

My favorite time of the year,is soon to appear,
Thanksgiving, with turkey and trimmings,  and pumpkin pies,
Oh the smells are so nice and the sights appeal to the eyes.
I love the festivity and all the fun, that goes into the preparation of what
soon will be begun.
The families are planning their trips back home,
to be with parents, siblings and friends,
The parties and meals they all will attend.
Oh how I love Thanksgiving, to be with my family and friends,
I wish the day would last and last, and never end.

But.. soon the other favorite time will come,
Christmas with all the colors and fun, another favorite time for me.
The gifts and foods, the trees and decor,are so beautiful and who could ask
for more than
The love that shines on us all, from God above,
And the love we share with all, is the gift of
The Spirit of Christmas we should never forget.
Happy Holidays to you all with my love.

Written by




My World Of Love For You.

You are the love I have and believe in.
you are my existence and I do begin,
My every thought and prayer is for you,
I give all my love , it is so true.
The beginning and the end of each day,
I come to you with my heart and I say,
My love it is all I have to give to you forevermore
Please keep it safe and in your heart and let it soar.
I want to tell you just how alive you make me feel,
It is as if all the bells in the universe  begin to peel.
To see you and know it is the love you impart,
I always want you to know all the love I have in my heart.
Is yours alone and never will bend,
In this message to you is the love and joy that you make me have, there is no end.

Jann 5-2-05



Harvest Moon

I wait and look with awe,
At the big old harvest moon.
It signals the change of season,
Will be Autumn coming soon.
It is the harvest moon,
Has made many lovers swoon.
The crops are in and the season is to begin.
The days are waning,
The darkness is coming all too soon.
The mystery is here with
The big old Harvest Moon.

Jann 9-6-05



It's That Time Again

It is Fall, the leaves are dropping,
The colors are so nice.
I wish it could last forever without stopping,
I love the Fall with all it's spice.
The harvest is done, the suppers have begun,
What a pleasure to sit down and enjoy the fun.
People from all over come to enjoy together,
The wonderful dinners, and have  a meal with each other.
The season is beginning to show,
The pumpkins are orange and all aglow.
The Fall flowers are beautiful too,
Their colors are red, brown and yellow hue.
My favorite time of the year takes a bow,
To let me know the change in season is now.

Jann   10-10-05



Comes The Rain

Here it comes, the rains pour down,
The air is fresh and it saturates the ground.
I like to watch the rains come down
because I know it will make the flowers and greenery abound.
When the rains stop, I see sprouting of the seeds,
Making the ground green and giving the birds their feed.
I watch as the birds look for the worms
The rains have brought to the top of the ground,
They are pecking to find the food for their offspring and much can be found.
I see the little birds raising their beeks so high,
Looking for their pie in the sky,
the parents bring them food and feed their babies good.
After the rains I see the rainbow
When the sun comes out and shines through the clouds,
I look above to watch the colors that show through so clear and loud.
I look for the pot of gold
They say is at the end of the rainbow,
I have never found it, but I enjoy the show.

Jann 3-18-05




Birds fly south,
days are short,
the year is almost done,
It is time to reflect the past season,
about what has gone.
The summer is through,
the Fall is anew.
The harvest time is in gear.
The autumn is here!
My favorite time of the year.

Jann 9-28-05




Laughter is such a happy sound,
When you hear it, you know it will abound,
With people enjoying what they are watching,
The sound of laughter is very catching.
Everyone begins to laugh at what they see and hear,
The once quiet room is full of gayiety and cheer,
People are enjoying and having a good time,
The fun can be loud or from a mime.
The laughter is real,
It is how they all feel.
I rather hear laughter and feel so happy,
It helps my day and makes me feel snappy.
Laughter, instead of tears are the best,
Lets your fears and sadness take a rest.
So laugh a lot and feel it too,
Don't let the sadness affect what you do.





My feelings about love are deep and profound,
I will go on and tell you the thoughts I expound,
I love love as it is for a man,
I love it as feelings, as it is for a friend,
I love love as I feel for my family,
The most important thing that ever happened to me.
Love makes my heart feel so full,
With feelings for you that I cannot still,
My love for my friends is very true,
And makes me happy, not feel blue.
My love for life is always with me,
I hope my life is the example I would be,
I give my love to all, always so free,
This is my feeling, it is always me.

Jann 2-2-06



To My Love, It Is You

It is you that makes my dreams come true,
It is you I give my true feelings too,
It is you I love and adore and so much more,
It is you who I want to spend my life living for.
It is you, my true love, whom I will always love,
No one else but you can make my dreams come true.
My love for you is what makes my day so bright,
It continues to shine into the very night.
It is you who I turn to when things aren't right.
It is you I love so much more as each day goes by, 
It is you I want so much I never can say goodbye.
It is you I give my truest feelings to,
It is you I pledge my love and loyalty true.
It is you, it is you, it is you.

Jann 1-9-08




All my yesterdays are gone away,
My new days are here to stay.
I have you my love to see me through, 
No reason to ever feel so blue.
You brighten my days with your smile,
And all the love you give  to me all the while.
I feel so happy and content with you my love,
It is as if the blue sky up above
Is shining on me with a sun so bright,
It is always shining even through the night.
Your love has made my present and future so full,
I will never feel blue or unhappy or dull.
With you I can accomplish anything.
You make me feel so complete, my heart can sing.
My love for you is all I want, 
To please you and love you is my every thought.
Today is now, yesterday is gone,
The future is bright and each day is a song.
I love you with all the feelings I have,
And will always be yours, to share and to save.

Jann  5-8-08


Loraine, Coldheart/Jim and Jan in San Antonio - 2004

Coldheart and Jan in San Antonio - 2004

Jann and Ralph - Florida 2003


Jann  is the one with the light green shirt



Me by the River May 2005

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