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Hello, This is "Edwin"  as I am known on screen, not a natural computer user, in fact, when I bought the book " Windows for Dumbells" it gave me  an inferiority complex. You were kind enough to put some of my piano pieces  on. I had better give you a few facts about myself. Born London  in 1935- bombed out in  1945, went  to live with relatives in South Wales. After war , went to live in Midlands of England,  our first real  permanent home. Studied piano and clarinet  at Birminham School of Music up to age 18. Did national Service in Band of Royal  Artillery for 2 years. Stationed in Germany to entertain occupation forces in B.A.O.R (British Army of the Rhine)  Was demobbed,  rode home on a BMW  motorbike I bought in Germany- reached the bottom of our road   and was  ejected from the saddle by a jay walking pussycat. Was in coma for ten days and woke up to find that  my left hand thumb had been severed  as was the tip of my right hand index finger.They had luckily been sewn back on by the surgeon who dealt with my head injuries, but  it was  10 years  before I was able to play  an instrument again. Quite traumatic, as I knew nothing else except  music, so when I recovered sufficiently I opened a music shop, repairing and tuning  instruments (  a skill I learned from my father) Business  began to flourish as this was the start of the  electric record player !  And people like  Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard making hit records galore ! Made the second big mistake of my life when I  got married while still out of my mind. To a girl who had  also  had head injuries  while riding and got kicked in the head. Not the best start to married life !  Two nutters !  It lasted for 8 years but was not the happiest  time ! The worst part of the whole deal was that  she then married a millionaire  and took our daughter abroad- I never saw her again for 20 years- in fact, it was only this summer that we managed to contact each other via  "friends reunited"  I find that I now have another grand daughter called Tanya who  will be 21  on New Year's Eve !- but. I digress !  Life proceded quite well after the divorce- I became a music teacher   and eventually  became director of music in a prestigious school and I was married again in  1968 to the Scots lass who is still my lover !  And we have two  adult children, Stephen (28) and Lindsay (30)- and two  grandchildren, Sam  is Lindsay's  son, and  Rebekkar is Stephen's  daughter. I was able to retrire from teaching when I was 50 and have spent the time since in travel, playing piano, maintaining the house  and idling about ! Although that appears to be  a lot of life, it is actually a very abbreviated version ! I am currently writing a book. The most important thing that has happened during life  has been my devotion to the Roman Catholic faith and this is the theme of the book, and the blessings that  it is now bringing to me ! I will try and send some  photos  which illustrate  the happier times of our life- I hope  I,m successful, as I said, I,m not very " computer friendly "  I try to be,  but the PC  doesn't cooperate !   Looks like I did it again !    I appear to have sent a whole load of pics from Picasa-  the little girl is Rebekkar,  the little boy is Sam, (he has cerebral palsy) The big fat guy is me-  on various oarts of my travels.    Some of you may recognise, European  cities, Some parts  of USA  ( Arizona- Utah- and Nevada) A trip I did to Everest base camp for SCOPE ( the charity which supports people like Sam)  and my most recent trip to Norway.  There are also a coupole of My daughter Ennis aged 15 on horseback and later, aged 45 when we recently met- also Tanya, my "new" granddaughter.