I was born on the China coast of American citizens. We came to the US  when I was five years of age. We settled in central Missouri where I  was educated, completing my studies at the University of Missouri  with a major in geology.

After working for a geophysical and then an  oil company, I joined the U.S. Geological Survey. I worked for the  USGS for 35 years before retiring. My work included exploration for  valuable minerals, and geological mapping of  desert mountains of  eastern California.

The last 12 years of my active professional years  were with a lunar and planetary project, most of which were in  preparation for the coming lunar landing in 1969.

My special  interests included weight training, the shooting sports, photography,  and during the last ten years, writing poetry, I am still writing it  after age 88 (in 2005)





Hal With great grandkids - 90th Birthday - Jun 2007


Hal's Family Thanksgiving 2005


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The Beginning of my poetry writing
Around 1995  I was very new to computers, just learning to surf. The
world out there in cyber space intrigued me. Before long I was
searching for websites in other countries.

In 1965 our US Geological Survey working in conjunction with NASA,
was developing a program to provide geologic training for the Apollo
astronauts. This was to equip them to make good observations and
collect samples of lunar rocks when they landed on the Moon. We
visited sites of meteoritic impact, and volcanic formations in
Hawaii, Mexico, Alaska and Iceland, where we carried out the field

Later, I visited websites of Iceland, having been to that island
nation. There was one partaiacular site that intrigued me,
constructed by Birgitta, an artist, writer and poet. Frequently, I
made entries in her guestbook, commenting on my visits there with the
astronauts. In order to have something to say besides the mundane
greeting each time, I tried my hand at poetry......for the first time
in my life. Here is a sample verse:

I came to Iceland once when days were long,
And the air was crisp and cool,
A place always filled with song,
And good friendships were the rule..........

My poems were fairly well received, so I continued entering my poems
in the guestbook. It was fun and exciting. That was in 1995, and I
haven’t stopped writing. I hope my writing has improved since those
days, and I think it might have. Here is another example of one of my
first poems:

 A lovely butterfly floats on the air,
Casting her fragrance everywhere
Much too fragile to hold,
But follow her to her lair,
And she’ll reward you, I’m told,



Gift of Love

Darling,  you are all I could ever want
So lovely, so sweet, never one to flaunt
The indescrible beauty that you possess
Wearing that sleek lace trimmed  dress !

My world lights up when you smile,
You, with your sweetness and guile
Capture my life and heart
And soul, my mind, and part
Of all that I am.

When this long happy life draws to a close
And we ascend to a paradise that glows
With the radiance seen only in Heaven  above,
We shall take along our gift of love..



Always in Love

Happy thoughts float through my mind,
Of the smiles and joys left behind
Times of fun and dance,
Times of loving and romance.

Those were times of long ago,
When I told you I loved you so
Times of strolls and walks
Times of stories and talks.

We are still together, you  and I
Still lovers who try
To be ever close as we can be
Always in love, you and me.



Adventures of the Mind

Ah these adventures of the mind
Of a different sort, a different kind
Perhaps going far back in time
To an exotic place in an exotic clime.

There are magnificent places to see
In my imagination where I can be
In Africa, Italy or Spain,
In lands of sunshine or rain.

Or the deserts of Arabia perchance
In the hearts of dancing girls of romance
Thus the mind and heart may roam
In far away places far from home.

In my adventuresome heart there will burn
A yen for excitement that will turn
My thoughts to high risk things
Mingling with desperados and kings

But there will come a time
With no more mountains to climb.
I shall return to my easy chair
And the adventure book I left there.




In our memories a person lives on
After one passes into the dawn
Of a new life of death and love
Celebrated in the mansions above.

Cloistered in the mind
Of a survivor is a kind
Of residual memory that holds
The existence of departed souls.

Locked in the memory of one left behind
Are experiences that bind
Them to the one who has left
Who only of physical body is bereft.

The existence of the departed soul
Is counted in the golden scroll
Read by those gone on before
As they passed through the golden door

Those of us who remain
May try desperately to gain
Insight into the ghostly being
Of one that we are incapable of seeing.

The departed are immortal, we know
And from this earth they go
Through the infinite veil
To tread the heavenly trail.




Deep within this heart lies desire
Full of passion and unconcealed fire
Wanting you, my love,
You must know what I’m thinking of.

My Sweet I just want to lay you down
On soft blankets or uneven ground
In the most secret place
On pink satin and white lace.

Your soft body I will enfold
And in my heart I shall hold
Your heart close to mine.
My lovely lady, so sweet, so fine.



I love to hear.......

The sweet sounds of children playing,
The soft patter of rain on the roof,
The gentle breezes wafting by.

I love to hear……
The distant rumble of thunder
The wind rising in crescendo
Chirping of birds, huddled under
The eaves of the house.

Most of all I love to hear…..
Your voice when we are close
Your laughter in the dark
And your sigh of comfort
Before sleep……….



The Green River

Winding its way through desert plains
The river of green makes its journey
To the wide expanse of seas
Where it comes to final rest.

Along its course trees dip
Their branches into the
Clear and cold waters of
The eternal river

Waterfowl sweep down
From the skies and alight
On the smooth waters of
This river of green.

Deer wade cautiously into
The shallows and
Drink deeply, pausing
To look up for signs of

I have floated on this green river,
Parts of it smooth and serene,
And parts turned into
White water rapids.

To me this eternal river of green
Represents life, beginning
As a babe in the mountains,
Maturing as it gathers strength
And size, flowing without ceasing
Until it reaches the sea.
And dies.



My Prayer

In the quiet of my room,
I kneel beside my bed, and
Pray to my Lord, oh Jesus
Hear my prayer.

My earnest and continuing prayer,
Is that somehow you will ease the pain
Suffered by my beloved wife.
Whom I love more than life itself.

I pray that you will give her
Moments of precious peace.
Times of relief from pain.
And return to her the joy
She once knew.

Dear Lord, I do suffer, also,
A different kind of pain,
One of the heart
And spirit.

My Lord, I thank you for
The many blessings that
We have shared, and hope
That you will hear this prayer.




Those of us who inhabit this green planet
Are given the wondrous gift of life
To enjoy the beauty and excitement
That life can provide.

We have but one life to live
Abundantly and with love
For those around us, and
For the creatures of the forest
Who share our sacred place.

May we not waste this precious life
On trivial things, on bickering
And unlovely behavior, but
Let the beauty of our spirit
Shine forth...........



The Puppy

A tear ran down her cheek,
Wet blonde hair across her face,
Blue eyes trying to smile,
This lovely little lady of five.

Walking down the flower strewn trail,
Brushing against dew laden flowers,
She was going home
And crying along the way.

In her hand she carried a leash,
That had belonged to her little puppy,
But he was not with her.
He died and she had lain
Him to rest
Beneath the flowers of the field.



My Mountain

My mountain looms in the near distance
Brilliant snow caps its summit
But never again shall I climb
Its tortuous slopes.

As I gaze at this mountain of rock and ice
My eyes begin to tear, remembering
The sunbright skies above this
Monument to history.

I have trod the high green valleys
Smelled the keen scent of pines
Slept under the starlit heavens
And left my heart there.




Sometimes I lie beside you
Watching you dream
Perhaps of far away places
Or of castles by the sea.

The gentle smile upon your lips
Foretell of fairy gardens
In dreamland, or
Places where angels fly.

I would like to join in your
Flights of fantasy where the
Skies are of the deepest blue
And the air is as sweet
As nectar.

Who knows what can happen
When I take your hand
And enter your



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