Helga & her husband Hamish during their married life sailed all over the Carribean, Florida, & also in varied spots in Canada.

With the passing of Hamish a few years ago, Helga chose to stay in B.C. (British Columbia) and this is where and how we met, and became friends.

She has been living with Parkinson's Disease now for 25yrs. and although each day presents a challenge, she is one petite, determined little lady.

Since living at St.Mary's she has become a regular at music group playing the harmonica and doing so by ear, as she never has read music, art classes both sketching & watercolors, now she is writing poetry & song lyrics and during the summer goes sailing with a pro.sailing volunteer in the Straits of Juan de Fuca.  She also luv's chocolate.lol

She just had her 77th birthday & is going strong, and is an amazing lady, I am proud to call her my friend, and I hope you enjoy her poetry these are just a few of her latest ones.

Bio Written by her friend Misty

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"2008, New Year's Day"

by Helga McNab

What can I do?  What can I say?

2008 is on it's way.


Will it be good, will it be bad,

will we be happy, will we be sad?


Who can foretell what it will bring,

but, we can hope for health and love and,

friendly tidings from above.


For sunshine and for smiling faces,

for harmony among all races.


This may sound like a foolish dream,

for courage we will need

to counterbalance war and strife and,

overwhelming greed.


The slate is clear,

we may not know our way,

so let us do our very best,

day by day by day...




"Sailing Home"

By Helga McNab

I dreamt I was sailing high into the wind

with the sails pulled in quite tight.


Dark clouds were rolling over the sky

but, I knew that my course was right.


A voice from within was urging me on

not to yield to weakness or fear.


In my heart I knew that the end had come

that my destination was near.


A sheltered harbour welcomed me and,

all the clouds were gone.


I tied up my ship and went ashore

to find what I'd missed for so long.


Another Council Meeting Day
by Helga McNab

What can I do?  What can I say,
It is not about the food I ate,
because I emptied my whole plate.
So that we can eliminate
from our list of things we hate
in our home at Mount St. Mary.

Let's give the night staff a close grind,
but really, all that I can find
is that I called at half past three
and they come in with cookies and tea.
The clothes that I just threw away
are laundered for another day.

My room is clean - my mattress new
I even have my very own loo!
And there is always lots to do
for body and mind to stay agile,
You may play Scrabble or walk awhile.

In short - I having no need to complain
Thank you all - till we meet again.

My Dream
by Helga McNab

I dreamt I was rising up in the air
leaving the earth far behind.

My body was light and free of pain and
I wondered what I would find.

A weight was lifted from my soul
I wanted to sing and to dance.

The colours were bright and beautiful
Soft sounds led me into a trance.

As I came through the Golden Gate
soothing music welcomed me

I closed my eyes and said "farewell"
And I knew I was finally free.....

The Ballad of Tinker

We have a cat called Tinkerbell
she has an attitude I tell
She likes to have her very own way
and doesn't give an inch I say.

Now she's grown and quite well fed
alway's sleepng on my bed
I tried to move her over a bit
She snarled at me and had a fit.

She lashed out with her little paws
to make a point she used her claws
I was not pleased and let her know
and told her it was time to go.

She did not run she pranced away
and looked over her shoulder as if to say
I am better than you'll ever be
and away she went for something new to see.

by Helga ©

They say these are the golden years
but is it really true?

I must confess I have my doubts
and I am half way through.

The sail into the sunset
can be a stormy ride.

I must admit that there are days
when smoothly we do glide.

We will go on no matter what
through pain filled nights and days,
and hope that in the end at last
the sun will set on our ways.

All Embracing Love
by Helga ©

Love is like a warming glow
that fills the heart to overflow
onto the world around us.

It's in the eyes and in the smiles
of those who want to share it.

Love nourishes our soul
without it we would perish,
and most of all, it is God's love
that we all need and cherish.

by Helga ©

We came to Mount St. Mary
On our way to be with God
For we are worn and weary
And need a resting spot.

The garden is a joy to see
To sit and dream of days long gone
Soon we will reach our destiny
But for awhile we may stay on.

The House is filled with loving care
And friendly understanding
That we need a patient hand
With our needs and tending.

They help us thru our tears and pain
With music and with laughter
So we may be at peace again
For here and ever after.

 by Helga ©

To sit out on the boat
And let the wind blow through your hair
And caress your face
As we leave the shore.

Leave your worries behind
Feel at peace with the world
As the waves roll by
On a summer day.

As the sun goes down
And the evening falls
We return to shore
Under star studded skies.

 by Helga ©

There is a lot to celebrate
When I look back upon my  life
With loving caring parents
And very little strife.

We basked on sunny beaches
And swam the deep blue sea
Played games on winter evenings
Were happy and carefree.

A birthday was a special day
With flowers, gifts and friends
A sweet and lovely birthday cake
Made by my mother's hands.

There were celebrations
That I remember well
With Santa Claus and trees
And ringing Christmas bells.

When I sit and reminise
I push the dark away
There is so much to celebrate
Forever and today.

 by Helga ©

I never cease to be amazed about the telephone,
 One can talk to all the world, and never even leave your home.

No matter if it's Greece or Rome, Warsaw or Shanghai, a button pressed and in a wink, a voice will soon say "Hi".

But when the phone bill comes, at last I had a sudden shock, never in the recent past, had I to sell my stock.

Now I am poor; but have had my fun, and I'm not very sorry; I "saw" the world by telephone, I'm glad, and I don't worry.

 by Helga ©

Overnight, overnight come joy and delight;
you await the sunny morning
with happy adoring.

Overnight, overnight come fear and fright;
you greet the dawn tomorrow,
with tears and sorrow.

Such is life a stormy road;
 with rocks in our way,
we cannot move or goad,
No matter how much we pray.

So I am tired, and carry my load,
along this stoney path,
 but I believe that in the end,
 there will be sunshine at last.

"A Recipe for Life"
by Helga ©

Take plenty of endurance, and
stir in lots of love,
add patience, understanding, and
blessings from above.

Give it a thorough blending, and
add a little spice,
like humour, wit, and teasing,
should make it rather nice.

A creamy sugar coating,
will add the final touch,
your life should be a piece of cake,
if you don't ask too much.

"New Year 2007"
by Helga ©

The year was upon us before I woke up,
from sweet dreams of flowers, and sunshine above.

Here I was lying in bed in deep thought, and
dreaming of life without murder or strife.

Where people would honour, and
respect one another, and
not look for color, creed or other.

Where children could go to school without fear and parents stopping worrying
that danger is near.

I better stop dreaming, and face the day
for a New Year 2007 in just underway.

For time has a way of sliding on by
like a stream which cannot rest.

So, admidst all the turmoil
I can rest in my silence, and
then do my best.

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