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Sent in by Rainee of Australia

Can you please put this small verse as a token of
friendship to  "Free Spirit" (Gloria)
Its sad as she was a lovely lady.. she will be missed by all
just post this memorial to her family .. thanks Ralph and also your emails..

May it make your sorrow
Easier to bear
Knowing there are others
Who understand and care
our thoughts are with you on
this sad day.. your mom was
a special and lovely lady and she
will be missed by all who knew her,
and all whose lives she touched..
It will be the little things that you remember
the quiet moments, the smiles and laughter,
and although it may seem hard right now it
will be the memories of these little things
that help to push away the pain and
bring the smiles back again..\
With loving memories and my
heartfelt Sympathy to you all ..

Sent in by JoJo of Nebraska

Freepsirit was a super gal...

I will pray for the family.....God Bless You and thanks..........Rebecca/Angelfriend

Sent in my Marg of England

i am so saddend to hear of Freespirit passing , she was a lovely lady i Briefly had the pleasure of talking to . so sad that is a few in a few months , people think because we are on the comp we have no feelings - we do it hurts.

Sent in by ReRe of Boston, Ma

Oh, I am so sorry to hear this news.  It took me by surprise.  Was she seriously sick for a long time?  I know she had MS but it still comes as a shock to hear this news.

written by: Lipper_2005 - Jim Asselin

I never knew her realy well its true,
But her passing made me blue.
We chatted from time to time,
She Always made you feel you're on her mind.

Heaven must be short this year ,
Of friendly people we hold dear.
This Spirited lady with will so free,
Traveled a road to where she wanted to be.

She'll not be forgotten , she's just moved on.
To another place, another garden and Fawn
The place in our heart, where she dwells, 
Is still there, and REMEMBERED WELL.