My name is Delphine; it means Dolphin.  I am originally from Minnesota but have lived in a lot of different places but now live in Arizona. 

I retired and taught computers to seniors but found I liked working more than retirement. I still work full-time at a company I have been with since 1994, first in Minnesota and now in Arizona. 

By nature I am very, and I mean, very, very personally shy.  I love to read, history and politics are my passion and having a photographic memory have made these passions all the more fun.  I love to travel and play games on my computer and best of all, chat with friends Iíve made from around the world because of the Internet. 

I am a devout Catholic and thank God daily for giving me the parents I had who gave me the values I have had all my life. 



Delphine - 2011

Delphine's Husband -looks like Santa
as a Salvation Army volunteer



A friend from SeniorNet morphed this for me a few years ago. 
I have never been on a bike but it sure looks like fun. 
She did it in green so match my Irish heart.


My Kittens - Eli and Rosie