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I was born to immigrant parents from Italy........ Father was an artist, amateur opera singer, unknown playwright. Mother was born to wealthy aristocratic parents brought to poverty during the depression.  My belief is our path on earth has been predetermined before we were  born and if we do not realize that path...we never truly attain happiness.



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Happy Jo - December 2010



A May Morning

She rises slowly stretching and yawning
 Looking out her window to a new May morning
Where the golden lamp of heaven is shining
As winter is gone and spring is defining
While the breath of Mother earth rises from the ground
Breezes sway tulips like a sequined gown
 The songs of birds and angels, voices raised high
In royal salute to an azure sky
Breathe in the scent of spring and its glorious power
Enjoying the music of lifes noisiest hour


If I were a kiss, I would greet you with the dawn
If I were a home, Id invite you within
If I were an angel, Id be waiting to be born
If I were a saint, Id be without sin
and if I loved you each and every day
I would love you because I know no other way.




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