I am one crazy lady   who, when  GOD Looked down and shook his head and said 'OH MY GOODNESS.. SHE iS NOT  READY FOR ME YET...SO I WILL STAMP REJECT ON HER.  SO WORLD, LOOK OUT, HERE I COME.

I grew up in Philadelphia, pa   Yes I am a true Yankee. But later became a transplanted Texan.

Since I was introduced to the internet I joined a writers
group.  yes you can teach an old gal new tricks.
Now that I have recovered from my stroke, I plan on getting back into my writing.

I love meeting and making friends from around the world.  God Bless you one and all.

You can read some of my writings at www.angelfire.com/ny5/marysongs/   anything you read with the Elaine came from life experiances.   I write under  demy demy2  also have written under the name of weebuss.