My name is Jan-VT,  I was 70 years old in July, divorced.  I have 3 sons and one granddaughter.  The nice people of VT let me live  here for the past 30 years but I love NY.  I was born and raised in upstate NY.  Among other things I'm a cake decorator.  I use to do it as a part time job in my home when the kids were growing up.  I'm  out of practice now so I  just do it for family and friends.   I love my computer.  If I didn't have one I would have gone back to work years ago.  I like to have fun with computer graphics.  I have two family web sites that I try to keep up with to keep the entire family connected.  I like to include my Tin People, Tina and Tim as often as possible.  I use to be very active in golf and ice skating and still very active in bowling and walking and some biking.  I've been in chat rooms  that weren't very nice and just recently found this one.  Thanks for keeping it clean and interesting.  A few years ago I had a fat attack caused from doing a sit down job and then packed on another 20 pounds when I quit smoking.  I have recently lost over 60 pounds and I am now in the process of re-inventing my wardrobe by making it  wearable for my new size, it's fun.  I consider this a new form of art.  Some pictures of my handy work are included.  Two pair of jeans that were converted into long skirts, so far.  My Tin Lady, Tina is modeling both of them.  I think the digital camera is the best thing since sliced bread.  I love taking pictures of old farm equipment also old barns and covered bridges. 
I would like the song Manhattan in the back ground.  I've included the version that I like, if you can hear it.  


Jan and Bob

Jan the Monster

Big Sap

Jan's Handiwork


Wedding Cake