Lil Monkey in a Tree
Lil Fishy
Today You Came into My Life
Aw gee  Santa
I'll Get You Yet
Birdy in the Sky
Welcome to Chat
For Awhile
Tribute to Vietnam Veterans
Missing You
The Child Within



Today You Came into My Life 

Today you came into my life...
when life seemed drab..
no one  to dream about...
all of a sudden you were there...
that you really did care...
no false words or promises...
just a very open heart..
All I ever wanted in life...
was someone who opened  their world to me.. 
someone who really did care..
yes,  today you were there.......



Aw gee  Santa

I wrote to santa  early in June,
I knew that christmas would be coming soon,
I told him what i wanted for play,
A boat, a car, an airplane,
guess what he brought me instead?
A brother who sleeps all day,
And  cries all night,
I don't think santa  treated me right!
but Mom and Dad are as pleased as can be,
they say " what a wonderful christmas   for me'.



I'll Get you Yet

Our  eyes have met,
our lips, not   yet,
but, oh you kid,
I'll get you yet.



Birdy in the Sky

Birdy, birdy, in the sky,
dropping whitewash in my eye,
I'm no baby,
I don,t cry,
I'm just glad, cow's don't  fly




Kissing is a proper noun,
standing up, or sitting down,
in the voice of presence tense,
kissing  boys  makes   common sense,
kissing spreads desise it's stated,
kiss me kid,I'm vacanited



LIL Fishy
by Elaine yarger - December…2006 ©

Lil Fishy in the sea,
Please don’t swim away from me,
I just want to play with you,
And swim around in the ocean blue,
Lil Fishy you swim by me,
Kissing my cheek so merrily,
Then in a whirl you are gone,
Smiling and sing your fishy song.



Lil Monkey in a tree

Elaine Yarger©

Lil monkey in the tree,

I see you looking down at me,

Scratching your head, wondering what can you be?

Chattering and running back and forth.

Lil monkey come down here,

A banana with you I will share,

I see the twinkle in your eye, getting excited wondering now how fast can I run down the tree?

Rubbing your tummy, smacking you lips,

Thinking don?t eat that, it will go to your hips.

So, now let me think what do we do,

I know, come here I will share the banana with you.