I was born and raised in a small Connecticut town and spent the first 18 years of my life on a beautiful farm.  I then attended the University of Connecticut where I received my degree in Nursing and Science and also studied Vocal .
During that time, I married a man from New Jersey and moved here to Massachusetts where we raised two beautiful daughters.  We lived in New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Connecticut  at different times during our marrage.
After the loss of my husband in October, 1991, I again continued my education to receive my teaching certificate in Sign Language and Speech Reading. I also took a two year course in Floral design .  I now own my own Flower business  and I also teach part time at a local community college here in Massachusetts.
My life so far has been a very rich, fulfilling adventure and I look forward to an exciting future doing all the things that make me happy.  I love meeting new people and I always like to think the best of everyone. We all have a good, Kind side and I like trying to find that in all human beings.
I am a great beleiver in God and all his wonderful powers.  He is my greatest strength at times..  I love my alone time but the happiest times for me is when I am around the people I love the most. I spend most of my Summers at our family summer house and taking overnight cruises on our boat.  All in all, What a wonderful life.




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