"Seasoned as dirt, happily tho young as sin " , Iowa Boy (shorts N tee guy tho my friend says "I clean up pretty good " ),Midwest USA  ,nestled in the hills, valleys of great hunting, fishing, boating,canoeing,camping ,streams , creeks N  rivers etc..."God's Country" large rural Agricultural area along with industry and tourism.
Career in Accounting, Management, Auditing, Consulting , Farmers Cooperatives etc, and when I grew up left it all to become a Registered Cosmetologist, graduating College Owning/operating a Salon and teaching same while yet  tho working as a consultant and Strong Advocate and teaching Life Skills to the Disabled and remain doing so today.
Lifetime "quiet tenacious Advocate" for the Elderly, poor , Homeless, Veterans and those with disabilities. Always assisting them all that is within my knowledge and training, with total assurance they one and all are with the "same Undeniable rights as all individuals"
Gardening, lawn/yard work, snow goofin', woodworking, avid reader, political junkie , genealogy, year around bird feeder, writing,collecting antiques, eagle watching, cannot pass a garage sale, flea market, estate sale...etc etc etc.... a guy never bored nor know the meaning of the word !
Reformed workaholic, volunteering now full time being retired of recent.
Love people, homegrown rural community  Iowa boy, grounded and in focus, no one to impress, in competition for nothing, don't mince words, honest, zest for life, quest for knowledge, always a "student of life" in every sense, great sense of humor,   what else can I say other than perfect specimen of a human ----NOT...-.with flaws and a sinner like all so I am BS's ya a tad  there lol
But a grand steward of the Land, try to be of help to all seeking it and to whom I have met over the many years.

JJ in 2013
jj ~