In memory of  Gil  Jensen - died 4th August 2007 - A man who served his country, loved  to play cards
With his friends, was in a choir when younger  and  loved to sing.  I  hope he is singing in heaven, after
so much pain, you will never be forgotten  by your

Gil came in regularly to Frisky Seniors, usually with his friend Cherry.  He was a nice man and I enjoyed having him as a chat friend.  I had always looked forward to meeting him in person and had
hoped that after I bought my home in Georgia, about 100 miles south of where he lived, that I would
be able to go up and meet him.



Gil was born and raised in Denver, Colorado -
The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7th and he enlisted in the Navy on
Lincolns birthday two months later - Served in the Pacific area for almost 4
years - Was discharged NewYears day 1946 -
Went to Colorado State Teachers College for one year - Transferred to Denver
University - In the fall of 1949 I met his future wife - They had their first date
on Thanksgiving day and got married on Christmas day a month later -
In 1950 was called back to active duty in the Navy - Was attached to the
Admirals Staff and spent 6 months with him - Was then transferred to the sea-
going Tug USS Tawakoni - While at Korea, his wife graduated from college and
moved them to California - Upon being discharged from the Navy Gil went back to
Denver - got his car and their few belongings and joined his wife in California -
Went to work for Pacific Gas and Electric Co. as a Map Draftsman -
Eventually worked his way up to Engineer and spent the next several years
designing Distribution Gas Lines - Retired in February of 1986 - Gil's wife
walked out on him the following June -
Gil's life as a bachelor wasn't very happy - he took to drink - eventually ending
up in the hospital - His daughter, who was living in Georgia, was notified by
Social Services of his condition - She came out to California - took over his
care - And moved him back to Georgia - Gil lived in a Seniors Apartment
Complex for the rest of his life.

Gil Jensen



My Love and Me

Come my love and you will see
Just how happy we will be,
Living here beside the sea.
Together for eternity.
There's our cottage. Here's the key.
 Where our children can run free.


My darling babydoll, to you I write this sonnet.
It's just a little song that you can put beneath your bonnet.
'Tis the story of a gal and gent,
 he lives in Georgia she lives in Kent.
They met one day while passing time,
On her computer she heard a chime.
'Twas this gent who called to see
if she was willing to pc.
She said yes - now don't go away,
There's more to tell about this day.
This gal and gent just hit it off.
'Twas fate they said - now don't you scoff.
True love has has happened - this we've got.
The gal and gent have tied the knot.
He wears her ring - she wears his cross.
Believe me friends the gent knows who's boss.

Broken Hearted

Here I sit all broken hearted
My girlfriend left me because I far--d
       But I know how to win her back
No more beans - and that's a fact


There comes a time in a young man's life
That he thinks - 'tis time to find a wife
He dates girls, one after the other
Hoping to find one like his mother
One that can cook and wash his clothes
And bake him pies and things like those
So darling when I say "I love you"
You'll know I've found one that will do