Our friend Ed passed away on January 15, 2013.  Ed was a long time chatter and almost everyone in any Senior's Chat Room knew and liked him.

Ed was a lifelong bachelor but he had a special charm with the women and seemed to enjoy his life.  I met Ed at the Tarpon Springs Bash, the Orlando Bash and when I visited Moon in England, Moon and I met up with him in Liverpool and spent the afternoon with him.  He showed us the nightclub where the Beatles first started performing.

Moon and I considered Ed to be our friend and will miss him very much.

From Jann in New York.  I would like to send some memories of Ed Porter, UK.
He was a good friend, a gentleman, through and through.
I met Ed in Florida at one of the bashes, Tarpon Springs, the first time. He was always
so friendly and nice to visit with.
The second time was in Orlando, at Ralph's bash. Ed, Jo, Pat and I rented a house away
from the hotel and he treated each of us gals the same. He always took us to eat when we
weren't with the group at the hotel. He made a special effort to include each of us in his
plans, when possible. He was first and foremost, the English Gentleman.
Ed has always helped me when I needed help with computer and with many scam messages I
received. I would always send them to him and ask him if it was good or a scam and he
would point out the reason he knew they were scams.
I talked to Ed just a few days before he went in hospital and he did sound so weak. but he
would just say I am going for tests.
I will miss my good friend, but know he is no longer in pain. RIP, my dear friend, ED. 

From Moon in England.  i remember meeting ed the very first time in Liverpool and he took me for a meal in the pub, he was funny and made me laugh.

then when Ralph came over to the UK both Ralph and myself met ED once again in Liverpool as i think we both met him twice before Ralph went back to Florida.
ED took us to where the Beatles first started singing and all three of us had a gr8 time.

ED was the type of person who would help anyone who needed his help in anything at all, he was also a whiz on the computer and built them from scratch.

i always remember when ED brought his best friend down to my home many years ago, Dave, (aka Gonetoseed) who was also like ED and would help anyone, but when the two of them were together, it was like watching the comedians on TV , they were both so funny.

i am glad i had the chances to meet ed many a times when he use to come to my home to fix my computer.
he was a wonderful man and use to pop up in yahoo to me to asks me things.
he will be sadly missed by all who knew him.
will miss you my friend

 Ralph, thank you so much for letting me know about Ed.  He was on my mind for several weeks.  The last I chatted with him he was going for some tests.  I often wondered how they turned out..
 Ed was so well liked by everyone he came in contact with. His sense of humour and knowledge will be missed terribly.  He was a kind gentle man that seemed to enjoy the life he lived .   He always had the kindest things to say about everyone he knew.. I didn't know Ed long.  Once we were chatting about our love of music.  Wouldn't you know, a couple of weeks after that conversation a CD came in the mail.  He had made up a CD .the best of music from movies for me.  I  couldn't believe how thoughtful that was.  We had only chatted a short while.  This was the kind of man Ed was.  Kind to the very soul.   Rest in peace my friend.  The night time sky shines just a bit brighter with a new star.   

From June - Canada.  thank you Ralph, for the info...
always sad to hear or see of a good friend, leave ..
Hope all is well with you...June

I have just read the memorial page for Ed.
I had not been in touch with him for a while due to many personal problems and so was shocked to read he had died
He was such a good friend to me, never stinting of his time, always caring.
I will miss him so much. He was a clever, witty, and  kind-hearted  man, and I was fortunate to meet him and call him a dear friend
It is a lesson to me that I should never take for granted that friends wills always be there. I have shed more than a few tears today.
I met Ed  the first time at Manchester Airport on his way to one of his visits to America, and again when I was in the area he came from in Wigan, where we shared a light lunch and a drink.
He was one of the first people I spoke to when I joined my first chat place, making me feel  welcome, helping me overcome my nervousness.
I will miss him and his lasting care and consideration, as well as his ability to make me laugh. I could trust him with any private worries and he would always do his best to advise if he could
He was a gentleman, and one I was proud to have known.
You will never be forgotten Ed
I miss you


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